Penguins for the Ethical Treatment of Fish

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Penguins for the Ethical Treatment of Fish (PETF)
PETF's logo.
Formation 2008
Type Non-profit Environmental Organization
Headquarters BandeiraClubPenguin.png Ski Lodge, Club Penguin Island
Membership Approx. 50,000
Official languages English

PETF, or Penguins for the Ethical Treatment of Fish, is an unlicensed agency who protest against penguins eating fish. They believe penguins should live on algae, and seaweed. Most penguins (and arctic terns) laugh at them, saying that fish is essential to a penguin's diet.


This is something we're still trying to figure out. What we do know is that it started sometime in mid-2008, and numerous members started protesting about other penguins eating fish. Many well-known penguins were part of this as well, such as Ninjinian, who is half-vegetarian, contributed to this and protested on this.

Many penguins such as Speeddasher laughed at this group saying it's impossible to survive off algae.


PETF has been protesting the eating of fish ever since their protest. They've started numerous campaigns that many say are insane. Among the most popular is the Sea Puffle Campaign. They say that fish like Mullets and Sharks are cute and cuddly like puffles (maybe this puffle), and that it is wrong to eat them. They've also protested in front of many restaurants such as EFF, McDoodle's, and Burger Khan. They say that those restaurants' cuisine cause Fat, and that they should be closed, but that is not the case. Fat is caused by eating too much of the food that gives you the disease. An argument many penguins give PETF is that there is barely any vegetation in Antarctica, and that it would be highly improbable that it could sustain the entire population of the USA.

Ever since PETF was founded, it made the Ski Lodge in Club Penguin its unofficial headquarters, due to its convenient location and its relative quietness compared to other locations on Club Penguin Island. As it is based in the Ski Lodge, PETF famously protests the ice-fishing activities that constantly occur behind the Ski Lodge, calling it "inhumane" and "barbaric".



  • Ninjinian - Ninjinian was one of the main penguins who were protesting about eating less Fish and more seaweed and vegetarian foods. He was part of this because he is half-vegetarian, and still only eats Fish on special occasions, but was still a part of this.
  • Ford Car - Ford Car has protested a lot to fight for a Green Antarctica, especially because he's the president of the Green Party of Club Penguin City.
  • Yusei - Yusei is a green puffle of Ninjinian. He is too half-vegetarian, and protested alongside Ninjinian (on his shoulder, actually!).
  • Het1692 - Het is on the same ground is Ninjinian, he still eats fish, but eats more plants than anything.
  • The Oranje Team - Same as Het1692, their leader.
  • Triskelle - Same as Het1692 and the Oranje team.
  • Agentgenius - Prior to his disappearance, he supported them on the grounds that it was wrong to kill innocent fish when artificial substitutes could be produced easily.
  • Osheco - Osheco is half-vegetarian, only eating fish on special occasions,and is the reason why he lets Herbert live. Apparently he was most clueless about the destruction of a EFF restaurant...
  • Captain Yolo - "I'm a fish, what do you think?"
  • Robert Winston - He thinks that the PETF fights for a noble cause, but since he has to deal with dried squid every working day in the Pizza Parlor, he feels that he can't join, as he considers squid to be a kind of fish too.

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  • Mectrixctic - Claims "Fish taste good!" and "You guys are a bunch of stupid hippies who are barely taking you plan into action. Just freaking force penguins to stop eating fish. Yeah, that'll make them miserable. Oh and if you try to stop me from eating fish, I'm sending you to the worst cell in the worst prison."
  • Penghis Khan - Claims "SILLY PENGUINS DO NOT LIKE FISH? PENGHIS KHAN WILL HIT THEM WITH A FROZEN FISH!" However, despite not being on their side, he hopes they will close down Burger Khan.
  • Austin8310 - "Are you kidding me? Fish are GOOD to eat. Algae? Bleh."
  • Icmer - "Penguins cannot sustain themselves on a diet of only vegetation and algae (BLEH!). You guys just make me even more sick than when penguins try to eat that green stuff. Seriously, go do jump off a cliff or something, because you're efforts are futile."
  • Flywish - "Are you crazy?!? Fish are delicious! Especially sharks, I actually have a Shark Tooth necklace!"
  • TurtleShroom - "STUPID HIPPIE!"
  • Andrew K. Rapone - "I understand you may think that fish are to be protected. Unfortunately, feeding this place is harder than a rock as it presently stands."
  • Hermeshroom Jones - "The preservation of the natural ecosystem is a hindrance to the further expansion of the Antarctican economy. The consumption of fish is pleasent and delicious. I suggest we amend the Rules of the land to permit the removal of these burdens from our development........"
  • Clovis - "No fish, no protein! No protein, weak bones! Weak bones, more health issues!"
  • Earl Bitters - "Drill baby drill."
  • Bro - "Lousy hippies."
  • Slender - "You'd think that now that I am a fruitarian I would support these guys, but nope."
  • Emperor Octavian - "These hippies are threatening the Nexonan diet. I am placing them on my hit-list."
  • Natashi - "No, not my salmon fillets."
  • Penstubal - "No, fish is my natural diet! I do like sometimes to eat veggies, but no!"
  • Rodr11 - "Fish are very tasty, face it PETF you can't ban eating fish!"
  • Brant11 - "Penguins need fish to survive. Besides, there isn't enough algae to feed all of Antarctica."
  • Captain Swaggins - "Survival of the fittest."
  • Chill57181 - "wow bad"
  • Henry Gadget - "I will sell what I want"
  • Radioactivechicken - "The radiation changed my digestive system. I can only eat meat now"
  • Mabel - "#$%&@!!!"
  • Professor Shroomsky - He is fully against this group. He is, after all, a piece of vegetation.


  • This is a parody of PETA.
  • They despise EFF and want to close it down.
  • After Tidalwave11 learnt that Ninjinian was part of this group, the chef lost a tiny amount of trust with the cookie master, but he is still his friend, nevertheless.
  • They taught a neutral Leopard Seal to eat only algae. He became so famished and skinny that he actually ate one of the protesters.
  • They also hate Tsar MobileShroom because he doesn't like compact "green" cars. PETF claims that the SUVs he plans to create are polluting the water.
  • Speeddasher laughs at this group and often says stuff to them like "Vegetarian = Terrible Fisher", "Shut Up Hippie", and "Your diet disgusts me".
  • Kimberly Livingston is secretly a supporter, but it is generally agreed that she eats fish... maybe.
  • Rodr11 was once paid to mess with PETF. He secretly replaced their food with fish. After he told them what was in their food several members quit PETF.
  • PETF supporters from the USA posing as tourists once held riots in Acadia, vandalizing buildings and disrupting normal life. However, on the second day, Acadian riot police arrested all the protesters and handed them over to USA authorities. As revenge, Acadian government sent multiple crates of fish and pro fish broadcasts to their headquarters.
  • After a scandal in which PETF supporters attempted to destroy a fish farm in Magonia, the organization was labelled as a terrorist organization in Magonia and subsequently banned.
  • A small amount of penguins have claimed that there is a massive conspiracy involving PETF. According to them, their real name is actually "Penguins Eating Tasty Fish", and their goal is to prevent penguins from eating fish so there is more fish for the members of the group while using ethical treatment of fish as a cover story.

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