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Phantom Heavyweight (born September 19, 1984, age 28) is a lyricist. He has made lyrics for films like WHAT?!? and Reality Check. He plays the Red Electric Guitar and is great friends with Petey K.

Early life[edit]

Phantom was born to Geronimo Heavyweight and Mary Heavyweight. He is the grandson of Steven Houdini Heavyweight. He lived in Shiverpool. He wanted to be a football star. But he met with an accident. His foot hit a metal rod and his flipper hit a car. He was in bed for a few days. The doctor said he cannot play football as his foot was ruined. Until he was 12, in 1996, his parents introduced him to the guitar. He joined guitar classes and his teacher helped him get enthusiastic to play to the guitar. He has recieved the Penguin Play Award for Best Lyrics for 'Harmony' in the September 2011 blockbuster Reality Check. When he was 30, in 2014, he joined the Penguin Band as a helper, and became good friends with Franky and Petey K.



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