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Pengydeen Broadcasting (PDB)
Antarctic Television, LLC
Vital Information
Founded 2003
Headquarters South Pole City
Owner Antarctic Television Group
Availability Most of Antarctica
Defunct? No
Nickname PDB

Pengydeen Broadcasting, otherwise known as PDB by viewers, is a media conglomerate on Antarctica. The conglomerate has television assets in almost every region/country of Antarctica (except the Darktonian Realm and West Pengolia.)

PDB is available over the air from a licensed transmitter near a community, via digital satellite, or through cable in remote communities of the continent. The network transmits in English, L33T in certain states and territories, Dorkugese (in Dorkugal,) and Terrisian.

Television Stations[edit]

The television station that penguins can watch varies by country. In the USA and Dorkugal, for example, local transmitters and cable systems provide PDB programming to viewers. In UnitedTerra, PDC UnitedTerra is available on cable outside of New Club Penguin.

PDB Television (PDB1)[edit]

This is a list of stations that are part of the PDB1 network, which serves the United States of Antarctica and the Federal Republic of Polaris. Although each station is part of its own regional system, all stations are referred to as PDB at all times, except for certain promotions. At present, there are no stations available on any of the islands, for communication reasons. All stations can be viewed through digital satellite.

Callsign City of license Analog Channel Digital Channel Notes
PDBC Blizzardville, EA 3 13 (PSIP 3.1) Flagship station of the network; serves the South Pole City area. This station is not part of any PDB system for political reasons.
PDBP Polaris City, NW 5 15 (PSIP 5.1) Serves the Greater Polaris City Area and western Polaris, part of the PDB Polaris system
PDBV Penguville, MH 10 48 (PSIP 10.1) Serves the Penguville Metropolitan Area and eastern Polaris (Malherd, Harnsey,Wilkes, Barrett), part of the PDB Polaris system
PDBG Gemini, EA 29 34 (PSIP 29.1) Serves Gemini and most of northeastern Eastshield, part of the PDB Eastshield system.
PDBIL Inland, EA 34 37 (PSIP 34.1) Serves the Inland area. Part of the PDB Eastshield system.
PDBM Mojave 30 61 (PSIP 30.1) Serves Mojave and parts of the state's coast. Part of the PDB Trans-Antarctic system.
PDBPT Pengu Town 7 11 (PSIP 7.1) Serves the Pengu Town area and most of the northern Trans-Antarctic coast. Part of the PDB Trans-Antarctic system.
PDBNT Newton Town, TA 2 13 (PSIP 2.1) Serves the Newton Town area and most of southeast Trans-Antarctic coast. Part of the PDB Trans-Antarctic system.
PDBW East Bank City, AP 4 19 (PSIP 4.1) Serves all of Waffle County and most of the Peninsula (minus Intake). Part of the PDB Peninsula system.
PDBI Greater Intake, AP 8 22 (PSIP 8.1) Serves the Intake area. Part of the PDB Peninsula system.

PDB Eastshield[edit]

PDB Eastshield is the name of the PDB's television system in Eastshield. The system is headquartered in Inland.

PDB Trans-Antarctic[edit]

PDB Trans-Antarctic is the name of the PDB's television system in the state of Trans-Antarctica. The system is headquartered in Pengu Town. All surfing-related programs on PDB are produced from this system.

PDB Peninsula[edit]

PDB Peninsula is the name of the PDB's television system on the Antarctic Peninsula. The system is based in East Bank City, Waffle County.

PDB UnitedTerra[edit]

PDB also has a separate television system in UnitedTerra. The UnitedTerra system is completely separate from the main USA system, and transmits Terrisian in addition to English and L33T.

The system is based in New Club Penguin. In fact, the city is served over-the-air by transmitter PDBNC-TV. The rest of the country can only receive PDB through cable.


PDB airs popular sitcoms and dramas such as The Haunted Igloo, Pengin' town and King Street. Hockey and skiing events are also aired on PDB. As for news, PDB airs PDB IceNews at 5:00 PM each weekday (7:00 on weekends,) then local stations air the PDB News at 6 for their respective cities.


On 2nd March 2011 Antarctica Television Group declared bankruptcy and went into administration. ATG's administrator decided that PDB was the main cause due to the amount that was invested into it and announced that 85% worth of equity would be sold. Multiple broadcasters and media empires are bidding to buyout Pengydeen, one of the largest media broadcasters. A spokesperson for ATG announced:

ATG will still have rights to the Pengydeen brand and will continue to fully own the UnitedTerra branch. The new buyers will have to ensure that the Pengydeen channels remain and aren't merged into their new channels
— Spokesperson

Pengydeen was eventually sold to Times International, a major newspaper publisher which publishes famous titles like the Antarctic Times, South Pole Evening Standard, Club Penguin Times and other, which has long planned on expanding to television.


PDB does not believe in censorship, but the networks are monitored by the BoF, for obvious reasons.


  • The station is broadcasted through analog antenna, digital satellite, cable and is available over-the-air.
  • Only the CEP (Chief Executive Penguin) has the right to be greedy at PDB.
  • Preemption does not exist. If you ask about why a show was preempted, the tech specialist will say, "Preempted? What do you mean? We only move shows to different timeslots."