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Perfekta without her costume
Born Janie
January 22, 1996 (1996-01-22) (age 23)
Antilles Flag.png Free City of Antilles
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Female
Residence Antilles Flag.png Antilles
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Nationality Antarctican
Occupation Villainess

Janie, better known by her alter-ego Perfekta, is a pink Adelie Penguin who lives in Antilles. As a low-level villain, Perfekta is caught between her desire to do what's right and commit crimes in order to attract superheroes to defend the city.

Personal Life[edit]

Early Life[edit]

Janie was hatched in 1996 in Antilles, Eastshield. As an egg, she was abandoned to an orphanage where she was raised by the caretakers there for her entire adolescent life.

At age 12, Janie was nearly run over by a runaway van when she was suddenly saved by a superhero named Silver Bullet. As a chick she had always revered Antilles's protector, who seemed to care about every single one of the city's inhabitants.

As the years passed, Antilles's crime rate was reduced to virtually zero. Silver Bullet hung up his cape and retired in 2011, declaring that his work was done and that the citizens of Antilles could live in peace. In the following weeks and months, Janie noticed the attitude of Antilles's penguins began to change. When Silver Bullet protected the city, he often gave advice for the population to always treat their neighbors well and keep their beaks up no matter how dark things appeared to get. Now penguins seemed to simply not care or even forget he had even existed. It was this time period that shaped her views on superheroes and the cultural role they played.

By 2017, Antilles had largely reverted to its pre-superhero days. Much of the lower class parts of the city were once again crime-ridden and dangerous to live in. While some superheroes attempted to take Silver Bullet's place as defender of Antilles, none were nearly as effective as the retired hero. Deciding she needed to take matters into her own hands, she took up the mantle of Perfekta, a vigilante dedicated to protecting the innocents of Antilles. Janie committed her first crime during this time, when she stole coins from a corrupt city councilman which mysteriously showed up on the steps of her old orphanage the next day.

Encounters with the EPF[edit]

Perfekta first came into conflict with The Ed and his EPF team after witnessing his botched mission in which he blamed several local superheroes for its failure.

Soon after, Perfekta and Ed were caught in the middle of a conspiracy by several of Antilles's superheroes. Her role in resolving the conflict was overlooked due to the press surrounding Ed's return to the EPF, but Perfekta wasn't bothered by this as it allowed her to remain a villain with little scrutiny.


Despite her petty criminal activities, Janie is genuinely of good character. Many of the coins she steals find their way to the yearly Coins for Change buckets, and she makes sure that nobody is seriously hurt during her crimes. Paradoxically to her actions, she is a firm believer in the good that heroes do for the community both physically and culturally, and thus commits crimes in order to further attract superheroes to stop her.



Perfekta only owns a small amount of gadgets and supplies due to budgetary concerns. Rarely does she make use of anything more than a grappling hook and her various disguises.

Personal Life[edit]


Her secret base is located in an abandoned warehouse in the Herron district of Antilles, where she keeps her outfits and other gadgets and utensils.


Perfekta's activities are generally limited to Antilles, as she does not possess the funds or support to expand her operation. This does not concern her very much, as she is content with helping Antilles alone.



  • The Ed - Ed constantly defends and covers for Janie, typically breaking EPF protocol to do so.


  • Professor Terrible - Terrible was instrumental in helping Ed and Janie uncover the superhero conspiracy, but went back to being a villain after.


  • mr skeltal - Janie has always recognized mr skeltal and LoVE as a nuisance.
  • Mister Bones - Seemingly the only one to see through her disguise even if nobody believes him.


  • Perfekta's entire disguise hinges on her black mask; several times she was able to make her escape simply by taking it off even when wearing the rest of her outfit.
  • She is currently ranked #42 on the Official Trans-Antarctica Villain Leaderboard, just above Something the So-and-So.


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