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Penguinwoofpads Penguinlinsky
Title Alchemisttt
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Good
Health =0 (deceased)
Level ???
Birth date May 16, 1860 (1860-05-16) (age 159)
Place of birth Freezonia
Occupation Alchemist, studier of the brains of Mwa Mwa Penguins
Interests Alchemy, psychology of Mwa Mwa Penguins
Strengths Alchemy
Weaknesses Peng-Virus, 5 Mwa Mwa Penguins at a time
Fears Mwa Mwa takeover, Peng-Virus takeover
Friends His family
Archetype Alchemist, good

Penguinwoofpads (real name Paul Penguinlinsky) is one of Penguinpuffdude's many ancestors. His name is often shortened to woofpads due to the fact that his name is generally too long, and also because puffles, when seeing him, often tried to cover him in pads for a mysterious reason that nobody currently knows. He was the penguin that helped to lessen the spread of the Peng-Virus, by setting up a campaign.


Early Life[edit]

Penguinwoofpads hatched in 1860 in what would later be known as Chill Island, to two immigrants (a sailor named Marney Penguinlinsky, and an ex-worker in a cotton factory simply nicknamed Sally) from Club Penguin. Instead of the name "Penguinwoofpads", they originally gave him the name "Paul Penguinlinsky", due to their disability of choosing unique names. At first, his family were not very rich and usually had the equivalent of 10W$ in their flippers, but, by the time Paul was 10, his parents were rich enough to send their chick to a good grammar school, where he learned at for 5 years. Soon, at the age of 16, he left school, and was not told by his parents that they were planning to go to Antarctica.

Later Life[edit]

On Halloween of 1879, a terrible storm destroyed the buildings and animal habitat of the island, forcing the family and some other penguin survivors to leave for Antarctica early. On April 1st 1879, one of the first Mwa Mwa Penguins was stowed away by one of the crew (who was too kind for his own good), and encouraged Paul's family to adopt the insane creature. They did, and Paul noticed that this so-called chick was acting very strangely. Using the help of a scientist that was on board, they managed to check the psychology of the Mwa Mwa and Paul soon decided to write his first book, How to be a Good Mwa-Mwa Penguin: or the Psychology of Strange Penguins as soon as he arrived to tell the world of his and his new scientist friend of their discoveries and the dangers of Mwa Mwa Penguins. On July 16 1880, they finally reached Antarctica, and Sally was instantly employed as a librarian at a nearby library, while Marney kept his sailor job. For 1 year, Paul wrote his book on Mwa Mwa Penguins, and signed the book as by "Penguinwoofpads", thus beginning the use of that new name and the traditional prefix "Penguin" as the names of multiple generations after him.


The book was an instant success, and he decided to write many other books. In May 12, while writing his next book for budding gardeners, How to Grow Successful Plants, he received news that his rich factory-owning uncle Penguinus Virus Fantasticus I had caught an unknown virus, and he soon investigated the cause. One month later, he made the connection with the virus and the factories, and made a campaign to stop the poor treatment of workers and bad construction of factories. The campaign finally succeeded in 1881, and soon multiple studies on the new virus, which he now named the Peng-Virus after his uncle, were published and soon the conditions in many factories were improved. After this incident in his life, he got back to his new book and in July finally published How to Grow Successful Plants. After seeing the success of this book, he created 2 more volumes, which were not as successful.

Final Years[edit]

He wrote books as a profession for 2 years, until he was bored of doing the same thing everyday and abandoned his upcoming book, A Guide to Book-Crafting: or a Manual on How to make a Beautiful Book, and began practicing alchemy. After continuing alchemy for 3 years, he got bored again and began a new career as a craftsman, making curious items out of wood. A notable example of a wooden item carved by him is the famed Yuk Yuk, which is a strange-looking puffle that is often described as if "it seems to have forgotten where its head is". After making curious objects for a large chunk of his early adulthood, he quit the art in 1900 at the age of 40 to go back to alchemy. One day in 1901, when he visited an antique bookstore to get old books on alchemy, he first met his future wife (Daisy) as he was inspecting a book. One month later, they married and had one chick, whom they named Ben. In 1932, he received the news that Ben was now married to a handsome lady named Mary, which made him proud.

He died at the ripe age of 90 in 1950, due to an accident in his laboratory, and left behind a legacy of many books and theories.


He involved in the study of the mysterious Philosopher's Stone, but apart from lessening the spread of the Peng-Virus and his mysterious alchemist's theories, he hasn't left anything of much use.


  • Penguinpuffdude has the first copy of How to be a Good Mwa-Mwa Penguin, as well as his original and the signed copies.
  • Nobody knows why he changed his name from "Paul" to "Penguinwoofpads".