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The Pet Shop
The interior.
Key details
Type Pet Store
Level Unknown
Location by the Stage Club Penguin
Inhabitants Mwa Mwa Penguins, Puffles

The Club Penguin Pet Empire, or the Pet Shop by CP law, is the only pet store in CP that mainly sells puffles. It is also known for being the main adoption center for the annoying Mwa Mwa Penguins.


During the planning of Club Penguin, the South Pole Council decided to construct a pet store selling fish, because they didn't know Puffles inhabited the area at the time. Two of the main reasons was to make the country seem realistic, and they also wanted to educate penguins for a sense of responsibility, or so they thought. Whatever the case, it received a unanimous vote and it was eventually put in construction. After many months, it officially opened on October 31st, 2005, some days after Club Penguin opened. It, however, quickly became unpopular for selling the unoriginal pet fish, and it nearly became demolished when puffles were spotted roaming the island. The South Pole Council were surprised, and asked the staff to round them up and sell them at the shop. Soon, the shop received a renovation, and received its trademark "transforming blue puffle carpet" around this time.

After this discovery, the puffles were initially fed berries until the discovery of O'berries in the region. They were gathered, packaged and began serving puffles with it, which followed with the invention of puffle bubble gum and various other snacks designed for puffle consumption.

Mwa Mwa Penguins only came to be "adopted" in late 2006. Seeking for an adoption center, they roamed around the whole of CP to find one. Eventually one of them suggested that they should go to the Pet Shop, since lots of penguins went there to adopt puffles. Therefore, they headed to the Pet Shop and that was how the problem of Mwa Mwa begun. Soon, Mwa Mwa Puffles came about there too.

In 2007, a company known as 'Antarctic Pet Empire' decided to buy out the Pet Shop. They renamed it 'Club Penguin Pet Empire', although the original name stuck due to CP law.



  • Raven once vandalized it.
  • He now stands outside protesting the existence of Mwa Mwa Penguins.
  • Manny Peng, despite being a Mwa Mwa never appears here.
  • Cutiekins has a HUGE throne here.
  • It is, in some way, part of Darktan's Army, as it is deemed as an unofficial residence for Mwa Mwas.
  • Mwa Mwa Penguins appear here.
  • Every once in a while, the CPPD, aided by the Mwa Mwa Attackers send SWAT teams armed with Nummy Cake Sprays to "clean up" the shop.
  • Hungry the orange puffle was almost sent to this place of Mwa-mwa penguins.

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