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John Penstubal, von Schneesturm
Moon Island presidential portrait as illustrated by Hat Pop.
Title John Penstubal
Gender Male
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Viking Penguins
Health An average adult penguin's health.
Level 23
Status Watching television
Location Wizzint, Moon Island, Shops Island
Birth date August 24th, 1990 (age 25)
Death date September 8th, 2062 (72)
Cause of death Old Age
Occupation Mayor of Wizzint
Feather color Black
Color Black
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Country of residence Shops Island
Primary residence Wizzint
Hobbies Writing, learning, reading, exploring, playing games
Interests Literature, Language, Politics
Friends Dps04, Snowstormer, Bobbie Wood etc.
Enemies All evil penguins, such as Darktan.
Archetype Good
Mayor Penstubal of the city of Wizzint, Moon Island

Portrait of Penstubal.

Mayor of Wizzint (2nd term)
In office
Nov 3rd, 2013 (Dec 22nd, 2021)
 – Sep 13th, 2017 (Dec 26th, 2025)
Preceded by Joseph Kennedy

Governor of Wizzintine
In office
February 9th, 2027 – January 2nd, 2035
Preceded by Harry Butler

In office
Preceded by Dps04
Succeeded by Dps05

Penstubal "John" Von Schneesturm (Also known as Pen, Pens, Penny, Patrick Tea or Stubal), or simply Penstubal, and often also referred to as John Stubal or John Penstubal, is a penguin who was born on Club Penguin Island on November 17th, 1992. He currently resides in Wizzint, Shops Island. He is Snowstormer and Anna Von Schneesturm's brother. He is a pretty goofy penguin, and he likes all forms of art and also history and geography. He likes to go out in the wild and explore and see everything the nature has to offer. He is married to Caitlin Miller since 2017.

Stubal used to work for the PSA from 2006 to 2010, and for the EPF from 2010 to 2014. However, he moved to Shops Island in 2014 and therefore abandoning his career as a secret agent. He took the job of mayor of the city of Wizzint on Moon Island, but at the same time, starting 2015, was the Shopper ambassador to the United Provinces. On May 3rd 2017 he resigned as Shopper ambassador to the United Provinces. He politically identifies as a liberal or a libertarian who supports the advancement of social rights but is against curbing individual liberties and is in favor of free trade.


Penstubal formerly used to have a simple blue propeller cap and a orange t-shirt. Ever since he entered politics he started wearing a shirt, coat and black pants, usually taking off the coat when he is not on a professional meeting. At home at night he usually takes off his entire suit and dresses like a regular person would as he is not doing anything of importance.



Penstubal was born on August 28, 1990 on Club Penguin Island. He's best friend (and brother too) at the time was Snowstormer. The two penguins used to have fun a lot. They loved to explore the wilderness, search for treasure and make discoveries. In 1999, the two got their own small ship and sailed around the entire archipelago around Club Penguin. They sailed as far as King George's Island and later arrived at Shiverpool. They had fun and founds lots of islands will fruit and treasure.

School Times[edit]

School was okay for the two. They liked all subjects in school except math, english, physics, chemistry, biology and P.E. They especially loved history, geography and arts and crafts. In elementary school, Penstubal met another person who will be his long time friend, Bobbie Wood. Bobbie grew to be his best friend together with Snowstormer.

In 2001, when Pens was in 4th grade, he, together with Snowstormer, went to the wilderness to have fun. They then fell off a cliff and grew unconscious. After they woke up, they tried to figure out where they are and try to get back to their home. They had lots of fun that day, though, even if they were lost. They found lots of animals, which they liked. Penstubal also got his first puffle in the wild, Brownie, a brown puffle who is very smart and helped the two get back to their home. Penstubal, Snowstormer and Brownie remained best friends of years to come.

In 2003 he went to middle school. In middle school he had several relationships, all of which ended up being total disasters. At the end of middle school he pledged he would stay single for the rest of his life, but as he aged that pledge would be broken. In 2007 he left middle school and went to a university in Dancing Penguin City. He decided to get Shopper citizenship in 2010 and he moved to Wizzint in 2011.

Life in Moon Island[edit]

After he moved to Wizzint in 2011, he started a brand new life, taking on acting, musics, writing, and most importantly of all, politics. In 2012 he entered a relationship with Tianna Lawrence. The two broke up in 2015; few weeks before their breakup he met Caitlin Miller who he would, in 2017, marry, and have 2 daughters with, Jenna Stubal Von Schneesturm in 2018 and Rachel Stubal Von Schneesturm in 2021.

After he moved to Wizzint in 2011, he got very active in politics. In 2013 he was elected mayor of Wizzint as an Independent. He passed reforms including the Universal Healthcare Act and created many new jobs. He lost in the 2017 election to his conservative predecessor Joseph Kennedy, but in 2021 he ran once again and this time won, beating Joseph Kennedy who was running for a third term. In 2025 he refused to run for a third term, instead announcing a bid for governor of Wizzintine. He won the gubernatorial election in a landslide, 62% to his conservative opponent Jacobson who carried 38% of the vote. The same year he got elected, he founded the Progressive Party, with the platform or bringing back jobs and employment and pushing through progressive reforms. In 2031 he ran for president of Moon Island and also for the parliament, finishing 3rd in both races, behind Dps04 (who was running for a second term) and SlenderXP (was behind him by a mere 1,000 votes in the parliament race).

In 2036 he ran a more successful bid and won the presidency, carrying over 45% of the vote as part of the Progressive Party to 34% for the United Moon Island party and 21% for the Nationalist Party. In 2040 he left the Progressive Party, joining the United Moon Island party which was very closely aligned to the Progressive Party's goals in order to broaden his support, and he appointed Aquamarina14 as party leader of the Progressive Party. In 2044 he won 61% of the vote to 35% for the Nationalist Party, with 4% voting third party. The Progressive Party in the meantime got a new party leader, Aquamarina14, who continued campaigning to get the Progressive Party into parliament and to get the presidency (Aquamarina14 was elected president in 2050). He left office in 2044 with a significantly happier nation.

After he left office, he campaigned for further social and political reform in Moon Island, and in 2050 and 2054 was a key campaigner for Aquamarina14 and helped get him elected. In 2050 he became Minister of Foreign Affairs for Moon Island and represented Moon Island on the global stage, helped forge trade agreements with the Snoss, Snowinians, Margatians, Antarcticans, Terrans and others.

In 2058 he campaigned to get his daughter, Jenna Stubal von Schneesturm to get elected. She lost to nationalist Jack MacDonald. In 2062 she would campaign again, this time win with 47.3% of the vote to MacDonald's 47.2%, becoming the first female president and winning the most tense Moon Island election history, for which most blamed Larry Maynard, third party right-libertarian, who got around 7% of the vote, therefore "stealing the election" from Jack MacDonald. Penstubal died in 2068 at the very old age of 82, living to see his daughter win a second term in 2066, carrying 51% of the vote.

One of many Penstubal's rallies for the 2036 Moon Island election, this one being in Sanexana.

Personality and Opinions[edit]

Penstubal has a very cheerful and optimistic personality and is generally empathetic towards other people. Some consider him too lenient, however, while others consider him way too harsh. He is also prone to constant changes in opinion regarding various topics, and is generally sensitive to attacks and insults, earning him the label "salty". He is not a very serious personality and is known to be quite informal, but at the same time he isn't really humorous and generally is known for not being able to make good jokes. He gets angry really easy but generally forgives them very quickly.

He is often criticized for always sticking to anything he said despite how asinine and absurd it might be. He is generally unstable and was often criticized by his Moon Island presidential campaign opponents for constantly claiming he could solve 'every Moon Island problem by just blinking and nobody else could get anything done'. He ran strongly populist campaigns in 2032, 2036, 2040 and 2044 and won the 2040 and 2044 elections in massive landslides and during those campaigns a lot of his personality was revealed. He was revealed to be very determined and finds conceding defeat very hard (in 2032 he refused to hold a concession speech and instead he called his opponent to congratulate him).

Penstubal considers himself a classical liberal, to liberal conservative and libertarian person, believing in individual freedoms and rights but also the duty of the government to help those who are unable to work due to disabilities or other conditions.


Mayor of Wizzint[edit]

He is the current Mayor of the city of Wizzint since 2013. He will lose the mayoral election of 2017 to his Conservative predecessor Joseph Kennedy, only to get re-elected to a second non-consecutive term in 2021. As Mayor, he passed many reforms reducing restrictions on gun ownership, enacting universal healthcare in the city and providing free education for the city's residents. He was rated one of Moon Island's best mayors in 2023.

Governor of Wizzintine[edit]

He was elected Governor of the state of Wizzintine in 2027. He won a second term in 2031, which ended in 2035.

President of the Republic of Moon Island[edit]

He was elected President of the Republic of Moon Island in 2036. He is credited for fixing the economic situation of the country, which was devastated as a result of the Shops Civil War, and he was elected to a second term in 2040 and won decisive victories for his party in the parliamentary elections.


Penstubal has a largely unhealthy diet. He doesn't eat too much and he sometimes refuses to eat but when he does it is usually something unhealthy with a lot of fat. He isn't that obese, however, and is a pretty skinny penguin. Among his favorite food are pizzas, burgers, kebab, corn and fish and chips.

Awards and Honors[edit]

  • 2015 Best Moon Island Mayor Award
  • No. 1 All-Time Favourite Wizzint Mayor Award




  • Dps04 - He considers Dps one of his "best friends", often praising him for being a great guy and really cool.
  • Hat Pop - He considers Hat a friend of his, and praises her as a great ninja. He offered her the role of Vice President in 2036, which she denied, stating she does not want to get involved in politics.
  • Snowstormer - Snow and Penstubal are brothers. They have a "brotherly rivalry", but they still consider each other friends.
  • Brant - He also forged a friendship with Acadia's president, praising him as a great leader. Lately, he came to criticize him for his dramatic seizure of power in Acadia and suppression of leftist parties, stating "that's not how you run a democracy".
  • Wikipenguino45 - Penstubal and Wikipenguino had a meeting before and he called him an outstanding person. Penstubal praised his father's "excellent leadership" of Tropicalis in a visit to Tropicapolis.


  • Brook Edward LasVegas - He and Brook met before. After their first and only meeting, the only comment he gave was that "it went fine, we agreed on some things". After the Shops Civil War and the revelation that Brook Edward LasVegas was an imposter of real Brookelas, he condemned Brook Edward LasVegas.
  • David Franklin - He met with Djf a few times but they didn't talk too much. He considers him an "okay guy".
  • Miron - Miron and Penstubal used to be best friends in 2013. Lately, they haven't interacted much and didn't hang out much, but they are still fine. Things got out of hand when he privately called his wife 'a moron for loving a moron', after which Miron screamed "AAA" and his wife said ".".
  • Lavender - He met with Lavender personally a few times before. He praised his strong leadership in domestic policy but condemned his foreign policy filled with wars. In an interview on 23 June 2017, he praised Lavender's "extraordinary and amazing leadership" while blasting his opponents and his vice president Chill.

Unfriendly (Rivals)[edit]

  • Penquino - CK and Pens have a long history of conflicts together. Penstubal considers him bossy and a liar, which he commonly says in public. He condemned his role as the governor of Southern Shops, stating his governorship was a disaster for Southern Shops and claiming power doesn't belong in his hands. Penstubal and CK's opposition often claim he is a dictator.
  • Chill57181 - Chill and Pens are known to be rivals since 2015 and maybe even earlier due to Penstubal's friendship with Miron and Snowstormer. Penstubal, in a interview, was once asked about his opinion of Chill's vice presidency. He said he was a bad vice president but nevertheless believed he would probably be better for Shops than Lavender because of Lavender's "disastrous foreign policy". He, nevertheless, condemns him as a leader, stated power shouldn't go in his hands.
  • Swiss Ninja - He condemns his aggressive, tyrannical leadership of Snowzerland as brutal and went as far as to state he is not fit to be leader of even his own house or his own town. This put Penstubal in an awkward position when he was elected president of the Republic of Moon Island in 2036: during an official state meeting with Swiss Ninja in 2038 in Geneva, Swiss Ninja publicly joined during the joint press conference about how he's an aggressive tyrannical dictator (quoting Penstubal from several decades ago). Penstubal blushed and replied "Geez.", resulting in laughter from everybody in the room including from himself and from Swiss Ninja.
  • EDFan12345 - He finds EDFan pushy, intimidating and aggressive, and believes his leadership of Ed Island has been a disaster and that he introduced 'fascism to the country'. He lambasted Ed for his domineering attitude. He, however, never met EDFan in person and EDFan never replied to Penstubal's criticism. He expressed his contempt for him.


  • He loves science and works on science as his hobby.
  • His theme song explains his wacky mind.
  • He has an obsession with frying pans. No one knows why.
  • He is a ninja, but he isn't that much of a good one. He is average in Card Jitsu, Card Jitsu Fire and Card Jitsu Snow, but is terrible in Card Jitsu Water.
  • He loves vikings and sometimes wears a viking hat.

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