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Title Blueprint Artist
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Hates inventing, loves drawing.
Health Average
Level 1
Status Blueprint Artist
Location Club Penguin
Birth date July 16, 2011 (2011-07-16) (age 8)
Excuse me, but did you mean Perry the Puffle?

Not much is known about Perry due to how young he is, but he is the third youngest of G's Family, besides E and Alexander. A born artist, he loves to mangle his older brother G's expensive blueprints by scribbling all over them. Lovable, he is very absent-minded, and is often described as a character not unlike that of a butterfly's - in simpler terms, an idealistic penguin who cannot really concentrate, and is unfortunately easily manipulated. Although he insists on drawing on blueprints, he is a good artist, and doesn't usually need any practice. Some of his artworks are in private collections worldwide, due to his family connection with Gary.


Early Life[edit]

Perry hatched in the year 2011, in the month of July, and the date of 16th. He stood out from his other siblings, in one way - he was absent-minded as a stereotypical scientist. He would place, say, a toy in one corner of the room, and then he would forget that the toy even existed. Although some of his fellow siblings got terribly annoyed with this behavior, everybody else, especially Mary, knew that it would pass, but they didn't know it was a sign of things to come.

He was able to read by the time he was 3, and thus, they thought that he would grow into a genius. Expecting him to be a genius scientist or inventor, like everybody else's pastime, they gave him a young chemist's chemistry set when he was 4. Unfortunately for them, instead, he tried making stink-bombs and burnt the table in half with the acids. The family became pretty annoyed by this, so they forbid the chemistry-set, but as soon as this happened, they began to wonder - what on earth will this young Gadget do?

Later-Current Life[edit]

A year passed, and one Christmas, he woke up and found that he had been left a few unusual presents by Father Christmas. They were: a handbook of very polite Puffish terms (the Puffish being renowned for their ultrapoliteness); a young artist's painting kit; and a set of various different kinds of paper. The first thing he did was to learn the polite terms, which in turn, made him the naïve, polite creature he is now. This took a week, and it delighted his family so, especially Mary, who was getting more and more fond of him.

Then, he went and tried painting. This resulted in his first scribble on blank paper, and he loved doing the action so much that it turned out that he would become an artist for the rest of his life. Once he tried blueprints, however, he never turned back. He loved doing it on blueprint even more, that whilst it satisfied everybody else that he was taking a minimal interest in scientific things, it annoyed his older brother G greatly.

To this day, he's drawing and scribbling over blueprints, annoying G, and pleasing everybody else with his overall cuteness.


Perry's first drawing. It says "G is Cool!"

He loves drawing and playing with G (even though G sometimes gets annoyed when he is doing his work). He does not like inventing at all. Instead, he prefers to draw on blueprints. In fact, Perry loves to draw on blueprints, though he really lacks a use for doing so. G states that a blueprint sheet and white drawer "was the first paper he used", and he never touched standard white paper again.

G hopes that P will one day draw blueprints for him, since Perry is already a master artist. With P drawing G's inventions, G would have more time to build them, and less time to design them. On the flipside, he would have to make sure the blueprints are properly designed, or geometrically accurate in some way.

In day-to-day life, e.g. when not drawing, he impresses everybody with his politeness ("Excuse me, sir/madam/ma'am/Messrs./Mr./Mss./Mrs., but...", etc.), and his cute appearance.


Perry is a aqua-feathered penguin, who constantly wears a faded and thin dressing-gown, and wields a crimson beret that says "ART" on it. He, like most other members of the Gadget family, wears huge scientific goggles, due to poor eyesight. He usually carries a palette around with him, complete with wooden paintbrush or pencil, which has his name etched onto it. He wears no shoes.



Perry's relationship with Gary is average. Since Perry can get quite annoying with his gurgling and insisting on drawing over nice, new sheets of blueprints, sometimes Gary gets infuriated by Perry. However, he wants to keep at least an acceptable relationship, so he can use Perry for his own means by getting him to draw Gary's inventions.

On the other hand, Perry thinks Gary is awesome. That's why his earliest scribble/drawing says "G is Cool!". He reveres Gary, and subsequently whenever Gary has time and when Perry can be bothered to do so, he follows G around, asking him questions on geometry and related things.


Since Foldy is Perry's father, their relationship is good. Foldy is constantly encouraging his young son to continue drawing, and hopes that Perry becomes a master artist when he's an adult, and becomes almost as famous as Gary. Perry, however, has no idea of this, but keeps on homing his drawing skills anyway.


Perry's relationship with Dooley, on the other hand, is absolutely and totally EPIC - Perry himself claims that Dooley is his favourite sibling, and loves to show him his latest artworks whenever Dooley visits the family igloo. Dooley always gives him an invention based on one of Perry's pictures around his birthday as a surprise, which makes Perry extremely happy and like Dooley the more.


They would have a better relationship with each other, if Mary was not so often called away on important business in the EPF. Whilst Perry's opinion of her is "neutral", Mary thinks that Perry is very cute, and is fond of him, even if they don't really know each other to the same extent as his relationship with Dooley and Foldy.


  • Excuse me, sir/madam/ma'am/Messrs./Mr./Mss./Mrs., but...
  • Oh, I am sorry, but...
  • Felicitations!
  • Thank you, sir/madam/ma'am/Messrs./Mr./Mss./Mrs.!
  • I should like <insert object here>, please, sir/madam/ma'am/Messrs./Mr./Mss/Mrs..



  • Perry hates inventing, but ironically draws upon nothing but blueprint sheets. G commented that "any other type of canvas makes him cry".
  • He is really, really polite.
  • He is, in fact, extremely polite for his age.
  • His family consider him the most polite (but naïve) penguin they ever knew.
  • P is the only member of G's family that is not involved in science or engineering so far.
  • However, he has designed the infamous prsion Owcatraz.
  • Perry is good friends with Baby N.

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