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Konungariket Pengjavre
Flag of Penguio
Motto"Infinite and Beyond, Booyah, We are Penguio!"
AnthemKonungariket Imperjaliket!
CapitalPengslo, Icenord (Business)
Largest city Pengslo
Official languages Penguioan
Recognised regional languages Viking, English
Species  Penguins, Puffles
Demonym Penguioan
Government Democratic
 -  Imperial Emperor Tom Saworton
 -  King King Alvaro
 -  Independence 22nd January 2003 
 -  2008 estimate 8,678,980 
 -  2013 census 9,378,010 
Currency Penguioan Dollar (F)
Does not observe Daylight Savings Time
Drives on the Left
Calling code 1 million

Penguio is a minor imperialist island nation that has a mainland located in the northern sea area of the USA. It was founded in 2003 when the Penguio State was released as a state by the USA and became a free republic under the control of Tom Saworton as the president. The current capital of Penguio is Pengslo which has a population of 11,200,101. It is classed by many as a newer version of the Viking Empire.


Penguio Island was first discovered by the USA explorer Adventurer 878 in 1894, who was an relative of the largely famous Explorer 767. A settlement was started by Adventurer who claimed the island for the United States of Antarctica. The island had never been found by Puffish Antarctica, maainly because of how far North of Mainland it was. When Explorer heard how the large the island was, a couple of days later, Penguio was released as a free nation under the claimant control of Tom Saworton due to how much land the USA would have to cover. Adventurer didn't mind as he was a viking himself and from what he heard it would be a viking country. Viking Penguio was then officialy set up and several cities were scattered across the lands. These cities were known as the Capitol 4 consisting of 4 cities all over 1 million population of penguins, Pengslo, Icebergen, Pengver and Puffheim. Many immigrants from the large Viking Empire heard about the new nation and immigrated to the newly founded viking country. The industry began to boom in Pengslo and Icebergen, and Pengslo was then announced the official capital of Penguio. The language was made by a linguistic expert from the Viking Empire who was highly rewarded with the status of a Lord and he also immigrated to the nation. The basic setup of the nation was setup, but a basic nation wasn't enough for Tom Saworton. Saworton demanded a higher construction of the cities and also started an invasion of 2 nearby non-protected countries, Sleetden and Pengmark. The two colonies were invaded and a new era was about to start for the averagely populated nation. The nation began to thrive with it's imperialism and it's colonies (which were already developed) started a large economy for the island. Immigration rates were high and Penguio had improved it's army to the likes of around ranked 17th in the world. Penguio had turned from a what most countries called it a "non-state" to a thriving country in just 8 years. Saworton was pleased about his accomplishment and now could relax in his large palace, and according to the Department of Time, will have control over his country until The Spitfire.


Penguio currently owns a imperial monarchy over a moderate portion of the Antarctic Archipelago. It's language and culture has spread across all of it's colonies. It allies with other imperial empires including Castilla, Lisboagal and the largest of all, Snowzerland.


The economy of Penguio is a very large economy, built up lots when it was under the occupation of the United States of Antarctica. The reason it was built up is the USA wanted a very technical and economical country to be built to defend it from incoming weapons and missiles from Snoss and Castillan hispanify and germanify takeovers. The official currency of Penguio is the Penguioan Dollar, one of the top currencies in Antarctica. Before using the Penguioan dollar, Penguio's official currency was the Fish as Penguio was under antarctican control.

The largest industries of Penguio are the Banking, Investment and Television industries of the nation, mainly because lots of them are invested in by the Penguioan government, being partly capitalist when not imperial. The penguioan company is mainly incharge of one of Antarctica's largest television shows which is a talk show, Why Penguin. The show is hosted by top antarcticans like Explorer 767 who is the official representative of the Sub-Antarctic.

The banking industry however is quite large also as multiple penguins with Penguioan birth have made millionaire making banks, which are all at extremely low intrest rates largely annoying the penguioan public. Because of this, many young penguioan businessman attempt to make better banks, to improve the income of the poor penguioan citizens.


The two official languages of Penguio are Penguioan and Penguioan English. The more commonly used language is Penguioan which is in the category of nordic languages. No other language is spoken by the natives of Penguio because of the law so the country is protected from trade with the countries's enemies by the Pengslo City mafia. Some mafias including the Port Blue and Pengslo mafia break the law by speaking traditional Viking.

Climate and Geography[edit]

Penguio is a moderately cold island that is capable of natural igloos growing because of the Penguio Chemical Mixup which happened in 1800. To the very south of the island is the largest mountain range in the Antarctica region, the Penguio South Mountain Park. Penguio's climate is cold all year round like most antarctic nations including the USA and the Imperial Empire of Snowzerland. It aso has a range of snowy temperate and boreal forests, frozen wetlands, at high mountain peaks.

Politicial Divisions[edit]

Penguio has lots of tourist attractions and sights. There is lots of places where these attractions and sights stands. Below are 3 sections, which are the official states of Penguio. In those sections, are the minor politicial divisions including cities, villages, and other politicial divisions officially in the Penguioan Imperial Constitution.

List of Cities[edit]

Rank (Number) Name Population
1 Pengslo 3,450,122

Pengslo State[edit]

Flag of State
Pengslo City State is the smallest in area, however second largest in population state of the whole of Penguio. It compromises only of the capital city of Penguio, Pengslo which has a massive population. It has no countryside or national parks unlike the other states in the empire. It is home to the royal family, congress and the official national legislature. In some parts of the cities, 2 floor houses can cost up to 2M Penguioan dollars, with apartments at an estimated cost of around 500k. In other parts of the cities, houses can cost an estimate of 250k, with an apartment estimation of around 100k.

Colonies Overall State[edit]

Colonies Overall State is the largest state in area, and largest in population of the whole of Penguio. It compromises of all the colonies of Penguio, which listed are currently Port Blue and the Antarctic Islands claimed by Penguio. It is the only of three states not to be on the mainland island of the imperial empire, and the only state to compromise of more than one island/set of land. The governor is Frank Pengson.

Mainland State[edit]

Mainland State is the second largest state in area, and smallest in population of the whole of Penguio. It compromises of all of mainland Penguio excluding Pengslo, which has it's own state, the Pengslo City State. The main city is Imperialburg which is the home to the large palace of Penguio, 10 Penguin Street (emperor's office) and is the home of foreign affairs of the country. It was founded by the vikings as Vikingburg which is now the name of Downtown Imperialburg. It was once the fourth largest city in the whole of Castilla when castilla ruled over Penguio.

Flag, Motto and Anthem[edit]



This is the official flag of Penguio. It was made in 1900 by Viking settlers in Penguio and has been the official flag ever since.


Infinite and Beyond
— The National Motto.

The motto was also made by the same viking settlers in the same year 1900. The settlers thought it suited the country very well because the point of the motto is the vikings will invade for infinite and beyond infinite.


The current president of Penguio, is Tom Saworton, and he is in the Imperial Party. The penguioan government is not a one-party state, and is freely democratic, with elections taking place every 4 years. The nation's government is made up of 6 leading ministers who lead ministries. The ministers of the countries are shown below:

Name Position name Duties
Tom Saworton President Internal affairs
Skittles Vice-President War, Port Blue
Vacant Department of Transportation Transport
Vacant Department of Commerce Business, Finance


Penguio has a quite strong military, and possesses a few deletion missiles, however is very small compared to the likes of Snowzerland and Castilla. It's military is good along with the likes of Lisboagal and Batavia. It imports lots of it's military from the Mainland USA. The country possesses many army camps which many young children are forced to go there.


  • Sleetden.png Sleetden - A large island bigger than Mainland Penguio based east of Penguio.
  • Fairusecp3.png Port Blue - A half warfare and half resedential island in the Sub Antarctic.


The large majority of the inhabitants on the island are Penguin. In total, 71% of inhabitants are Penguins, 11% are Free Puffles, and 18% are pet puffles. Among Penguins, 20% are Viking Penguins from the Mainland, 60% are Viking Penguins from the Ninja Archipelago islands and Calada, 10% are Emperor Penguins from Mainland Antarctica and Zhou, 5% are Adelie Penguins, and 5% are "Other". Viking Penguins are the most popular inhabitants in the empire.

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • USA- Good. Penguio is a free republic of the USA and they are trade partners.
  • Snowzerland- Good. Penguio does not have anything in particular with Snowzerland, but they have good army relations.
  • Castilla- Excellent. Penguio depends on Castilla's colonies for their coffee, bananas, and sugar. Castilla and Penguio politically get along, but Castilla is not quite happy with Penguio's support of Snowzerland.
  • Batavia- Decent. Batavia and Penguio trade and have occational meetings with each other. Batavia sees Penguio as a potential mediator between Castilla and Snowzerland.
  • Puffle'and- Fair. Both countries trade, and the island was their former colony from 1913 to 2000. An influx of Puffish, Caladian, and mainland Antarctican immigrants made English the island's dominating language.
  • Frankterre- Decent. Frankterre does not converse with Penguio much. They trade occationally.
  • Zhou- Good. Zhou and Penguio trade frequently. They politically differ, but they respect each other.
  • Federal Republic of Polaris- Excellent. Bilateral economic and political relations are solid. Trade between the countries are dominated by the energy, electronics, transportation and manufacturing industries.
  • Lisboagal- Excellent. Lisboagal trades frequently and was one of the first countries to recognize Penguio's independence.
  • Dorkugal- Poor. Dorkugal doesn't like Penguio because it is friends with its enemies, Castilla and Lisboagal. They do not have official relations or consulates in Penguio at all. Dorkuguese diplomatic interest is conducted through the USA's embassy.
  • Shops Island- Good. The two nations' leaders are good friends. Shops Island often ships them industrial materials like steel, and they help each other in military invasions.
  • Snowiny- Good. They're allies and trade partners.


Penguio is an imperial empire under the reign of Tom Saworton, and both two parties have him as his imperial candidate, however the population does not realise this. The two paries are the Penguioan Imperial Party and the Penguioan Army Party. The following parties are the official parties in the nation.

Penguioan Imperial Party[edit]

The Penguioan Imperial Party is the largest party in Penguio. TBC

Top Citizens[edit]


  • Penguio is one of the few nations that has good relations with both the USA and Snowzerland.
  • It is a parody of Norway.

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