Perra Bola

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Perra Bola
Perra Bola. He's so... CUTE!
Title Alpha Focci of the good focci.
Gender Male
Race Focci
Faction Good guy
Health Excellent
Level (10,6)
Status Kind
Location Dorkugal

Perra Bola (pronounced Peh-ra Bowl-a) is the leader of the good focci. He is friends with Explorer and Fred Antics and 24Keyser. His clan is made up of "good" focci that help passerby to navigate the harsh Dorkugese jungle. Perra's enemy is his evil brother, Hypir Bola, the leader of the Bola Clan.


Perra was born into the Bola Clan a well-natured focci. Of course, he was banished from his own clan for being "a goodie-goodie". He wandered the Dorkugese jungle for two days without food or drink, until he met the Antics Brothers. The brothers fed Perra properly in exchange for information about the focci. Perra became the brothers' guide and eventually ended up on their buddy list. He soon formed his own clan of good focci, the Green Clan, with the purpose of helping and guiding passerby and tourists.


Perra is an excellent guide for tours of the Dorkugese rainforest. He and his Green Clan also forage food for hobos that pass by their territory. The Green Clan's main enemy is the Bola Clan, headed by Perra's brother, Hypir Bola.


  • His name is a pun on the parabola, which is a type of conical section.

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