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Petey K
Petey K New.PNG
Petey K at a photoshoot, took in 2015.
Background information
Birth name Peter Kings
Born January 8, 1986 (1986-01-08) (age 33)
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Country pop
Occupations Musician, songwriter, composer
Years active 2003–present
Labels Club Penguin Music Records
Associated acts Stompin' Bob, G Billy, Franky, Cadence
Notable instruments
Accordion, piano, electric guitar

Peter Kings, best known by his stage name, Petey K is a musician, producer and songwriter that is part of the Penguin Band who lives in Club Penguin along with his other band-mates. He is known for being very peaceful and calm since he was young. He produces most of the band's music and tends to sing less. Outside of the band, he is well-known for his compositions of igloo and stage music. As well as being in the Penguin Band, he has worked with other artists too, such as Cadence and DJ Crow, in producing and writing music. The band's debut album, The Four Penguins (2010), was released in December 2010 after many delays.


Peter Kings was born on January 8, 1986 in a rural town in what would become Eastshield. His family was rather poor, making a meager living off their farm. When Peter was 8 years old he took an interest in the piano. Despite their poverty, his parents went out of their way to fund his lessons, and the young musician's skills grew rapidly.

After the revolution and the downfall of Colonial Antarctica, Peter's family decided to make a new life in Penguin Chat, figuring they could try their flippers at fishing as well. Peter, aged 14, befriended fellow immigrant Bob, and the two started a band together. They called themselves the Good Boys, and they played their first gig at a birthday party.

Peter and Bob moved back to Eastshield after they graduated from college, trying to capture the attention of a larger audience. They recorded and sold 3 albums, but never really caught on. After 3 years, the two moved back to the newly-renamed Club Penguin.

There they met another musician, G Billy. The three penguins became friends and started a new band, named The Penguin Band. The band quickly became a large hit around the tightly-knit Club Penguin community, with new fans being pulled in by word-of-beak. Unfortunately, the band was not allowed to sell any albums in Club Penguin due to strict business regulations by EBUL. However, that would soon change.

Once the Penguin Band became famous in Club Penguin, they became stars all around the continent. Thousands of Penguin Band CDs were purchased by fans all over Antarctica, making the three penguins incredibly rich. They began donating their money to Coins for Change, EBUL, and other organizations, stating that they didn't really need all the wealth. A fourth member, Franky joined later on.

Peter now does some work besides the Penguin Band, sometimes with DJ Cadence.


Besides playing instruments, Petey K sometimes composes music using some instruments in his igloo.

He tends to look for gigs for the Penguin Band, makes the albums, and tends to be the one that hosts the parties.


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  • "That gig was unbelievable. And I was brilliant!"
  • "There isn't a day that goes by that I don't like my music."
  • "Do better, not worse. That's dumb!"
  • "Like a shark, never, ever stop."
  • "Always think you're good, but never as good or more good than me."


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