Penstubal Island

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Penstubal Island
Map of Wizzint with Penstubal Island seen on the map.
Key details
Type Island
Location Off the coast of Wizzint
Inhabitants Penstubal and his friends

Not to be confused with Penland.

Penstubal Island is an artificial penguin-made island off the coast of Wizzint, part of Shops Island / Moon Island / Wizzint. Its construction was ordered by Penstubal and approved by the Wizzint city government in August 2015. He intended for it to be a small island in which he can live and relax, and invite his closest friends and government workers to the island where they can have some fun time and chat. He also intended for it to be his second residence, and only the penguins that know Penstubal and are the close to him may go to the island. However, now it serves more as a tourist attraction in the city, and entertainment for the locals.


Its construction was ordered on August 24th 2015 by Penstubal. The small artifical island is finished by September 17th 2015 and he immediately settled it and brought his friends and close comrades over.

During the Republic of Moon Island, and Penstubal's presidency, this island would have a huge role in Moon Island politics, due to various conventions held here during Penstubal's years. The map of Moon Island itself was redrawn on this island, in 2036, when Moon Island was divided into 13 states.


  • Penstubal's House on Penstubal Island
  • Penstubal Island Pool
  • Sandy Beach
  • Penstubal's Arts and Crafts Gallery
  • Penstubal Island Cafe
  • Rotten Bait Bridge (parody of Golden Gate IRL)


  • The island was a small private residence for Penstubal and his friends, until he decided to have more buildings built such as the 5-star hotel.

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