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Country Penguski Islands
Area Grolfey Island
Monuments Ice Bridge, Museum of Natural History, Penguinobe
Headquarters Penguinobe City Hall
Mayor Mr. Triple Red
Population 34,00,500 approx.
Inhabited species Penguins, puffles
General information
Native name Pengu'oba
Foreign name Penguinobe
Founded 1748
Time zone PST (PenguSki Standard Time)
Summer time Same as the above
Area codes 553

Penguinobe is the capital of the island country, Penguski Islands. This city is located in the island of Grolfey. This city is on the banks of Hydro and bordered by the Golf Mountains in the north-east and a lake on it's south.

Penguinobe boasts about a large varieties of research centers, conventions, cultural heritage, universities, schools, collages, stadiums, bridges and various other things. This city holds the National Sports Meet every year and is also the centre of the Penguski government. Penguski's location has gained a sobriquet, "Opening of the World". The HQ of the Penguski Space Centre, and holds lots of telecommunication offices. This city's Block Street is the home to financial developments, industries , television and banks. After the fire in 2010, the country's stock exchange building was shifted to Mulberry Station on the same island. Penguinobe holds the headquarters and offices of various companies and organisations, who'd expand their business in the pacific. It also has the National Aviation building.

This city was founded in 1748 and became the capital on the same year, as the previous capital, Suni was robbed by the pizza thieves. Penguski holds a naval base, air base and an underground military headquarters. This city opened it's subway in 1999 and also made a metro railway and an air highway in 2006. Penguski's development and features gave a huge poppulation rise in 2005. Penguski's crime rate is low, and till today, no city has been the sister city to this very city.