Pheonix II

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Pheonix-White Jameson II

He may look cute, but he's evil I tell ya, EVIL!
Born Pheonix II
April 8, 2010
Shops Island
Residence Shops Island
Gender Male
Nationality Shopper
Other names Pheonix
Ethnicity Black Puffle
Citizenship Shopper
Education KARATAY!
Occupation Henchpuffle
Years active 2010-
Employer Future-Bro
Notable works Destroying over 100 buildings
Home town Shops Island
Salary 1 WB$ an hour
Net worth 500 WB$
Height 30 inches
Weight 5 lb.
Known for Nothing good
Title Evil
Political party Brohailian Army
Opponent(s) Anyone good
Parents Pheonix I
Call-sign Pheonix
Awards None
Did I say he's evil yet?

Pheonix-White Jameson II, better known as Pheonix is Bro's evil puffle. He secretly works as a henchpuffle for Future-Bro. He is an attention freak, and wishes to kill all of Bro's friends so he has Bro all to himself.



Pheonix was born on April 8, 2010 in Eastern Shops. He never actually knew his mother, however, his father was Pheonix I. When he was born, he was at free-will since he had been born before Ben had arrived on Shops Island. He resided specifically in the Chilly Peaks before being forced out by the winter of 2010.


When the winter of 2010 hit, his father Pheonix I died of old age, at the age of 70. After that, he had to fend for himself so he found a cave in the wilderness which he quickly turned into his home.


Pheonix was discovered on January 11, 2012 after Bro had laid ground for his new business in the newly-founded Bro Town. Pheonix took a liking to him, and Bro took Pheonix as his own. He was pampered, and enjoyed an easy life. However, he quickly got influenced by the news, and he grew evil inside, while remaining cute on the outside. Bro never noticed.

Turning evil[edit]

Pheonix turned evil around March 2012, when he was out for a walk by himself and he got swept into a set of bushes where some undercover Brohailian Army soldiers had been hiding.

He was taken to Club Penguin Island where the army's base was, and the elite soldiers showed the black puffle to Future-Bro. The evil penguin looked at the puffle, and sent him off for karate lessons while pathways in the yard of Bro Mansion leading to the Bro Army's headquarters were erected. In June 2012 Pheonix had become Future-Bro's henchman, or more reasonably, henchpuffle.

In the future, Pheonix would become the father of Pheonix III, who would be just as evil.


Pheonix is mainly involved in destroying key areas in corrupt countries and dictatorships. He was also rumored to take part in the Shops Island Terrorist Attacks. This is false, as he never worked for the terrorist association that planned and executed the event. Pheonix is also known to be 2-sided, being able to be cute and lovable around his owner, but being wretched and evil around his boss. Being part of the army for so long quickly turned this puffle evil, and now he also sets out to be ruler of Antarctica. He naturally also hates anyone good except Bro (who else would feed him?), and Yoshi, who is pretty much his only friend due to Bro's constant neglectfulness.



  • Bro secretly thinks he's a karate master, and that he's of Japalandese descent.
  • Pheonix still likes Bro, even though Future-Bro hates him. Pheonix doesn't wish to harm or kill Bro in any way, but is still quite evil.
  • He likes the band Awesomesauce.
  • Only some penguins can understand what he says. Bro isn't one of them.

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