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City of Penguville
Country Federal Republic of Polaris
Area Penguville Metropolitan Region
Monuments Promenade Square, Pinnacle Hall
Headquarters Snowville City Hall
Neighbourhoods Princeville, Gretlwin, Courtsmill, Vendre Bay
Mayor Christopher Lornyn-Sofreck
Population 3,093,293
General information
Demonym Snowvillers
Founded 1991
– Founder Allen Craughter
Time zone Eastshield Standard Time
Summer time Eastshield Daylight Time
Area codes 577,887

Penguville is the largest city and capital in the state of Penguville, in the Federal Republic of Polaris. The city is situated east of Polaris City, and is distinguished as a major port of call and distribution centre for eastern Polaris. The city also possesses a thriving manufacturing industry, particularly in foundries and automotive production. The city also is a vibrant center for arts and culture, and frequently plays hosts to dramatic arts festivals and music festivals throughout the summer months.

The city has a population of 3.093 million within the city's vicinity, though there is an estimated 4.7 million residents in the Penguville Metropolitan Region (PMR), which comprises of the suburbs and bedroom communities surrounding the city.


Penguville was initially settled in 1893, as a fishing outport. By the turn of the century, the settlement famous for its vast quantities of grey fish, which were traded throughout the continent. When Penguville opened its ferry to Club Penguin, thousands of penguins poured into the city. It is now a major seafood-trading port city. The ferry is now not the only, but the biggest one to Club Penguin. The ferry to the Warmslates opened as well. When Polaris seceded in 2011, the USA Air Force bombed Penguville, to destroy its naval base. Some ships escaped the bombing however and there was a battle offshore. Nevertheless, the city remained in Polarian hands throughout the war. The city was rebuilt and looks just like it did before the war, but its buildings have a Polarian accent to them. Penguville was captured again by Puffalian armor and infantry during the Frosian War but did not have any significant damage because its harbor facilities would be useful to the Puffalians.


  • Western Pier is a small dock where many immigrants came through in 2003, a museum now.
  • Princeville is the original settlement of the city, now a historic village
  • Red Rock Lighthouse is a large light house near the Western Pier, it stands at 239 ft. tall.
  • Oakwood Street is the financial sector of the city
  • Alpha Beach is a eight mile long beach, very pleasant
  • Gamma Point is a very popular fishing spot, hosts the USA Fishing Tournaments every year,
  • Penguville Regional Airport is a small airport in the city,
  • Polarian Revolution Memorial-A war memorial, because there was a battle here. Has the names of everyone who died carved in it. After the Frosian war, was renamed Penguville War Memorial, and another monument was erected, commemorating Polaris' defense of the city.


Penguins, penguin sailors. Puffles, are the inhabitants as well. The city's population is quickly growing bigger.


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