Penguski Islands

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Imperial Industrial Modern Islands of Penguski
Isle So PenguiniSkii
Flag of Penguski Islands
MottoWe stand on our own legs
AnthemCreso So PenguiniSkii
Royal anthemNone
Location of Penguski Islands
Map of Penguski Islands
Largest Micklesburry Station
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages PenguiniLang
Species  Penguins, Puffles,
Demonym Skiers
Government Democracy
 -  President Loyaled
 -  Chief Cabinet Officer Unknown
 -  Central Cabinet Officer Wipered
Industrial Revolution United After Various Industrials 
 -  Unity Day 8 February 
 -  Knowledge Day 19 May 
 -  2009 estimate 580,000 
Currency Pengonium coated Gold, Silver or Bronze nuts (NT)
Drives on the Left
Calling code 227
This country was industrialized in 1700's and this area is known for it's large production of plutonium, uranium, mercury, lead and crude oil.
Footnotes :Remained unknown till 2004.
Footnotes :This used to be a pirate island before 800 BC.

The Penguski Islands are a group of islands which has been united into an country which can be found at the deserted Pacific Ocean. The capital of these islands is Penguinobe which was found in 208 AD. These islands are also one of the most industrialized, and one of the richest. According to various sources, this island gave life to various penguins who later moved from here due to the climate.

The first traces of this islands were found in 400 BC, where a strandered merchant ship executed by pirates native to this island. In 2004, a satellite report showed details of this island, and the pirate myth was confirmed true. When the first expedition ship reached, they were surprised to see technologies here.

Before the unity, there were tribes which occasionally fought each other. After they found electric cells in 1542 AD, they developed industries. They were united after their civil war, which ended in 1650. Following their unity, they made several monuments like the Statue of Peace, Godre Tower, Melu Wall etc.

It has four islands, Golfrey Island, Neuton Island, Proto Mechanism Island and Neucleus Penguintus Island.

The National Symbol


The Penguski Islands was empty until 1200 BC. It was inhabitated by a group of migrating penguins from an unknown area. Those penguins first settled on Golfrey Island, and developed Suni, the first city in Penguski. They later made maps of the region on Papyrus and named the region "PenguiniSkii". By 1000 BC, they population increased to 80,000.

In 900 BC, these "peaceful" inhabitants turned into aggressive pirates. They were ruled by their first dictator, Mempins I. They attacked everybody they encountered, and one of the merchant ships which has been attacked made the "Pirates Theory", which resulted the total area around PenguiniSkii being deserted. None of the other penguins bothered to explore the Pacific again.

In 1 AD, all four islands were full of penguins, chicks and puffles. Now, they all were always fighting each other, and tried to be the best. This fight went on till 1600 AD, where the began to industrialize their islands and they made an alliance, and later they united together and became a country titled Penguski Islands. They chose Aristocracy as their government and their first united leaders where also known as "The Imperials", which consisted of Mempins LII, Rufus III, Sir Jaones and Peter IX. They became fully industrialized in 1700's, and another civil war was held to change the government. The citizens won, and their government changed into Democracy.

In 1914, the Islands were unexpectantly invaded by Khanzem during the Khamzem War. Many factories on the island were forced to produce ammunition and tanks for the war. A resistance army was organized but it was later caught, and the Naughtzee executed them. Then, in 1918, Puffle'and and Calada arrived and liberated the island, regaining their independance. The citizens decided to isolate the island from Antarctic trade for good.

In 2004, a satellite surveillance report told the other nations about Penguski, and various trade activities were held.


The Penguski Islands were first settled by migrators. In 900 BC, their first government was dictatorship (even though they never knew what it meant). Mempins, the first ruler claimed the ruler of all four islands. He made the inhabitants think he is the leader, and he became one. The island's next government was Aristocracy .The total power was given to the "Imperials", who were descendants of the richest families. However, even though they governed the country perfectly, another civil war was held and their government is now Democracy.

The head of the country is the president, who is chosen every 5 years. The second head is the Chief Cabinet Officer, who will be automatically promoted if his/her party wins the elections held every 5 years. If the leader of the party wants himself to be the president, the second leader of that party will be promoted Chief Cabinet Officer. The Central Cabinet Officer is another promotion, which can be selected by the parliament. There are also 4 chief ministers, who are the head of each islands and various ministers for various things, i.e food, oil, foreign, home, shelter etc.

The Parliament is called "The Horn", and the residence of the president is "Pengy Mansion" and the discussing cabinet is known as "The White Tower".


The Penguski Islands consists of 4 islands, Grolfey, Proto-Mechanism, Neuton and Neucleus Pengutis, surrounded by 3 seas; Matter Sea to the south, Amoeba sea to the west and Calculus sea to the north-eastern part. Having seas, each island has a river, and Grolfey has two rivers.

Ice Pole Research Station and Davis's Bridge aerial view
  • Grolfey Island - Hydro, Pengazon
  • Proto-Mechanism Island- Pendus
  • Neuton Island- Pengygen
  • Neucleus Pengutis Island- Atom-Hydrosphere (AHO)

These islands share maritime borders with USA(A natural claim even though USA is very south and nearly on the other side of the world from this islands). Other than plains, plateus and water beds, Grolfey Island has a mountain range, Grof Mountains and a desert, Core Desert (possibly decomposed chemical wastes). There is a plateau at Proto-Mechanism Island, called Dufus Plateau and a a highland named Preston Highlands at Neucleus Pengutis.

Living near the ocean, these islands are always afraid of natural floods and tsunamis.


The Climate here is moderate. But it can be very cold during peak of the winter (December). The common winter temperature is 2 degree Celsius and the common summer temperature is 20 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -15 degree C, and the highest was 26 degree C.


The former ammunition factories changed into uranium, titanium, rubber, plastic, oil, plastic, polythene, computer, cinema, plutonium and cotton industries. And for the unlimited supply of crude oil at the Jungel Oil Fields, Penguski has no trouble in resources. Since they produce nearly everything, they never import things. They're also quite selfish, so they don't export much. However, gold, bronze, metal and cobalt are not found at PenguSki, so they import have to import them. They have a lot of industries, which probably help them alot.

Other than modern industries, they still have a few traditional industries like farming and fishing left. They farm and produce nuts, which are later converted into metal, which are later used as currencies. Their fishing boats travel as far as to Antarctica to catch fish and rare species of fish and other living creatures. In 1914, due to the war, the industries were forced to close, which made the greatest depression movement for the country.


Penguski, being modern and scientific uses modern weapons too. They are quite aware that their enemies are stronger, since the islands were invaded during the Khanzem War. When the whole area was captured, the soldiers of Penguski loaded all their weapon and ammunition stock on a ship, which was scheduled to go to an unknown island, but later sunk at the mid pacific.

This loss made them weaker, and they had no weapons to defend themselves. They only used knives to kill the Naughtzees, later a scientist named Waddlexyz discovered iceonium, which were later used on knieves to excessive killing. These soldiers were known as "The Swordsmen of Penguski". After independence, Penguski made modern weapons which will be discussed later. Their main infantry are the "The ACS.


After they got freedom, they made their defense stronger. They made huge towers which would shoot pieces of hot burning weapons in 1920. This defense was however removed in 1928, and they made another defence in which Ice Cannons, if shot, would freeze their enemies. A group of fast men who very armed with electronic swords and normal shields would capture them, and later they would be heated and then executed. This plan was thought to work well, but it didn't. Those islands were not invaded again, possibly the maps were lost or the others thought this island was "useless". The used this defense till 2011, where they installed small miniature poles which would barely be visible. It is still unknown what it does, as the army officials are Nerds who keep secrets.


Even though they have a good defense, they have large battalions. They are divided into 4 classes, Fresor .1, .2, .3 and Uliyuntimati. "Fresor" stands for "Lion's Pride" and "Uliyuntimati" stands for "Ultimate". They use advanced weapons, mostly developed by Dr. Waddlexyz and Dr. Canary's team. Their most common weapon is the "FF Ray Gun", which , if shot makes disgusting smell immune to the Penguski's. The Penguski's can't smell it, but their enemies can and they will instantly faint. A fan made full form is "Fat's Fart Ray Gun", but the army officials denied it.

Fresor .1[edit]

Fresor .1, which is the first line having approx. 140,000 soldiers. They use chain guns, miniguns, P37, MP34, ice guns and F()G Ray guns. They mostly are well armed and they have the best radio connections. They are also armed with freeze bombs and fog makers. They have bullet proof vests designed by Dr. Waddlexyz. If they are destroyed, .2 will appear from nowhere and attack the enemies.

Fresor .2[edit]

.2, which is the main reinforcement of .1 are armed with 50,000 soldiers, 900 helicopters, 10 blips, 13,000 jet bombers, 800 bombers and 100 RDG's. They also command a naval force containing 8,000 destroyers, 1,000 K2's, 80 ACC's, 900 battleships, 900 ABS's and 100,000 SITS's( Specially Invented Transformation Ships). Their infantry are armed with 2 AI1 guns which can do anything. That guns are also termed as Transformation Guns. They are quite hard to defeat, and if they are defeated, .3 will sum up.

Fresor .3[edit]

.3 is controll of mines, tactical bombers, Senseless D-Thrones, Land strikes, natural calamities, and technology. They only have about 10,000 live penguins, but 60,000 robots, 10000 Senseless D-Thrones and 50000 Blaster-bots. They are the last line of battlefield defenses, and they are always close to their cities. They were NEVER defeated, and they are the most powerful armies in the world.

Fresor Uliyuntimati[edit]

The final battalion, which is located inside the cities. Consisting of 30,000 soldiers, 600 FF Ray Guns, 700 F()G ray guns, 900 blips, 19,000,000 tanks and 40,500 naval boats are present here. Mostly, their tanks eventually join with the other battalions if the condition is serious. If they are defeated, the city is gone and so is Penguski. These soldiers are mostly lazy, since enemies never attacked the cities, but they get NT 50,000 a week, which makes their families the richest. They have access to all luxuries in Penguski.

Civil Protection/Police[edit]

While military takes care of international issues, a group called "Civil Protection" aka Police have been assembled to take care of national problems and minority crimes. There are 20,000 penguins working in them, and they don't have advanced technologies like the military, but these penguins have control of FDU's. Their leader is the SGP (Supreme General of Police) and their lowest job is "Temporary Field Constable". Their intelligence somehow hacked PSA and EPF, which made them laugh due to the poor security of the PSA and the EPF. They are mostly free, since Pengyski is not a place to do crime.

Civil Protection Programs[edit]

The government and the military organizes Civil Protection Programs, in which they tell all the penguins, Chicks, Nerds and Jerks about civil protection. They go to various schools, collages, universities, houses, district clubs, top secret buildings etc. and tell about it. They take lot of efforts in telling the people, but the people won't listen and they will only sleep. In fact, one meeting holds the record if most sleeps, as the Sleep Percentage was 92.8%. One of their most famous programs were ICHWT. (Inhabitants Can Hold Weapons Too).


Education is given the most importance here, and this "thing" went as far as banning sports. in 1992, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Water Polo and Surfing were banned. Education is compulsory and fReE. There are various universerties like "University of Maximus", "Ursa Major University", "University of Treeford" etc. There are various schools and collages too. Each village must have more than 3 schools, 1 collage and a university, stated by the Constitution. In 2002, sports was allowed and it is not compulsory to go to school, but there are still a lot of places. Annual sports competitions are held to promote sports.


Transportation here is very unusual. Each penguin, who buys himself a private transport must sign the FDU. There are lots of sleds, carts, ATV's, cars, and other things here. The government has also made railway arrangements like "Waddle Express", "County Express", "Callahan Freight", "PGR", "Metro's Everywhere", "Grand Express", "Mullet Luxury Express", "Expedition Express", "Desert Express", "Factory Freight Express", "Ocean Express", "Luloin to Ballistic Express" , "Semi-Underground Express" and "Lawn Express". They also give importance to flying railways, molorails, electric rails, metro rails and elevated railways. They also give free taxis, but a flying deluxe taxi has a moderate charge. Very luxurious and huge ferries, destroyers and various other boats are also provided for transport. Waddlexyz once made new type of oil, "Alpha-Besticon SeMiCelCI" which was made for increasing the speed of boats, but that oil destroyed the engines, which caused delays for boats. A bus service was established in 2000, which covers almost all the towns, villages, cities, major cities, test sites and experiment areas.


Penguski uses most advanced health instruments and professional penguins in healthcare. There is a Board and a Bureau for healthcare, and all penguins have above 100 health. They have a cure for almost everything except Fat and Pookies. They developed an anti-fat potion, but it only reduces 0.001% of fat. But, Skiers are not fat and horible, but they have lots of pookies, chicks and chicks who did not grow. 4.85% are fat, 14.73% are pookies and 6.71% are growthless chicks and 0.88% have health problems.