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Periboea is the mother of Penelope O'vian and wife to Icarius O'vian. She is a purple puffle who performs stunts at Icarius' circus.


Periboea was born in a pet shop and knew how to speak. She enjoyed playing with the red puffles, since they tended to be rough, and liked to shoot herself out of cannons with them. She did bungee jumping, motor sports, tightrope walking, torch juggling and other things of the sort. Soon she met Icarius and joined his circus. He did things like throw knives at her for entertainment. Periboea liked how he threw the knives, and Icarius liked how she willing had the knives thrown at her.

Icarius and Periboea eventually fell in love, got married, and had a daughter on a dark and stormy night. Mysteria gave her superpowers, which angered Periboea and Icarius. However, they decided to take advantage of this and put Penelope in her father's freak show to get more money.


"I'm ready!"

"Penelope, how dare you!"

"Hurry up already!"

"This is safe!"


"Now for my stunts!"


  • She hates Mysteria for giving her daughter powers.
  • She also hates Xorai for adopting Penelope, much like her daughter.
  • She likes her sister-in-law, because she uses needles a lot.
  • She built a unicycle out of knives and explosives once.
  • Tars X'vian constantly tries to get her to use more "safe" ways of doing stunts.
  • Penelope hates her for agreeing on putting her on a Freak Show, but Periboea dosen't know. Ironically, Penelope is closer to Icarius than Periboea, even though it was his idea to put her in his freak show.

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