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The Penguin World Records is an annual book of Antarctic records.

2016 edition[edit]

World Record Breakers[edit]

2015 edition[edit]

Penguin world records III
Type Record Book
Effects none
Source book
Location Bookstores
Cost to buy 500 coins
Cost to sell 500 coins

Penguin Word Records III is an successor to the Penguin World Records book. It was released several months after Penguin World Records II was released, also an unofficial sequel. The book sold better than its predecessors, but is still as controversial as them. It is published by an independent publisher, which merged with several other companies soon after.

World Record Holders in the Book[edit]

  • Most annoying Petguin: Radal
  • Most dangerous Petguin: Radal (again!)
  • Most stealthy Mwa Mwa Penguin: (whited out: Wocker)
  • Most foolish: Xorai
  • Best villain: Darktan II.
  • Best Anti-Villain: Flywish
  • Most annoying Mwa Mwa Penguin: Manny Peng.
  • Most easily scared puffle: Director Zenny (HOW DID THEY KNOW THAT!! -Zenny)
  • Msot easily scared X-Creature: Xorai
  • Youngest Mwa Mwa Penguin: Bessie
  • Most puffle loving: Corai
  • Most villainous Demon penguin: Mectrixctic.
  • Best group you could find to torture someone: Treacherous Trio

Trivia of Record Holders[edit]

  • Radal is proud to be in the book.
  • Wocker managed to whiteout his name before it was published, to keep his identity a secret.
  • Xorai was only in twice.
  • Corai has one of these books.
  • Flywish has FIVE, thats a lot of money he spent. But not a lot of money spent to him since he is really rich.
  • Wikipenguino45 owns a copy of this book.


Penguin World Records was only 35 pages long, with two categories per page. Although they focused a lot on the 35 categories, it nevertheless displayed lesser information than it should have. The publisher refused to comment, and merged with several other companies to avoid being caught in any case. Lawsuits were planned to be filed for anti-trust, but it was too late.

The book is also renowned for accepting bribes from others like its predecessors. Several claims that Flywish and Radal accepted bribes. Controversy also spread around categories such as 'Most easily scared puffle' and 'Most easily scared X-creautre', which were not straightforward. Denno Senshi has been said to have had connections with the publisher, although this was proven false.

The wipeout of Wocker's name continues to this day and, despite not causing controversy and debate, it was still an interesting twist in publishing.

2012 edition[edit]

Penguin World Records IV was published 29th October, 2012. It was a special halloween edition.

Records in the book[edit]

Diving from the highest point in the history of Antarctica (2km) = Flywish

Most number of failed inventions (275) = Gary the Gadget Guy

Most number of parties in one year (17) = Club Penguin

Most fish caught while fishing on a boat (100) = Gariwald III

Fastest car driving (675 kmph) = Gary the Gadget Guy

Fastest race from Inland to South Pole City, no cars or any mercy and no stops (4 hours) = Johnny the Running Penguin

Biggest USA state (1000 km) = Eastshield

Eaten fully by orcas and survived a broken flipper, broken nose and broken eye (700 stitches) = Duh Orca Survivor Man


Goof: This is the record book with the shortest amout of pages, having 7 pages.