Pete Gadget

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Puffle Pete Gadget
A picture of Pete in March 2013
Title Peter Gadget
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Discoverer of Puffles
Health Good
Level 30
Status Studying puffles
Location Club Penguin Island

Peter Willems Gadget, more commonly known as Puffle Pete, is one of the most knowledgeable Puffologists there is, whose been studying puffles since 1965. He has a son, Gamer, and a grandson, Gamer Jr. He also has two siblings- Benny Franklin (Gary's grandfather), and Jackie, making him Gary's Great-Uncle.


Early years[edit]

Peter Gadget hatched on January 8th, 1944, to Carter and Carly Gadget, a few years after his brother Benny, and a few years before his sister Jackie. He lived a normal life on Penguin Island (now known as Club Penguin) in his chickhood, in an era when the ninjas were being phased out as the "leaders" of the island, and the island became a more mutual community between the ninjas, sailors, farmers, and other residents such as the Gadget Family. Like his brother Benny, Pete was interested in learning, and one day wanted to be a scientist like his father Carter.

In November 1965, now a young man, Pete decided he would attend the brand new Penguin State University. Like the other members of his family (except Jackie), Pete wanted to become a scientist. However, he wanted to do something new that none of his family had studied before. Therefore, he become a Puffologist, someone who studies Puffles. At the time, the idea of Puffology was relatively new, a subject laughed at by most scientists- but it was offered as a major at PSU, so Pete set out to prove himself to his scientific family.

Pete took six years of classes at PSU, before he earned his Ph.D. in Puffology in the middle of 1972. From 1966 to 1972, Pete spent most of his time studying Puffles of all shapes and sizes, mostly from his home town of Penguin Island, the Antarctic Peninsula, and other Sub-Antarctic Islands. In 1968, Pete married a girl he loved, who was originally from Penguin Island but had moved to the Sub Antarctic Islands to attend PSU. In the (Antarctic) winter of 1970, Pete's first son was laid in June, and hatched in July. He was named Gamer, in honor of Pete's sister Jackie, who was a video game designer at the time (and not yet a disgrace to the family). In early 1974, Pete was hired by PSU to become a their head professor of Puffology, greatly outshining the former professor (though they later became friends and co-workers).

Professor Pete[edit]

The Discovered Anatomy of a Puffle, published by Pete in 1974 along with a series of essays on the subject.

After becoming head professor, PSU started to fund Pete's endeavors, and by the end of 1974 he had published a series of knowledgeable essays, along with The Discovered Anatomy of the Puffle, the most detailed general anatomy drawing of a puffle ever published. Though now it's know it wasn't exact, and completely to scale, at the time it was an amazing work, that gave new light to Puffologists everywhere about the anatomy of Puffles, showing the location of organs, bones, etc. This solidified Pete's prominence not only in his somewhat famous family, but also on an international scale among scientists everywhere. He gave Puffology a good name, and a good reputation. By 1980, the number of Puffologists in Olde Antarctica tripled, mostly thanks to Pete's work. It was during this period that he obtained the nickname "Puffle Pete".



  • His favorite colors are brown, pink, and dark turquoise.
  • His favorite food is pasta.