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Note those blue feathers are now black.
Title Penguinpuffdude
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health Good, surprisingly for a fire ninja working near fire every day.
Level 9000+
Friends Many penguins, most students.
Enemies Rival potential senseis
Archetype Fire ninja
Codename Sensei of Fire
Weapon of choice Fire Ninja Combat Tactics!
Sensei Penguinpuffdude
Sensei of Fire
Penguinpuffdude finishing a cupcake during fighting. Note she is red due to hot sauce.
Reign 2067-2077
Coronation 2067
Full name Sensei Angela Penguinpuffdude Penguinpuff
Born November 1, 2002
Birthplace Club Penguin
Died 2077
Place of death Fire Island
Buried Dojo of Memorials
Predecessor Dev66
Successor ???
Offspring Miranda Penguinpuff
Father Dr. Penguinpuff
Mother Agnes Penguinpuff

Angela Penguinpuffdude Penguinpuff is an experienced Fire Sensei, living in a small dojo near the Fire Dojo. Contrary to her younger years, she is generally reserved, not talkative, and has tastes in philosophy and reads many books.


See Penguinpuffdude for earlier details

Later Life & Future[edit]

Having lost hope of gaining the job of her dreams, the 54-year-old Penguinpuffdude decided that she had better give more effort into being a performer-musician, and soon managed to get a place in a then-recent modernist-Dadaist anti-war two-hour opera as a poor musician who befriends a lord, and nearing the end of the opera with a sad demise. It was successful, and thanks to the soundtrack of the opera which was released as a CD, she got proper royalties from both the CD-producing company and the opera company. Due to the massive success, the opera did a tour of the world, including an extremely "dumbed down" one-off in Snowzerland, because performing the original story would have been extremely risky, due to the opera's anti-colonist element and slight anti-Swiss Ninja tinge. Realising that she could be successful in becoming a proper actress and still be satisfied, she began to apply to various movies, performances & other forms of presentation, and slowly became rich (she used some for a house in the countryside and donated most of the rest) and famous in her own field.

A few years later, the 58-year-old actress received a message from her faithful daughter, Miranda, that Popcorn 3000 was offering to take them to a holiday in Puffle'and. As he put it, "Nobody would notish that you'sh been gone, an' after all, ya need a holiday judgin' from what I've sheen of ya plays!". She accepted, and this exploit eventually became the last tale in Popcorn's Diary, which is, by now, an old, battered, water-stained book with damp pages. After this holiday, she was reminded of her happy childhood-teenage years, and decided that perhaps she should act like Popcorn and try going on adventures of her own. Unfortunately, because of her rheumatism, she cannot do most of the things she was able to do in her younger years, and quickly gave up, devoting more time to her actor-performer-musician job.

Fast forward a few more years, and the 65-year-old, in 2067, hears news of Sensei Flamel's unfortunate accident as a fire ninja, and his miserable demise on Fire Island, and immediately applies for Sensei-ship. She is then confirmed to become the next Fire Sensei, which surprises her very much because that was her dream job and because it was totally unexpected. She then proceeds to become the teacher of the art of Fire for the next ten years, gaining many loyal friends, students and graduates in the meantime, and having accidental mysteries to solve every two years or so.


Penguinpuffdude was invited to a trip to Fire Island in the year 2077, and since she was planning to make an eventual voyage there anyway, she accepted. Her daughter Miranda Penguinsky accompanied her to the journey, along with other experienced fire ninjas. They did a highly successful tour of the hot, hot island, and were going to conclude their journey by going to the Volcano of Fire Island, a semi-active but dangerous volcano. Penguinpuffdude was preparing to make a speech on the art of Fire Ninjas, and before she began, she was told by the eldest, but cunning, ninja to stand on a piece of earth jutting out from the volcano. Unfortunately, although Miranda told her mother that it was highly risky and not worth it, Penguinpuffdude's 75-year-old brain was tired of making logical decisions, and insisted for Miranda not to worry; Miranda was right, however, for as soon as Penguinpuffdude reached the edge of the piece of earth, she got a serious attack of vertigo, causing her to say "Oh, my vertigo!", and topple over the edge of the cliff, ending her career in the same island as her predecessor's. The eldest ninja's intention was that, knowing she had vertigo, as soon as Penguinpuffdude had toppled over, he would be able to become the new Fire Sensei, but his conscience quickly became plagued, and didn't apply for Sensei-ship.


Her involvement in the future, being a Fire Sensei, increases than when she was younger, because she is teaching penguins how to handle fire to become fire ninjas. In a way, however, it also decreases, because, as she gradually gets older, she decreases communication with the outside world, is thoughtful and not particularly talkative, and only allows select visitors (for example Hakyoundong, Miranda, or a nice student asking for advice) in her house when she is not working.


Popcorn 3000[edit]

Even though she doesn't get to meet him often due to his being busy with his piloting duties, they are still on friendly terms, and they, reportedly, when together, sometimes talk about battle tactics with each other, and swap advice. When he is questioned about this, he replies "Dosh I haves to tell ya evryfing abaat myself?!?", and when Penguinpuffdude is questioned, she stubbornly says "I don't want to tell you".


  • "To become what you want, much practice and devotion is needed."


Preceded by
Sensei Flamel

Sensei Flamel.png

The Position of
Shogun of the Order of the Flaming Ninjas,

as held by Sensei Penguinpuffdude

2067 - 2077

Succeeded by