Penquino II

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Born Erik Carlos von Penquino II
June 12, 2031 (2031-06-12) (age -14)
Other names Penquino2, Penquino II
Occupation Jedi
Years active 2031-
Parents Penquino
Relatives Mito (aunt)
Cp kidette (cousin)

Erik Carlos von Penquino II, also known as Penquino Jr, Penquino two (using II or 2), and simply Penquino after his father died is the son of Jedi Master Penquino and a woman who was undetermined by the Department of Time at this time.


Not much is known about this penguin due to him being born in the future. Mito, a contributing member of the DoT did a favor to Penquino by looking in the future for him, but the information here may be deemed useless as time goes on if the future changes.

Born in 2031 to Penquino and an unknown woman in the "New Jedi Temple", Penquino II was heavily celebrated in the Temple for weeks to come, as it was the Master's first chick. As soon as he could be entered into jedi training, he was, thanks to his force-sensitivity, no doubt passed down from his father.

He excelled as a youngling, but when he finally became old enough to become a padawan, his father wouldn't take him as his padawan. At the time, he didn't understand why his dad hated him so much that he wouldn't train him, but eventually on his own and with explanations he realized it was so that they wouldn't become too dependent and emotional with each other on missions, which was for the safety of both of them (although they still loved each other unconditionally).

He served for 5 years as a padawan, then was approved by his master and the Jedi Council to the rank of knight after taking the trials.


He resembled his father in most aspects, average height with black feathers and a small goatee and trimmed beard. His hair is brunette, like both of his parents. As a jedi, he eventually chose the same colored robes as his father, but chose a green keysaber instead of blue.


Penquino II is a compassionate but stable penguin, who will help people whenever possible but not weep for every dead fish in the sea (as an example). From his up-bringing, he shared his parent's (as well as the Jedi Order's) views against war at all costs unless necessary. Unlike his father, who had more common sense and random knowledge in all fields, Penquino II was more book-smart when it came to information, but he would sometimes stray from that while in combat.