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President Penguino Lagois IV of The Republic of Tropicalis

Penguino's official portrait.

4th President of Tropicalis
In office
April 22, 1993 – Incumbent
Prime Minister Daniel Sanchos
Preceded by Penguino Lagois III

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Penguino Alphis Fabián Lagois, better known as Penguino Lagois IV is the 4th and current president of Tropicalis. Penguino has been president of the country since his father's abdication in 1993 and during his time as president, established and strengthened ties with a majority of Antarctica's countries, began the rapid modernization of the country, and changes to the economy and military.


Penguino was born to Penguino Lagois III and Hannah Lagois. As a chick, Penguino shared many traits of his father's personality and dreamed of trying to make Antarctica change for the better. Penguino would stand up for his friends and brothers if they were ever bullied, usually saying that "Your fight is my fight, too. Besides, you're my friend/brother". Penguino would study hard in politics, hoping to achieve a good grade in it so that he would be able to take over from his father as the president and be just as good. As his brother, Charles, decided to study harder in science rather than politics, he left Penguino and his other brother, Steve, to go to a scientific university while Penguino and Steve would leave to go to one that studied politics.

Penguino met Sarah Snowski around the late 1980's in Gernomia and they fell in love, eventually having a son two years after. Penguino succeeded his father as president of Tropicalis in 1993 after his father stepped down from his position and handed it over to his chosen heir explaining that he thought Penguino was the right person to give the presidency to.


Penguino is very kind to others, laughs at others jokes and is generous. He is mostly the same way to his son, Wikipenguino, however, if he messes up badly and does stuff he doesn't approve of, he can become very stern to the point of yelling sometimes. He counts the loss of friends and allies a terrible thing, believing that friendship is one of the best ways to unite Antarctica and bring nations closer together. He's usually calm, and welcoming, especially at meetings to discuss relations with other nations.


Penguino has yellow feathers, which is common for the Lagois Family, as well as brown hair and sideburns which has a greyish-white colour while the rest of his hair is brown. Penguino also has a moustache, and normally wears a blue tie, black suit and white shirt under it.


  • He is also good friends with Slender, who helped to invest lots of money in the economy.


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Preceded by
Penguino Lagois III
The Position of
President of the Republic of Tropicalis,

as held by Penguino Lagois IV


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