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Angela Penguinpuffdude Penguinlinsky
Jump for JOY!!!
Title Penguinpuffdude
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Good
Level 100
Birth date December 14, 2002 (2002-12-14) (age 15)
Weaknesses Sometimes gullible
Fears Arachnophobia, also illiteracy and readers of middle-brow (and lower) books
Friends Most penguins/puffles
Archetype Good
Codename PPD
Weapon of choice OxiPie Flamethrower (now withdrawn) and Ninja Combat Tactics!

You certainly said you have CLASSIC LITERATURE in your igloo, right?
— Penguinpuffdude

Penguinpuffdude (full name Angela Penguinpuffdude Penguinlinksy) is an adventurous, but cautious, female penguin of Antarctican and Puffish descent (mostly Puffish), and lives in Club Penguin. From her mother's side, she is also an inherited Ninja and because of this she has the ninja mask and black belt, and has a large interest in Card-Jitsu Fire. She is a large fan of the classics (musical, art, etc.), with literature being particularly in favour. Unlike many other penguins, she and her family do not listen to modern, electrical music. Instead, she and her father, Prof. Penguinpuffdude, like listening to punk rock, especially Foe Stummer's band The Crash. She, along with her mother Agnes Penguinpuff, also likes classical music, especially the violin. Because of this, she learns both the piano and violin from her mother, and because he is quite artistic she is currently learning about art with her father.

Not only does she not keep up with modern trends, she does not own a smartphone, and instead owns a 7-year-old computer and an early 1970s, huge, brick-like handphone. She also has a Chitter account, but doesn't post on it very often because she finds it "quite boring and not much else to do". Penguinpuffdude also has an annoying clone who is in the Copier Gang, named Edudffupniugnep, who is widely thought of as pathetic and is simple to get rid of; an X-antibody named XenguinXuffXude, who is known to less pathetic than the former by two nanoseconds, and is infamous for her skills in engineering faulty machines; and a Y-antibody Penguin What Dude, who is infuriatingly naïve. She also has an adopted sister, named Hakyoungdong and 4 cousins (in order of oldest) named Rockthemic, Popcorn 3000, Bellarocker and Leetle Penguinpuff, who live in an igloo close to hers in Club Penguin. A close(ish) friend of hers and her mother's is The Minix, who designs buildings in Club Penguin and lives quite close to Penguinpuffdude's igloo.

Penguinpuffdude also has 14 different puffles too, named (oldest to youngest) Kitty (red puffle), Katty (blue puffle), Snowy Cat (white puffle), Inventor (brown puffle), Silly (green puffle), Dancer (purple puffle), Golden Sun (yellow puffle), Hot Sun (black puffle), Swimmer (pink puffle), Hungry (Orange Puffle), Storm Cloud (rainbow puffle), Pepper (Raccoon Puffle), Bobbie (dog puffle) and Bella (cat puffle) respectively. Only 5 (Kitty, Katty, Snowy Cat, Golden Sun, Hungry) know how to communicate to Penguinpuffdude and her parents by writing, and only Inventor can speak to them, using an invention that whenever a puffle speaks, it translates Puffle to English, and because it is highly valuable he has a secret code to activate the machine with, restricting other puffles for their use.


Early Life[edit]

Penguinpuffdude as a chick.

Penguinpuffdude's egg was laid on the 20th of November 2002 in Antarctica, and she hatched from the egg on the 14th of December in the same year, to Prof. Penguinpuffdude and Agnes Penguinpuff, and was an only chick. A couple of days after she hatched, her parents and her moved to Club Penguin, after being tempted by a teaching job with higher salary. Nothing in particular happened, until in 2007, her curiousity got the better of her and opened all the drawers in the igloo. After ten minutes of excitement finding dusty objects in various rooms, she waddled into her parents' room, and opening the first drawer she touched, she found Agnes's black belt and Ninja mask underneath a pile of ninja outfits. Her mother came in at that moment, and as soon as she saw her daughter she laughed kindly and told her that she was an inherited ninja, but as she was out of practice she kept her ninja clothes in her drawer.

Penguinpuffdude, having never heard of the term before, asked her what a ninja was and what they did. After being told the story of how the ancient art of Card-Jitsu was born and subsequently ninjas, she was intrigued and wanted to learn how to play it. She was then enrolled to go to a one-week inherited ninja's course at the Dojo, and was taught by the Sensei's expert diciples. Once she had finished the course, she was enrolled one more until she knew enough to gain a ninja's black belt, amulet and ninja mask by Sensei. She was soon given access to the Ninja Hideout, and as soon as she went in with Agnes, with natural pride she showed off her ninja moves to everybody else already in the area. Being at an extremely clumsy period at the time, she lost balance and fell on the fire symbol.

The other ninjas took it as an omen that the newcomer 5-year-old would become a fire ninja, and two of them approached her mother, advising her that it would be best if she had training in the art of Card-Jitsu Fire. Both agreed, and began training with Fire Sensei and his graduates. Due to how difficult it was, compared with plain Card-Jitsu, she was slow to earn her fire shoes, and even fell into the lava once - leaving behind a permanent blister on her left arm. Once she earned her shoes, her mother thought it best to leave the practicing for a while for two reasons - firstly, she needed to introduce her to her family, and secondly, the blister on Penguinpuffdude's arm was beginning to restrain her from doing certain writing tasks.

A week after she went on leave, she met her cousin Popcorn 3000 for the first time. It also happened to be Popcorn's birthday at the time, so it was as an extra treat for Popcorn to fly to Club Penguin. At first sight, they were not sure of where they were, who was the other penguin and who were they, but soon got along perfectly, and began a series of bimonthly plane flights to and fro Antarctica and Club Penguin just to meet one another. Apart from returning to ninja tasks in July in the same year, nothing eventful happened to the family, until they bought their daughter a red puffle, Kitty, for her sixth birthday. Kitty had been a stray puffle who seemed to have been abandoned, and the day before, they had went to the Pet Shop to register the new puffle to the Puffle Club with help from PH to get things ready quickly. Soon afterwards, in the next year, they found that Kitty had a sister named Katty, who they also brought to their igloo.

Later Life[edit]

Three years later, the nine-year-old met her other relatives at last - cousins Rockthemic, Bellarocker, Leetle Penguinpuff and uncle Phenguinus Phoom, and her mother's side, who are Daisy Barbary and cousins Arthur, Nelly and Buckitt. It was also around this time when she finally completed her fire outfit, and only needed the fire gem for her amulet from the Fire Sensei. They agreed to duel on the 4th of June 2011, and when the day arrived, her parents came and gave her a clover for good luck. She eventually dropped the clover in the lava, but somehow managed to win, and received the gem. On recommendation by the Fire Sensei, she also practiced the Water element for four years before quitting after mysteriously being continuously falling off the waterfall after getting the water suit, practiced Windjitsu before giving up (for reasons of health) after earning the shoes, and then finally tried Card-Jistu Snow as a fire ninja before quitting that under a year after continuously being beaten up by Tank's clones.

In July, she and Popcorn went on a adventure together for the first time. They walked out of the garden path with a tent, wasn't seen for a fortnight, and returned looking exhausted. The truth was that they had seen an evil-looking puffle with a stray X-antibody, and were curious, and then decided to be on their tail. They were nearly caught and infected with the virus, before narrowly escaping, camping for one day, and then (literally) running home for safety. After this incident, they went on many other adventures (all written down in Popcorn's Diary), and eventually, after Penguinpuffdude returned with a serious bruise on her foot and Popcorn had a large cut on his flipper, their parents became concerned and banned them from going on adventures for two months. In this period, Penguinpuffdude's parents gave her a new penguin companion, the adopted Hakyoundong, and several new puffles to help pass the time. It was also around this time when she acquired her ancestor's, Penguinwoofpads, premier book (How to be a Good Mwa-Mwa Penguin:Or the Psychology of Strange Penguins), and bought most of her current puffles.

Some months later, when she was 10, she was unfortunately struck down by a mysterious illness, and a car accident in the road (after hastily attempting to run home from the hospital because of being late for teatime) didn't help, and subsequently worsened her condition. Her father, Prof. Penguinpuffdude, when questioned about the event, claims that she may have died, and was invalid for several months after the demise of the disease. This explains her fright of busy traffic, being unsure about making decisions and vulnerability to long periods of walking. Once she was able to waddle again, however, she was back to her hearty (yet cautious) self, and was back on adventures again. The only real good thing about this event was that while she was ill, Hakyoundong usually nursed her and made a strong sisterly bond.

Current Life[edit]


Aliases and Alter-Egos[edit]


Ninja Penguinpuffdude[edit]

Penguinpuffdude, showing off her moves a few moments after gaining access to the Ninja Hideout for the first time.


She is often absent from many major events, such as Fanon Characters Special 2016! (where many penguins, famous or infamous, are sucked into a strange portal and meet a mysterious enemy), and Operation Improbable (where villains reunite, to host a large, evil plan to take over the world). However, she has contributed to the events of a "Project Super Secret", which consists of switching from Club Penguin to another, completely different island which apparently has everything a penguin needs - adventures, flora and fauna and cheese.

The fact that she is absent from most major events is presumably either because she is too busy doing her own important stuff (e.g. training her ninjas skills, polishing up her language skills or reading about Ping-Ping), is not up-to-date on the news, simply cannot be bothered or that she is preferring not to go, because she has little interest in fighting other penguins, and in only extreme cases she uses her ninja skills for attacks. When she is not paying attention any of these events, she is probably doing some of her many hobbies - knitting, going to the local store to buy replacement bottles of Hot Sauce, reading, doing something with her sister or puffles or breaking the Fourth Wall drawing/copying something.


  • Witty - Using a combination of wit, trickery, the experience of reading the books about Small Susan and creative thoughts, she can create devious yet clever plans/traps/machines that even work (sometimes).
  • Multilingual - She can speak English (duh), Puffish slang, a tad bit of French, a sprinkling of Spanish, Italian and Dutch, and is currently being taught Zhousese and Korean by her adopted sister, Hakyoungdong. She can break any language barrier (if it is in any of the following languages), and is considered a waddling translator.
  • Puffish Accent - Surprisingly, she can use her Puffish accent as a weapon. If she thickens it up and fills it with slang, she can confuse another penguin unfamiliar to the accent, or language, and safely run away. If Popcorn 3000 is with her, he can assist in the confusing by replacing certain letters in his speech with "d"s (for example "Dat did de trick!").
  • Strength - She is quite a strong penguin for her age, and can hold at least one heavy box filled with things needed to create art. If too heavy, however, she will be easily out of order in one or two minutes.
  • Ninja Skills - Because she is an inherited ninja that goes out training the elements six times a week (and does safe practice at home, e.g. without hot sauce), she could be capable of fighting another penguin and at least restraining one for a while.
  • Is a Good Runner - As long as there's enough water and a snack to keep her going, she's actually quite a good runner. In fact, her fastest recorded time she ever ran was 1 MPH.
  • Can Squeeze Into Small Areas - She can squeeze into small spaces easily enough, and this is probably the result of her ballet lessons. However, if it's 15 inches (or less), she will be able to squeeze in the space but will be unable to get out.


  • Gullible - Penguinpuffdude, although witty, can be gullible at times.
  • Clumsy - Although this is just a thing from her past, she is still quite clumsy. However, if she was never clumsy, she would never have heard of the other elements of Card-Jitsu until much later.
  • Has Phobias - Penguinpuffdude has arachnophobia, which plagues her whenever she goes into forests due to, in her own words, the "unnecessary amount of creepy, crawling eight-legged bugs that would do better to stay in the trees than freak me out whenever I step on one". In the past, she had slight triskadodekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, but now no longer fears the number.
  • Has Vertigo - She also has vertigo, which can get serious after five minutes. This is the reason why she would never go to the top of a very high building.
  • Isn't a Good Swimmer - Surprisingly, although she is a penguin, she isn't very good at swimming, and can only do the traditional doggy-paddle. Her cousin Popcorn 3000, however, swims like an athlete.
  • Is a Scaredy-cat - Whether it's soap hidden in old stockings, or formations of X-antibodies, Penguinpuffdude can be easily scared. A noted example is when her X-Antibody XenguinXuffXude was forming, she were covering their eyes with her flippers, while her adopted sister was watching what was happening.
  • Sometimes too Cautious for her Own Good - This weakness stems from her road accident when she was ten. Sometimes too cautious, even afraid, she may take a long time to consider and reflect on obvious things.


  • Books






Oxipie Flamethrower[edit]

Origami Catapault[edit]


Penguinpuffdude owns many puffles. Below is a detailed list of them, including at least 1 picture of them and a description of what kind of puffles they are like.

  • Kitty
  • Katty
  • Snowy Cat
  • Inventor
  • Silly
  • Dancer
  • Golden Sun
  • Hot Sun
  • Swimmer
Hungry Orange, the puffle who is always hungry.
  • Hungry - Hungry (full name Hungry Orange) is Penguinpuffdude's adopted orange puffle, and is the fith youngest of her 14 puffles, the youngest being her rainbow puffle Storm Cloud. He is able to write, but can only write in bad grammar. For a strange reason, he has an uncontrollable passion for eating, which none of Penguinpuffdude's other puffles have.
  • Storm Cloud - Storm Cloud is Penguinpuffdude's twelfth and fourth youngest adopted puffle in her family.
  • Pepper - Pepper is Penguinpuffdude's third youngest and only Raccoon Puffle, who is named so because of her black and orange fur colour.
  • Bobbie
  • Bella




Theme Songs
Normal Preparing for Battle Battle Happy Suspense


  • "And? So?"

In/With Other Languages[edit]

  • "Ah, j'ai faim." - Penguinpuffdude showing off her French skills at the table.


Penguinpuffdude and Popcorn 3000 are walking down the road, when a policepenguin stops them.

Policepenguin: I see this is Marque Freddy Penguinsky, and you both look suspicious. Have you been doing anything today, by any chance?

Penguinpuffdude pulls a sly face, and replies quickly.

Penguinpuffdude: Wot is'it dat yoo want'a know?

The policepenguin struggles with the thick Puffish accent, and then replies.

Policepenguin: As I said, I would like to know what you have been up to today, or will do.

Penguinpuffdude: Well, we were just going ter' scarper when along comes Bill 'Arper so we've never don nuffin' et all.

As the policepenguin stands puzzled by the relatively unknown music hall song, the pair run away laughing.

Popcorn 3000: Dat did de trick!


  • Unless it is urgent, she is usually anti-war. If she does fight physically, however, she uses her ninja skills and the occasional sword with the blunt edge. Mentally, it's using her wit to create a trap against the villain.
  • Paraphrased, she is mostly a pacifist.
  • She loves making booby-traps for XenguinXuffXude with her cousin, Popcorn 3000.
  • Whenever she has something confidential and/or important to tell Popcorn 3000 (or vice-versa), she rings him up and says "Cuckoo, is Private Pike there?", to which Popcorn 3000 must reply with "Yes, but don't put his name on the list!".
  • Nobody is sure why her second name is "Penguinpuffdude", but according to research it's part of family tradition.
  • It's still an unclear and shaky reason why it has to have "dude" at the end, when she's a girl.


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Sensei Flamel

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The Position of
Shogun of the Order of the Flaming Ninjas,

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