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Erik Carlos von Penquino

Penquino in 2012
Born May 15, 1998 (1998-05-15) (age 21)
South Pole City, Colonial Antarctica
Residence Southern Shops, Shops Island
Gender Male
Nationality Puffish/Antarctican
Other names Penquino1, CK, Detective 'Nog
Ethnicity Alemanian, Castillian
Citizenship Shops Island
Education B.A. Degree in History
Alma mater Penguin University
Occupation Musician, Governor, Jedi
Years active 2011-present
Employer Shops Island government; Jedi Order
Home town South Pole City
Height 3' 3" (99 cm)
Known for Governing Southern Shops, reviving the Jedi Order
Title Master
Opponent(s) Brook Edward LasVegas
Children Penquino II
Relatives Mito (younger sister)
Cp kiddo (nephew)
Cp kidette (niece)
Awards Golden Johnny Award
When he signs as CK.

Erik Carlos von Penquino (commonly known as Penquino or CK) is a politician and Jedi Master who currently resides on Shops Island. He is currently known for being the governor of Southern Shops, but in the future he will also be known for leading the rebellion against the corrupt Shops Island government, and bringing the Jedi Order back to a suitable position in Antarctic society. In his spare time, he is also in the music industry, where he is a renowned musician on and around Shops Island, producing songs alone as well as being the percussionist in The KD Band.

Prior to 2012 he was mainly known for being obsessed with eggnog. He is close friends with Chill57181, Mario Rk, LMGT, Johnny 115, Bro and The Ed. While living on Club Penguin he adopted two nicknames, Penquino (his last name), and CK (which stood for Cp kid). He tends to sign as CK whenever he can, because it's much easier. He splits most of his time between Shopper politics and the Jedi Order, along with watching over the routine operation of Penquino Entertainment, which is where most of his income comes from.

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Penquino hatched on May 15, 1998, in a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment in South Pole City amidst a revolution. Everything was normal when he hatched, but his mother wasn't fond of regurgitation, so she was going to bottle-feed him. A few days after he hatched, she meant to give him milk, but it ended up being eggnog, which sparked an obsession that would last for most of his life. He lived his chickhood in SPC with his parents and his younger sister. Though he rarely communicated with his paternal side of the family, he was close with his maternal family, grandparents and a few uncles and aunts.

Penquino went to an average school, unlike his kid sister, who went to a high end one. This caused a bit of sibling rivalry, although he would still stand up for her at any given time considering he is her big brother. He went to the same school as Chill57181 and LMGT, but at the time they weren't friends, since he constantly teased all the kids in his school. Most of the teasing was due to him venting so he could feel better about himself, since he was non-stop bullied and harassed by Jerks and penguins with a certain personality. Once he realized how much of a jerk he was being he ended up apologizing to everyone he had hurt, including Chill and LMGT, making new friendships. These friends would come in handy soon after, due to a major wave of jerks in their school. Something was stolen from everyone, Chill's prized cone hat, Donuts from LMGT, eggnog from Penquino, and even pencils from the teachers! Penquino and his friends soon realized they wouldn't be able to retrieve their possessions with brute force, so they had to use smarts. So, while his friends distracted the jerks, Penquino retrieved all of the stolen items. Although LMGT was held back a few years prior in school, he graduated soon after this incident occurred. However, the two still remained friends.

In November 2007, the Penquino family went on a long vacation to Club Penguin Island. They arrived just in time to see CP's Desert Festival, something Penquino and Mito could never have dreamed of existing! They also went to the opening of the Club Penguin Theater, where they saw the play Space Adventure from a balcony seat and even got the autograph of the actor who played Captain Snow! They stayed on Club Penguin until almost the end of December, so they could experience the Christmas Party- which was renowned across Antarctica as one of the best annual celebrations ever. Although most penguins disliked the blizzard that came in during the party, it just made the experience better for Penquino and Mito, who'd never seen that amount of snow before in South Pole City. Even though they were almost adults, the two felt like chicks again on Club Penguin.

Penquino's ID shortly after his high school graduation.

Life on Club Penguin[edit]

In 2008 shortly after graduating high school, Penquino moved from South Pole City to Club Penguin. Shortly after, he started going by two nicknames- his last name, and "CK", both of which he preferred over his first name. In his first few months on the island, he had experienced the biggest April Fools celebration he'd ever seen, taken part in the island's first annual Medieval fair, discovered his love for music (through the first annual Music Jam), and even adopted his very own Yellow Puffle! It was also around this time that he joined the Penguin Secret Agency, along with getting many other side-jobs to get by, such as a barista at the Coffee Shop, and a chef/waiter in the Pizza Parlor.

Although Chill was a year younger than Penquino, he ended up graduating school only a few months after Penquino did (he graduated one year ahead of schedule, late 2008) due to his mostly-hidden smart attributes. Penquino didn't find this out until he ran into Chill one day on CP Island! It turns out Chill's family had lived near CP all along, and he had been an exchange student in SPC. Now, with both of them on CP, they called and convinced LMGT to move to the island too!

Over the next few years things were great, they had met new friends like Mario Rk, risen in the ranks of the PSA (all three were high-ranking agents now), and had quite successful lives (they had even formed a small band on CP).

Penquino's PSA ID shortly before the agency's demise.

In 2010, Chill moved to a brand new nation named Shops Island, at the request of one of his closest friends. Over the months, Chill asked Penquino multiple times to move to the new, struggling country, but every time he turned Chill down due to the life he had on CP, however, he and LMGT did visit Chill in March 2011.

2011-2012: Shops Island[edit]

In July 2011, Penquino and LMGT had decided to move to Shops Island. Penquino decided by this time that CP was not only getting to be too crowded (all of these different "servers"), but it was also getting too "modernized" for him- where he could actually compare things from CP to South Pole City (Christmas Party was now called Holiday Party; the EPF was now more of a business than an agency in the way that it didn't care about it's agents, similar to jobs and people in SPC), plus the threat of a terrorist blowing his igloo up didn't sound like a good possibility.

Other than Chill and Ben, one of the first people Penquino met on Shops Island was Brook Edward LasVegas, who would end up being one of his greatest rivals. At first, he seemed like a good soul, but over time Penquino would realize that Brook was just a jealous, conniving, corrupt power-hog who would do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Penquino had a pretty good time on Shops the first few months, founding the CK Mall, and even becoming a part of Chill's secret democracy by becoming the first governor of Southern Shops. However, he had a bad habit of over-reacting when he got upset. Despite that, he still had many friends, old and new, on the island. In September 2011, Chill made Penquino his unofficial Vice President in the "secret government" (while he still retained governor status), since Ben had been away from Shops since late July.

In February 2012, Ben's regime had been overruled, and Chill became the official president on February 25th. The same day, he made Penquino his official Vice President, which remanded the governor status. Unfortunately, Penquino took one day off in early March. In that one day, Brook, with his conniving and sneaky tactics, convinced Chill that Penquino was going to become another Ben (with extended leaves of absence), and told him that Penquino wasn't a good VP. Chill was fooled by Brook's words, so on March 7th he replaced Penquino with Brook as his VP. When Penquino found out about this, he was furious at Brook for committing such treason. As such, Brook had police banish Penquino from the island due to "hostile and unsafe attitude towards shopper life", although it was just to get rid of him before Chill could be informed.


During his exile, Penquino moved back to Club Penguin, but there wasn't much to do anymore. Herbert was gone, and cooking pizzas was just boring. So, Penquino looked back and looked for anything else he was good at. He eventually found music to be the answer! He had not only played drums in high school, but he had also played in a band, so why not start a solo music career? He worked on and released a few songs over the time of his exile, although not to much success. He decided to just write and perfect his songs, and release them when he returned to Shops Island so he may have a more receptive crowd (the crowds on CP were too spoiled with penguins like Cadence and the Penguin Band).

Also after he moved back to CP Island, he decided to enroll in Penguin University (to get a college education). One of the classes in his first semester, the Battle Class was actually taught by a Jedi Master. After Penquino mastered the class in the summer, the teacher secretly set Penquino up to multiple situations where he had to make difficult choices- to test his morals. Eventually, the teacher revealed himself to Penquino and asked if he wanted to learn the ways of the Jedi. Penquino had only heard rumors and stories of the Jedi before then, but he knew that they were the extinct peacekeepers of Antarctica. With that in mind, he said yes, knowing how much of a privilege it was.


Penquino performing with The KD Band in 2013.

Later in the summer, Chill contacted Penquino and told him that the exile was no longer in effect. It was also during this conversation that the truth came out about Brook, as well as an apology from Chill. When he returned to the island shortly after, Chill invited him to be The KD Band's percussionist (drummer), a job which he accepted. Between his newly released songs and those of The KD Band, Penquino's name could be seen on the top of Shops' music charts for quite a few weeks.

With his public popularity returning, he decided to get back into politics. Shortly before the 2012 Presidential Election, he once again earned the title of governor of Southern Shops. However, his enemy Brook didn't want him back in the government (because it would ruin his chances of taking over Shops), so during the election he got Penquino arrested and stripped of his position on obvious false accusations of being a traitor and planning to ruin shops to get revenge for his previous exile. Because of this, and the fact that one of Brook's gullible friends (Bro) was going to become president of Shops Island, Penquino rebelled and protested that Bro was going to become a dictator. He was later given the option by the SIA to either be exiled again, or be put on house arrest (in CK Manor) for a few months so he could "compose" himself. By the time Mario Rk became president, Bro hated Brook almost as much as Penquino did. Although he still disliked Bro, the similarity sparked an interesting friendship between the two. Around December, his house arrest ended.

2013: Character Development[edit]

From the summer of 2012 until January 2013, Penquino had traveled to the Sub-Antarctic Islands every other weekend to learn everything he could from the hidden Jedi. However, since his house arrest was over and he had no political obligations, he moved back to his igloo on Club Penguin for a few months, to make things easier on himself. In March, he visited his friends on Shops before being convinced by Bro to to go on a vacation to Calada with Chill, Mario, LMGT and Snowstormer.

In April, Penquino completed a journey that every Jedi must make, and built his own Keysabers. The journey made a deep impact on his life, and shortly afterwards he decided to take on the challenge of reviving the Jedi Order to it's former glory. He asked his mentor for advice and help to build a secret Jedi Temple, and to find other Jedi who survived the "Khanzem purge". Penquino once again moved back to "Penquino Manor" in Southern Shops, and he set off to look for any kind-hearted force sensitive creatures he could train in the ways of the Jedi after construction was finished on a secret Jedi Temple. The next month, Penquino was unofficially given the rank of Master by his mentor (later made official by Master Yed'ah), after a year of learning and training. It was partially due to his haste to rebuild the order, but also because Penquino had been a skilled student. Despite "finishing" his training, Penquino continued to visit the Sub-Antarctic Islands to see his mentor and friend, and learn anything he could. Also around this time, he took Djf1107 as his first padawan.

In May, he aided Shops in The Great Yowien War by leading the SIA portion of the F Island Attack, leading to the arrest of King Feey and his family. At the time, he believed helping the SIA and Shops Island was the right thing to do, but after he watched the Shoppers hand over the Pie Family to the Snoss for execution and the war ended, he realized he shouldn't have been a part of it. Yow was supposedly dangerous, but they didn't "misuse" the land and citizens like the powers who took over did. Decades later, Penquino would help to right this wrong.

Though his flippers were busy with the Jedi, Penquino somehow continued to make time for Shops and politics, and by October he was Dps' assistant (Lieutenant Governor) in the Southern Shops government. Though he didn't always agree with other politicians or like politics itself, he enjoyed the job itself, and the fact that he could use it to improve the lives of citizens in his state. On October 19th, Dps resigned from his position and let Penquino become the governor again, due to his "better ability to govern Southern Shops" (since Dps resided on Moon Island). Since then, Penquino has been the governor of SS, and since Brook was sent to Pen Chi Island, he hasn't had opposition from the people in his state. The CK Mall was closed in November, with a new franchise, the Eggnog Emporium, opening on December 1st. It has continued to steadily grow over the years, becoming quite profitable.

In December 2013, Robert Smith made a huge blunder and accidentally purchased 11 trillion copies of "The Eggnog Starts Now", which racked up a hefty debt to Shops Island and worsened the Snowinian Depression. Chill and Penquino couldn't entirely cancel the order since CDs had already begun being made, but they said they were willing to make a deal of some sort that would be beneficial to both parties.

2014: Frosian War & Liberation of Turtly[edit]

See also: Liberation of Turtly

In early 2014, Chill Island Productions worked on making a deal with Snowiny, with input from the Shopper government. That led to a treaty in March 2014 between Shops and Snowiny, in which Shops gained two new territories, the song was made available for free digital download in Snowiny, forever, and the debt to Shops was cut by trillions of WB$. However, Chill and Penquino were to become very wealthy from the deal, as the Shopper government had agreed to pay CIP 100 million WB$ as compensation, and Snowiny would still be paying 75 million WB$ in the next three years, and a minimum of 24 million Varoes each year after that. Chill agreed to give Penquino 50% of the money from this deal, which was more then he'd ever get from the CDs sold anywhere else. He'd go on to use a bit of this money to make Penquino Manor fancier, but the rest went into a private bank account, thought to be in Maverick (but actually being put to use to fund the Jedi Order).

In April, Shops, along with much of Antarctica, was dragged into the Frosian War. During the war, Penquino's main priority was keeping his state safe, especially its largest city, Vonkouver. He was also one of the most outspoken politicians against the military draft put in place during the war. However, his birthday was never chosen, so he didn't have to fight. After Bro had been drafted, Penquino kept in contact with Eastern Shops' interim governor to make sure things were running smoothly. Shortly after the Frosian War ended, Penquino started and led the Liberation of Turtly against the Imperial Emperor and his Imperial Warlords. It was a massive undertaking, and the Jedi's first large operation, but eventually ended in success. The Imperial Forces were defeated, and the citizens of Turtly returned to their home for the first time in five years.

A new branch of Penquino Entertainment, Exploration Cruise Lines, was opened in late 2014, and has since become the most popular Cruise Line in Shops Island.

2015-Present: The Secret War & Beyond[edit]

In 2015, Penquino became friends with Wilson Schmidt, and spoke a lot with him about Shops, Planet 1984 and other things.

Sometime in 2016, Penquino chose to take Alexis Strugenhoff as his second padawan, since Djf had chosen a political life in Moon Island over the Jedi.

In 2017, after five years of taking courses from Penguin University, both on-site and online, Penquino graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

2018 was a busy year for Penquino. In May, he joined The KD Band's revival, and helped to make new music. Over the summer, he was the main force behind building a Jedi Temple on Moon Island. However, his nephew and niece, "Cp kiddo" and "Cp kidette", also came to visit, getting into some adventures in the process. The three of them stayed near Wizzint, and when Penquino had to be on-site, he would leave the chicks with Chill, who was also there, to go have fun and/or troll Stubal, saying he had to take care of business. Penquino would also build an R2 droid to send back with them, that they quickly named "Fartoo". Fartoo got along nicely with Mito's ThreePio droid, that the chicks named "Creepio". After they returned from Moon Island, the second KD Band album, OOOOkay We're Back, was released.

After the Penstubal Post tabloid was founded by someone he hardly knew, Penquino quickly became used to the paper slandering his name and those of his friends, making up lies and completely false stories to make him look bad.

Penquino and friends took a vacation in February 2019 to the new nation of Achadia.


Penquino dueling Darth Swissius during the Shops Civil War.

During the Shops Civil War, Penquino and Chill are the ones to incite the rebellion against the totalitarian Shops Island. He became the President of the United States of Shops Island after a coin toss with Chill, and also became a commanding general of it's armed forces, equal to Chill and LMGT. Despite being the president, his main focus was on the war, and he could often be found on the battlefield. He attended very few political events during his short tenure, asking others to go on his behalf instead.

In 2031, he had his first son, Penquino II with an unknown brunette woman.


Although he's not that old, Penquino has had many jobs throughout his life, most of which he diligently at. Here is a list of all of Penquino's jobs, past and present:

  • Pizza Parlor Chef/Host (2008-2011)
  • PSA Agent (2008-2010)
  • Coffee Shop Barista (2008-2011; part time job)
  • Pet Shop worker (2008-2010; part time job)
  • Tour Guide (2009*-2011)
  • EPF Agent (2009-present)
  • SIA Agent (2012; temporarily reinstated at various times)
  • Governor of Southern Shops (2011-2012; 2012; 2013-present)
  • Vice President of Shops Island (2012)
  • Lieutenant governor of Southern Shops (2013)

* = There were no official Tour Guide payrolls until May 2009. Penquino had started giving tours a few months after he moved to CP.

Club Penguin Island[edit]

Penquino moved to CP in early 2008, and was amazed at how much there was to do for such a "small" place. Despite there being four types of Servers, he mostly stayed on T-Servers when he could (when not on a job). He played all of the minigames, and purchased his first Membership about a month after moving to the island. However, he soon realized that igloo rent in the upscale R-Server he had moved to, as well as all of the clothes and igloo furniture he wanted to buy was quite expensive. So, he applied for a job at the Pizza Parlor, where he was a Host and Chef until he moved to Shops. Later in the year he would get part-time jobs at the Coffee Shop and the Pet Shop.

A few months after arriving on the island, he also decided to become a Tour Guide to help direct some of the immigrants and tourists to the island, and teach them things about the island. He also happened to take the PSA Test, which he passed with a near-perfect score, becoming a PSA Agent to help keep the city safe; both of these jobs would later give salaries too, starting in May 2009. Due to the income from his numerous jobs, Penquino moved to new location in Igloo Lane near Chill, Mario and LMGT, located on a T-Server (T-Server igloos have a higher rent). Later in 2009, he would go on to be invited to the Top Secret EPF by Dot (who was the recruiter at the time).

Overall, Penquino was very involved in Club Penguin, waddling around the island on various servers playing minigames, working at his various jobs and helping people when he could. He was one of the more well-known tour guides and PSA agents of his time, so he is still recognized occasionally when he goes to the island.

PSA and EPF[edit]

Penquino took the PSA Test to become an agent in mid-2008, and got a near-perfect score. He received a badge, bought a uniform from The FISH, and started busting criminals trying to rob the Coffee Shop and Pizza Parlor on various servers. Over the years he went on various missions and stopped many criminals, which helped him rise up the ranks. Reportedly, by the time of the Popcorn Explosion Penquino was among the top 10% of PSA Agents in the CP branch in terms of skill. However, he wasn't quite good enough to be in the elite Waddle Squad, which was the task force assigned to find and capture the island's worst criminal. During his time at the agency he worked with famed agents like Metalmanager, Gary the Gadget Guy and even Rookie.

He was approached by the then-Top-Secret EPF's first recruiter, Dot, in 2009, who convinced him to join the new agency. Like his work for the PSA, he partook in many Field-Ops and criminal arrests, earning numerous badges and medals over the years. By the time he retired from "active duty" in 2011 (he is currently still on the EPF payroll as a reserve agent) his Classification level was PWNsome Clearance, and his EPF rank was Master Elitist with Super High Level Clearance.

He was considered a very competent agent (unlike some), and was well-liked by many agents and citizens from the time he joined the PSA until the time he "retired" in 2011. Though he is retired, it's only from "active duty". He's still technically a reserve agent of the EPF, and can be called in to help in extreme situations (such as Operation: Blackout). In both agencies, he saw some involvement in the major events of the Popcorn Explosion, Operation: Water Party, and Operation: Blackout.

Order of the Ninjas[edit]

After Sensei revealed himself to Club Penguin and revived the Dojo in 2008, Penquino wanted to learn the ways of the Ninja and earn a black belt (like everyone did). So, he trained for months and months, playing Card-Jitsu against fellow Ninjas-in-training, and challenging Sensei numerous times (and failing), before he earned his black belt and beat Sensei to become a ninja. He immediately ran to the Ninja Hideout and bought a Ninja Suit before running to the Ninja Sanctuary for frozen yogurt. He helped to craft amulets in 2009 before the Great Storm of 2009, then purchased one himself (back when you had to buy amulets) and began his fire journey. He did similar with his Water Ninja training, and earned his Water Gem on March 12, 2011. He didn't live on CP when Card-Jitsu Snow was released, so he just played occasionally when he visited the island, earning his Snow Gem in 2014 (though he still doesn't have all of the free items).


Penquino joined the Shops Intelligence Agency in late summer 2012 after he moved back to Shops Island. with the intent of helping to keep the island safe. However, there wasn't much agency work to do since Shops wasn't that large at the time. So, from the missions he did go on, and his friendship with LMGT, he was promoted to "Elite Agent". When Shops' new president Lavender made the SIA the nation's military too in 2013, Penquino retired since he didn't really want to serve in an an army.

He temporarily returned to the agency to help in The Great Yowien War, where he was promoted to "field commander" in the official army. He participated in the war by leading the SIA portion of the F Island Attack, which saw the arrest and capture of Feey1, Kaylin, Heimlich Zimmer and Gill. He hasn't served the SIA since, but frequently asks LMGT for important information, and has lunch with him every Wednesday in an SIA cafeteria.

Shops Island government work[edit]

Main article: Political career of Penquino

Penquino has been very involved in Shops' government since he first moved to the island, however it was off-and-on due to his and Brookelas' behind the scenes feud. Once Brook was exiled from Shops, Penquino began to focus more on the nation and his state, and became truly involved. Over his years in the Shopper government, he has seen to the creation of the Shops Island National Library, and a government agency to keep track of immigration, as well as helping to populate Southern Shops and develop the lands that are already there, Vonkouver, CK Town (named by the citizens there after him), and keeping the Shops Island Farmlands alive despite their competition with Northern Shops in agriculture. He is also a very vocal member of the Common Legislature, and their predecessor the Shops Island Council.

Most citizens and other politicians like Penquino, him being friends with a number of current governors and government members. However, he has notably clashed against President Lavender in the past due to his anti-war and anti-imperialism ideals, which has also gained him some opposition from the "war enthusiasts".

Jedi Order[edit]

Penquino thought Jedi were a myth for the most part until summer 2012, where he saw living proof, the teacher of his Battle Class in Penguin University. For months, Penquino learned from the Jedi in secret, until he was told it was time for him to build his very own Keysaber in March 2013, an experience that changed Penquino's life forever. He went on a journey of self-searching, and ended up finding the ancient Jedi Master Yed'ah in secret Crystal Caves on Club Penguin. When he came out of the caves, he came out with a keysaber, but also a determination to restore the Jedi Order, which Yed'ah had approved. Soon after, he built a secret Jedi Temple in Southern Shops, and started recruiting new Jedi from across Antarctica. He also invited any old Jedi that he found to the "new order".

Yed'ah visited the new Temple in 2014, and officially gave Penquino the rank of Master, as well as the position of Grand Master of the Order. When Penquino heard about King Tortoise's pleas to help his country at a SATO Summit, he knew he had to do something. When the Shops government refuse to get involved, he volunteered the order to help the turtles and crabs in need. Serving on the battlefield and as the "key" to the whole thing, Penquino saw the Liberation of Turtly through to the end, with victory for the polite creatures and the Imperial Emperor and his Warlords defeated.


When Penquino was born, he was born as a standard black penguin. Like a majority of penguins, he doesn't have natural hair, and instead wears wigs. After he visited Club Penguin in 2007, he decided he wanted to get his feathers dyed, and chose Dark Blue. He would mostly keep dark blue as his color until CP's Color Vote of 2009, where he voted for Aqua to be the new color. After it won, he had his feathers dyed aqua and that has been his main color ever since. Though he changes clothes quite frequently, Penquino has had a number of "outfits" that he wears all the time. Since 2011, his main outfit has been The Tousled wig, 3D Glasses, a CP Hoodie with black shorts, and Red High Tops. Before that, he liked to wear The Waves wig, Green Running Shoes, and a parrot on his shoulder. An outfit he liked to wear often on CP when he lived there was his PSA uniform, and later his EPF uniform. Something he wears a lot in private these days is a Jedi Cloak.

Some of Penquino's seasonal outfits for Winter, Summer, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

As for his physical appearance, he's about the height of an average penguin at 3ft 3in (99 cm). Despite being an Adelie penguin, he's a foot taller than the average Adelie height. He's average width as well, not being skinny, but not quite Fat either. Though Penquino gets good amounts of sleep, he can often be seen with wrinkles under his eyes, and generally looks "rough around the edges".


Penquino is often seen by many to be a lighthearted, jovial penguin who doesn't mind making jokes at his friends' expense. He is absolutely loyal and playful when it comes to family and friends, to the point that many may assume that he is all play and no work. This may not always be the case, seeing as he is the Governor of Southern Shops, and he does not always pay mind to what the public may think of him. Penquino often appears to be gallant to those close to him, often lending an ear whenever someone wants to be heard. With that, he can be calm when approaching their problems to the point that he may almost appear impassive and uncaring.

As the Governor of Southern Shops, he can easily be stressed by his workload that he has the tendency of blaming himself for things beyond his control. With a perfectionist streak, he can be mildly meticulous with tiny details that he can ultimately get strayed away from the main issue. Combined with clear focus on the task at hand, Penquino can also be indecisive about important matters when he has to consider so many factors and details. This is rooted to his fear of making wrong decisions that would that would have catastrophic consequences. While being careful and indecisive, he is prone to jumping to conclusions and taking actions may hurt himself in the process. Typically in stressful situations, if he's not being overly serious then he'll be acting in a lighthearted manner to make light of it, occasionally underestimating a situation or its seriousness entirely.

Despite being so involved in the politics of Shops Island, and being the head of the Jedi Order, he dislikes politics immensely. He tries his best to keep politics and technicalities out of the Order, or at the least stay out of them, and only stays governor of Southern Shops to work towards making the lives of Shoppers better as much as he can. He's proud of his accomplishments in politics, business and the Jedi Order, but tries not to let that get to him and turn into overconfidence, though he sometimes fails and underestimates situations or creatures.

Though he can hold a grudge, being humble and kind is a rule he tries to live by.

Personal Life[edit]

Penquino tries to spend more time having fun and helping people than he does work. He takes pride with most of his work, and pours hours, even days at a time into it when he's in the mood to. Penquino uses much of his income for charitable reasons, frequently giving to organizations including Coins for Change, the International Party Hat Museum, Shops Island National Library System, and Anti-Mwa Mwa groups. He is an avid supporter of helping others and preserving history and culture.

He cares very deeply his family and close friends, and will do nearly anything to protect them. This also includes his puffles. He also always enjoys their company as long as their tone matches his own, but he can be irritated when his friends are goofing off and he's being serious or they're in a serious situation.

Penquino has no other significant other, no wife or girlfriend, and he hardly dates. He's too busy with work, and has plenty of loving figures around him in the form of his family and friends, especially his puffles. He's decided that he wouldn't worry about it, and let the will of the force decide if/when love finds him. In recent years some have wrongly thought that Penquino and his secret apprentice Alexis were a couple due to her becoming one of his secretaries out of the nowhere, spending a lot of time with him, and their close relationship. However, he sees her as more of a little sister, which is something he has experience in.

Hobbies & Interests[edit]

Penquino wasn't very interested in music for the first ten years of his life, the time spent in his hometown of South Pole City. He found out the true diversity of music, and his love for it once he moved to Club Penguin, during the first annual Music Jam in 2008. He became a huge fan of the Penguin Band and other country music, and as such purchased musical instruments and started to write his own country music. However, living in the same city as a group as famous as the Penguin Band was both a strength and a weakness. Due to the large musical presence of the PB on Club Penguin, most of the music Penquino made was completely ignored, or judged harshly because it wasn't as good as that of the PB. So, in mid-2010 Penquino stopped writing new music altogether and just played his instruments for fun. Once he was on Shops Island and had both free time and a stable income, he decided to continue writing music for fun and performing some of it, becoming somewhat popular. He would later join the KD Band as their drummer, which he also enjoyed doing.

Although not caring much about it during school, Penquino learned to value and enjoy history after becoming a Jedi. After switching his major in Penguin University to history, he also became interested in other dorky hobbies that are somewhat related, such as archaeology and coin collecting. He still has both of those hobbies and likes to act on them in his free time. At least a few times a year he goes on archaeological digs around the continent, either for hidden Jedi artifacts (and going around the Treasure Givin' Statute) or helping locate potential dig sites and excavating for other historical societies. He also is quite proud of his coin collection, which has almost every Fish coin and CP Gold Coin minted in mint condition, and many other foreign coins including some from the High Penguin Confederacy. He also has a small collection of every type of currency produced in Shops Island and it's territories.

Although he's not passionate about it like he is about currency and history, Penquino can also appreciates art that looks good to him. He has number of paintings and drawings spread throughout his homes, from chickhood art made by him and Mito to a CP Pop Art Painting, a Blockcraft painting, two paintings made by Wikipenguino45, and a few others made by his friends. Penquino is also occasionally interested in photography and likes looking at photos, with many pictures of creatures he cares about spread through his homes along with the artwork, such as a picture of him, Chill, Mario and LMGT from 2010. He also keeps a family picture in his inner hoodie pocket from their family trip to CP in late 2007.

Penquino also enjoys playing video games with his friends, such as the Super Smash Mates series and Blockcraft, and some grand strategy games by himself. He also likes building and playing with Armo sets with his friends and puffles, and he has many Armo sets from the Club Penguin, Snow Wars, and Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R. themes.


The only language Penquino is fluent in is English. He has a good grasp on reading and writing Leet, and can properly speak some English Leet, an accent, though his family didn't speak with it. He learned some Spanish while he was in school and wanted to learn it, but never got a grasp on it. He only knows certain key words and simple phrases, not enough to write or understand Spanish in a conversation. Since he wanted to study any old Jedi texts he could find, he Eurekas anything he doesn't know in Penguinian and tries to remember recurring words and phrases.





  • Alexis Strugenhoff- A former Ninja and young Jedi in training, Penquino found her in 2013 as she was leaving the Order of the Ninjas due to their war with Tusk. Seeing the potential in her, he convinced her to come to Southern Shops and train as in the ways of the Force. They have been friends since then, and in 2016 Penquino took her as his Jedi Apprentice. They have a bit of a sibling relationship, with him viewing her as sort of another little sister.
  • Bro- Penquino absolutely hated Bro for most of 2012, even after Bro won the Shops Island Presidential Election 2012. Most of it was due to his relationship with Brook Edward LasVegas, Penquino's biggest rival. However, after Brook backstabbed Bro, he hated Brook almost as much as Penquino did. Almost. But, with that shared interest came a new, interesting friendship. It seems to be a love-hate kind of relationship, they can be friends or enemies at any given time, depending on the situation. The mood is usually related to shopper politics or personal beliefs.
  • Chill57181- Chill and Penquino have been friends ever since they were chicks. Since they both live on Shops Island and are involved in said nation's politics, they talk to and see each other quite frequently.
  • David Franklin- Originally feeling sorry for Djf after he moved to Shops Island, Penquino decided to help the new resident out by helping him make his own mall, and talking to him more. Penquino and Djf eventually became good friends, one of the only good friends Djf had at the time. Sometime in mid-2013, Djf also became Penquino's Jedi Padawan (apprentice), to be trained in the force and the ways of the Jedi, until Djf left the Jedi to become the Governor of Moon Island in 2015. They talk occasionally now, but not nearly as much as they once did.
  • Dps04-Penquino has maintained a good relationship with Dps since 2012, when then-Moon Island governor Dps invited Penquino to Dancing Penguin City for a private meeting. When Dps became governor of Southern Shops in 2013, he appointed Penquino as his assistant, before resigning in order to let Penquino to take over the governorship. However, ever since Dps' resignation, the two met and communicated less frequently than they used to.
  • The Ed- The Ed and Penquino met after they both moved to Shops Island in 2011, and have been friends since.
  • Gary the Gadget Guy- Gary is friends with most of the agents he encounters, and Penquino is no exception. Although Gary is usually perceived as a leader figure, he has his friendly moments with agents as well. Penquino would sometimes help Gary test his inventions, and even now they stay in touch.
  • Hat Pop- Penquino met Hat Pop during his time on Club Penguin, specifically when Ninja training. While training on the Dojo Card-Jitsu mats, Hat Pop kept beating Penquino, who, at the time was a Blue Belt. As such, Penquino kept inviting Hat to re-matches so he could beat her (although he didn't). After a long day of Card-Jitsu training, the two had mutual respect for each other, and had been added to the other's buddy list. Over time they taught each other tips about Card-Jitsu, and with HP's help Penquino had earned his Ninja Mask in no time. It is also through Hat Pop that Penquino became friends with Lemon and Snowman 1001, and it was also through her that Penquino found the Clubb Phengin Weekee in 2010.
  • Jet Pack Guy-
  • Johnny 115- Johnathon Kari, also known as Johnny 115, has been friends with Penquino since early 2011 (along with Chill, Mario and LMGT). They used to talk and visit each other frequently (since Johnny is the mayor of Tomville), but haven't had the chance to talk much lately.
  • LMGT- LMGT and Penquino have gotten along very well since they were chicks, and have many things in common including their gluttony. Both of them live in Southern Shops, so they see each other quite frequently.
  • Mario Rk- Another of Penquino's friends from his CP days. Mario was actually Chill's best friend, however the two kicked it off and have a friendship of their own. Unfortunately, Mario has mostly disappeared since the events of Calada, Eh? He's only reappeared for short times, and is supposedly a time and dimension traveler now, so who knows what he's up to.
  • Metalmanager- Penquino met Agent Vance Mercy in 2009 during a PSA operation. After the mission was over, they went to the Pizza Parlor to relax, where they found that they had many things in common. They have been friends ever since, and call each other on their PSA Spy Phones every once in a while.
  • Rogue Tvarkov- Agent Tvarkov met Penquino at an EPF Conference. Though they worked in different fields, they became "birthday buddies" and stay in contact, usually talking on their shared birthday if they can't meet and celebrate with chocolate milk or another beverage.
  • Sensei-
  • Snowman 1001-
  • Violet Robertson- Penquino gets along better with Violet than he does with Lavender, and their views more closely align. Penquino has great respect for the first lady, and has looked after the first chicks, Red and Blue, on a few occasions.
  • Yed'ah- Penquino met Jedi Grand Master Yed'ah in the secret Crystal Caves of Club Penguin Island in 2013. Since then, he has gained much advice and knowledge from the aged Jedi Master, and respects him more than he does any other Jedi.
  • Most Jedi.


  • Aunt Arctic- During all of his time on Club Penguin, Penquino rarely ever saw Aunt Arctic unless she was interviewing him about PSA stuff (which only happened three times). He respects Aunt Arctic since she is a successful journalist, and he also thinks she is quite a nice lady.
  • "The Director"- Although Penquino doesn't know Aunt Arctic is The Director, he has a similar relationship. He respects The Director for obvious reasons, and was willing to do whatever The Director asked of him.
  • EDFan12345- Penquino actually admires EDFan for his intelligence and ability to lead Ed Island. However, he also finds EDFan rude and uptight, as he always refers to everyone else as "serf", and acts as though he's better than everyone else.
  • Jimmy Blond- Penquino met agent Blond during an EPF field mission in Puffle'and. Although the two didn't talk much, Penquino was amazed with Blond's skill level (Over 9000).
  • Lavender- Penquino highly respects Lavender just for being the President of Shops Island. He also owes Lavender for saving his life. However, they usually don't get along when it comes to politics, and their personalities. While he knows Lavender has made Shops a great nation, he doesn't approve of Lavender's numerous military actions at all (various wars, invasions, etc.).
  • Rookie- Rookie and Penquino met on a few occasions, with the latter sometimes having to be on "Rookie Duty". Rookie usually fangirled over Penquino (since the latter was a high ranking agent), and overall Penquino thought Rookie was "a good chick", although irritating at times.
  • Slender- Slender and Penquino have met a few times, and seem to be acquaintances. They met each other in the SIA. However, the two's political views differ greatly.


  • Brook Edward LasVegas- Penquino's worst rival. Their relationship goes back to 2011, soon after Penquino moved to Shops Island. Back then, Penquino and Brook were friends. However, by early 2012 Penquino was sketchy of Brook, and his suspicions were proven true when Brook backstabbed Penquino and took his place as Vice President of Shops Island.
  • Future-Bro- Penquino has had a grudge against Future-Bro ever since he went on vacation to Calada. Though, luckily, he hasn't seen Future-Bro since then.
  • Herbert P. Bear & Klutzy- An enemy of the PSA/EPF is an enemy of Penquino, in most cases.
  • Mabel- Well, who likes Mabel?
  • Penstubal- Penquino didn't know of Penstubal until Stubal started a rivalry with Chill, constantly throwing insults his way, and eventually to Penquino too just for being friends with him. Penstubal has constantly insulted Penquino, calling him bossy, a dictator, saying he's been a terrible governor, etc. Politically, Penquino has returned in kind by frequently pointing out and proving that Penstubal's a compulsive liar who says whatever fake news makes him look good. He has also taken part of many trolls on the "noob" Stubal with Chill, which he thinks are only fair, and well deserved. Though Penquino considers Stubal more of a noob than a serious rival, Stubal has been his biggest thorn in the side since Brookelas was exiled.
  • Swiss Ninja- Although Penquino's never met the Kaiser, he used to dislike him just for being a temperamental dictator. However, in 2015 he found out the Kaiser is a Sith Lord, giving him plenty of reason to hate him. Penquino hasn't tried to stop Swiss because he isn't ready to risk the Jedi Order he's helping to build by revealing himself to such a powerful foe.
  • Vince- As the dictator of a rogue state, and an amateur Sith Lord, Vince and Penquino aren't very compatible. They would definitely come to blows if they were to meet.
  • WATuDOIN- For unknown reasons, he is Penquino's "not-very-arch-but-sorta-arch enemy".

Legacy and Achievements[edit]

Penquino didn't do anything special in high school to deserve recognition, but he earned a BA Degree in History in 2017, five years after enrolling in Penguin University. He also was given a number of awards for his work in the PSA and EPF over the span of his career. The town of Tomville gave Penquino the first ever Golden Johnny Award.

To honor Penquino's work for Shops Island and Southern Shops, the community of CK Town named their town after him.

Though not mentioned by name, a statue in Turtly known as the Peace Statue or The Peacekeeper is secretly based on Penquino. It's a Jedi in a cloak with the hood over their face and a keysaber out. However, a pair of glasses can be noticed under the hood if you look closely.

Penquino has also been featured in the Super Smash Mates video game series as a playable character. He was first introduced in 2013, retroactively replacing Metal Knight in the second game, Super Smash Mates-Jitsu, in certain regional versions of the game such as Rusca and Snowzerland. He would later appear as a playable character in the fourth game, Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N, in 2014, and the fifth game, Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R., in 2018. There is also a Wiibo and an Armo minipenguin based on his appearance in the games.

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See also: Penquino Family

Penquino has a small family. His mother and father both died of the Nookularix Virus in 2009, which they contracted by an unknown source. His younger sister Mito is married to Warning von Brown, both being famous scientists, and they have two chicks that he calls "Cp kiddo" and "Cp kidette".

He hopes to get married someday and have two chicks (a boy and a girl) like his sister Mito did.


Main article: Penquino's Puffles

For what he lacks in relatives, he makes up for it by having a happy family of puffles, who he loves and takes care of. The first nine were all adopted from the Pet Shop between 2008 and 2010, with the last three being found and adopted in their habitats. They enjoy wearing Puffle Hats to express themselves, and they share a walk-in closet full of them.

Color Name (gender) Adoption date Notes
Yellow Snuggles (M) Mar. 2008
Blue Fluffy (M) Jun. 2008
Green Heather (F) Oct. 2008 *Penquino's funniest puffle
*Friends with Lemon and Icer
White Snowball (M) Mar. 2009 *Skilled at Card-Jitsu
Orange Zane (M) Mar. 2010
Purple Bubbles (F) May 2010
Red Yarr Jr. (M) Jul. 2010 *Named after Rockhopper's trusty sidekick
Black Blaze (M) Oct. 2010 *Friends with the Elite Puffle Flare
Pink Bouncy (F) Nov. 2010
Brown Gary (M) Jan. 17, 2011 *Named after the famous CP scientist
Rainbow Pride (M) 2015
Gold Yukon (M) 2015


Not including his work with The KD Band.

Extended plays[edit]

Title Details Songs included Peak chart positions
USA CP Shops
An Antarctic Christmas
  • Released: December 16, 2014
  • Genre: Holiday
  • Label: Chill Island Productions
  • Format: CD, digital download
[a] indicates a song that has been covered by Penquino.
[b] indicates a song that was re-released on the EP
  • Grandma Got Eaten by a Walrus
    (feat. The KD Band)
  • We Wish You a Merry Walrus
    (feat. The KD Band)
  • Frosty the Puffle [a]
  • Have Yourself, a Grand and Jolly Swissmass [b]


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2012 "The Eggnog Starts Now!" 1 55 None
2013 "Have Yourself, a Grand and Jolly Swissmass" 1 An Antarctic Christmas
2014 "Livin' on Thin Ice"
(feat. Polo Field on keytar)
1 1 1 None
"Eye of the Orca" 1 1 1 None


  • "KD"
  • "We gotta check on Chill and Mario before they get themselves in trouble."
  • "I can't believe you've never tried eggnog!" (2012)
  • "Grab the eggnog cooler and dump it on me." (2012)
  • "Oh no! We're doomed! We're gonna die!" (Calada, Eh?)
  • "I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced." (12:01 AM, PST, 3/30/2017)
  • "Three rules: Never mess with another man's woman. Never mess with another man's money, and most importantly, NEVER, EVER, mess with another man's ego, or else the man will mess with you." (Shops Civil War)
  • "The Jedi are ancient knights with one goal in mind: We fight for peace. We fight against our corrupted offspring, the Sith, in hopes of restoring the balance of the force in Antarctica oncemore." (Shops Civil War)


  • Some of the information on this page is based on reality, either CK's actual Club Penguin and Shops Wiki experiences, or real life such as CK's enjoyment of Star Wars. However, Penquino1 was created on November 15, 2007 irl, as opposed to "moving" to CP in early 2008.
  • Penquino is part-Adelie part-Viking Penguin, however the Adelie far outweighs the Viking since it's from ancestors.
  • Penquino and Penquino Entertainment are major sponsors of the International Party Hat Museum. Penquino loaned his 3rd Year Party Hat to the museum for a time, until the museum purchased one of their own.
  • If he hadn't become a Jedi or a politician, Penquino would be working at a zoo.
  • Penquino still maintains his Club Penguin Membership after ten years, even though he hasn't consistently lived on the island since 2011. He doesn't mind to continue supporting EBUL and the island, though he hopes their parties will improve.
  • Though his net worth fluctuates around an estimated 1 million WB$, he makes much more than that annually, mostly from Provincial payments for "The Eggnog Starts Now". Penquino Entertainment also makes a significant amount of money, which Penquino has access to at any time, though he states it is separate from his personal assets. Almost all of the money Penquino makes personally is either funneled into Penquino Entertainment, secretly used for the Jedi, or donations to organizations including Coins for Change, the Party Hat Museum, Shops Island National Library System, and Anti-Mwa Mwa groups. Unlike some others, he doesn't flaunt or show off his wealth, or actively try to become wealthier.
  • Penstubal is absolutely FASCINATED with Penquino's hair, and describes it with a disturbing amount of detail in his autobiography.


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