Pengyboo Island

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Pengyboo Village
Pengyboo main image.png
Pengyboo Village from an Aerial view.
Pengyboo main map.png
The Map of Pengyboo Village.
Key details
Type Village
Level none
Location Near Pengydeen
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles.

Pengyboo Village is an island in the Pengydeen Volcanic Chain, and is populated by over 9,000 penguins and puffles. Pengyboo is also one of the only islands with native Red Puffles, and they are a major export. Once a year, every year, on September 15th, Everybody on Pengyboo Village Celebrates Pengybroon, Pengybroon is when The Guardian Island came to Pengyboo, The guardian island protects Pengyboo Village from any intruders. You must have a PBPP (Pengyboo Penguin Pass) to get into Pengyboo Village.

Unlike Pengydeen Central and Fire Island, Pengyboo Island is owned by the United States of Antarctica instead of being a separate country.


Volcanic Interruption[edit]

Pengyboo Island was discovered by Metalmanager on the 18th January 2007 while he was commissioned to find new resources for the Antarctic government. He was eating a taco on board his small ship when he accidentally dropped sauce on his map. He dropped the taco in alarm, causing fish mince, tomato juice, lettuce and cheese to spill on the map as well. Metal hastily pulled a handkerchief from his inventory and rubbed furiously at the map to get the stains off. However, he only made things worse and the map tore to pieces.

Without a map, Metal's journey was fruitless. He had to find his way back to the mainland, so he attempted to plot his way back using the stars. Metal wasn't the best navigator, and went the wrong way. Soon, he was completely lost. Metal finally gave up and retired to his cabin, waiting for rescue.

Suddenly, the sea around him started to rumble and shake. Monster waves smashed against his boat, and in all the confusion Metal staggered back to the deck. It was still daytime, but the sky was as black as night! Fountains of black smoke were coming from the water around him. He had dropped anchor in a field of underwater volcanoes!

The volcanoes started to spew out lava and molten rock, creating small islands. Suddenly, Metalmanager's ship began to shake violently, then it was suddenly shot into the sky by a burst of lava. He clung onto the mast for dear life until it landed with a splash not far away from the volcanoes. Metal looked up and saw a beautiful sight.

It was a wonderful tropical island. Snow seemed to be fairly absent here, and it was comfortably warm. Banana trees and palms covered the island, and the beaches had real sand, not snow! He'd hit the jackpot! Metal docked his boat then set off to explore the island.


As soon as Metal set foot on the island, he was attacked by red puffles. They came from everywhere! The water, the trees, even some popped out of holes in the ground. They all tied Metal up and after some squeaky debate with each other they carried him off to the center of the island. Soon, they reached a clearing. With caution, they placed Metal on the ground.

"Yarr, what be this?" said a grizzled and gravely voice.

"Rockhopper?" said Metal in amazement.

"No, ye fool. I be Captain Atlas Pengyboo."

The speaker turned out to be a grizzled and ancient pirate penguin. His clothes were ragged and torn. His beard, moustache and hair were long, wild and grey. However, his hat was straight, his boots were shined and his eyes were bright.

Metal explained his plight to Captain Pengyboo, who nodded.

"Yis me lad, volcanoes are common in this place. I call it the Pengydeen Volcanic Chain. Now, let me tell ye me story."

Captian Pengyboo's Tale[edit]

"When I was a young lad during the days of them High Penguins, I was a seafarin' legend. I robbed th' cities on the coastline, even Arda at one point. Mad Pengyboo, they used ta call me. One day, I got tired of piratin'. I turned me ship around and wet explorin'. I found heaps of islands, ones with shelly creatures, ones with scrummy food, and ones with these red fuzzballs.

I loaded me ship up with th' fuzzballs and some weird bent fruit and set sail again. Then, I was struck by a terrible typhoon. Shiver me timbers! It was the biggest storm I'd ever seen! Must have been 20 feet high or summat. Anyway, I only had time to land at this island and take shelter with me fuzzballs and me fruit (it was only a pile of dirt and sand back then) before me ship was torn to pieces. I used the parts from me old ship, made a little house and planted those weird fruit. I'm right at home now, and the island's getting bigger ev'ry day thanks to them volcanoes!"

It's a Deal![edit]

Metalmanager made a deal with Captain Pengyboo. He would put Pengyboo Island on the map and bring people here, and also send some of the red puffles to new owners. In return, Pengyboo asked for Metalmanager's ship so he could go seafaring again. Pengyboo made Metal promise to pretend that the pirate never existed. They departed.

All ended well. Settlers inhabited Pengyboo and speedily built infrastructure, while Pengyboo went back to the seas on the ship. The island is still named Pengyboo in the captain's honour, but only Metal knows that.

Recent history[edit]

In late 2008, snow started falling on the island and the banana trees could no longer survive. Scientists say that this is due to the volcanoes near the island becoming extinct. The banana trees were removed and the wood was recycled to make more houses. The sand is still there, but mixed with the snow.

In 2006 when J made an Experiment to help penguins climb walls, the creature escaped and started stealing from the shops on this island, Metal Force are currently searching for him.


Pengyboo Village has 6 locations, which are explained below in "Places":

  • 1 is Pengyboo Main
  • 2 is Pengyboo Play Park
  • 3 is Pengyboo Guardian Island
  • 4 is Pengyboo Leaving point
  • 5 is Pengyboo Beach
  • 6 is Pengyboo Swimming area.

You can see them all on the map.


  • Lets start with Pengyboo Main. At Pengyboo Main there is a Pet shop which sells all the Red Puffles, Also there is a computer store, which sells Computers, Laptops and Computer Hardware.
  • Moving on to Pengyboo Play Park, Here at Pengyboo Play Park, There are many things for Child Penguins to do. There is a few swings, a running course thing, a climbing frame and a Football Pitch.
  • Now we have Pengyboo Guardian island, At Pengyboo Guardian Island, There are Floan Penguins which guard the island.
  • At Pengyboo Airport, commercial flights arrive daily, brining penguins to the island
  • Now lets talk about Pengyboo Beach which is right next to where the water goes underneath Pengyboo island, Here you can Go Fishing at the edge of the snow. also the snow is thick so you can have snowball fights.
  • And finally, Pengyboo Swimming area, Here you can go Swimming, just be sure not to go past the Barrier.


Penguins, Red Puffles and Fish.


Snow Wolves, Crabs and Sharks.


Here you can get Fish at the beach, Red Puffle Food at the Main and Snacks at the Leaving Point.

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