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Let's just say that Phil Sye is a very...uh...unique pilot.

Phil Sye

It's Phil Sye the Pilot Guy!
Born Phillippos Edwin Sye Macmillian, Jr.
September 1, 1990 (1990-09-01) (age 29)
North Pole City, Arctic Kingdom
Gender Male
Nationality USA flag.PNG Antarctican
FlagOfArcticKingdom.png Arctic
Other names Agent Phil
Ethnicity Northern Penguin
Citizenship USA flag.PNG Antarctican
Education Unknown
Alma mater Kingston Aviation University
Occupation Aviator
EPF Agent
Years active 2007-present
Notable works None
Home town North Pole City
Height 3.7 ft
Weight 44kg
Known for Being a pilot, flying all sorts of different aircrafts.
Title The Pilot Guy
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Parents Marian Sye, Phillip Sye Sr.
Relatives None

Phillippos Edwin Sye Macmillian, Jr., shortened to Phil Sye for simplicity is an Elite Penguin Force Agent of the Beta Division, a pilot and aviator that currently resides in Club Penguin City, King George's Island. As an EPF Agent and a pilot, Phil is often tasked with flying agents over long distances, or piloting aircraft during offensives or assault missions, earning him the nickanames "Phil the Pilot" and "Phil Sye the Pilot Guy".

Phil is an expert aviator, specializing in all sorts of aircraft, from helicopters to some types of spacecraft. A daring pilot, Phil is sometimes known to be reckless, performing fairly dangerous feats and tricks while flying aircraft, typically in hazardous or perilous situations. He's known to be quite fond of his job as an aviator, being absolutely obsessed with aircraft and aviation in general, liking pretty much everything and anything that can fly.

He's also a decent mechanic and an engineer, and when he's not always flying agents to destinations, he's sometimes doing side jobs for the EPF, repairing or tinkering with their aircraft, fixing any flaws or trying to upgrade the jet's hardware.

For some strange reason, Phil talks in a highly strange way, using a mixture of slang, and odd pronunciation (i.e., "you" becomes either "ya", "sir" becomes "shir", etc.) that nobody can seem to understand or comprehend the reason behind.


Years Before Aviation[edit]

Phil was hathced to Marian and Philip Sye Sr., both of whom were Northern Penguins working in the aviation business who lived in the rumoured land of the Arctic Kingdom, temporarily staying in the kingdom's capital, North Pole City for business purposes. Shortly after birth, Phil and his parents returned to their home in the rumoured northern mountains of a place called "Alaska". Around two months after his birth, Phil and his parents began considering moving to North Pole City, with the impending threat of human expansion growing closer to their home, sparking rumours among their few neighbours that the humans were planning to populate their area. Sure enough, a few weeks later, humans began approaching the area, tearing it down and making preparations to construct an oil plant. Not having much choice, the other inhabitants of the community fled from their homes, some travelling underground while others trying to sneak past the humans.

Phil and his family quickly covered their tracks, taking their belongings with them, planning to retreat south, where they could later turn back and head for North Pole City. With very little time, mere hours before the humans began to approach their home, Phil, his family boarded a nearby boat, and set off from the coast. They followed their plan, heading directly south and out of Alaska. Unfortunately however, their vessel got caught in a powerful storm, sending them far off course, leading them over the ocean. Their boat was tossed around for several hours, not knowing where they were going or when the storm would be over.

Eventually, the storm subsided, and their boat continued to drift across the ocean. Deciding that at this point, a return trip to the North Pole would be a lost cause, Phil's parents decided to set course for the south pole using a compass, where they would hopefully be able to live in peace. Phil and his family survived off of the supplies that they had brought, fishing from the ocean for more food. Several times they spotted human ships and islands, and had to be careful to avoid contact. After almost a month, with not much available food, they spotted another fishing boat coming in their direction, and to their surprise, found it to be filled with penguins, along with a penguin-inhabited island not too far ahead.

The island was warm and populated entirely by penguins. After finding a temporary place to stay, they quickly learned that they had arrived at the town of Horizon, in the Tropicalian territory of Lao, close to the continent of Antarctica. Deciding to start over and begin a new life, Phil's parents stayed in Antarctica, eventually finding jobs as aviators again and moved to Kingston to work more closely with the company.

Phil began to learn about his parents jobs and the ways of aviation, growing to to like aircraft, studying and reading about it extensively. Phil was considered very knowledgeable and educated in the topic of aviation when he came to school, and could already name and describe the parts and different types of aircraft, sometimes even being bullied for how knowledgeable he was in the topic compared to his peers. Phil even received a remote controlled plane as a birthday present from his father.

Recruitment to the EPF[edit]

Phil's liking for aviation didn't stop even when he grew into a teenager. He made it his goal to become a pilot when he was older and did research on it as much as he could. Phil and his parents agreed to have him enrolled in a flight club, and possibly seek out any piloting jobs. While Phil was able to complete his courses in flight school, it was difficult for him to find a job in the first few weeks. While he eventually discovered a potential career as a commercial airline pilot and considered accepting the job, Phil flew to South Pole City to take up the career. Making his way out from the airport, he unexpectedly bumped into a team of EPF Agents, including Agent Tux.

XSUCKS attacking Phil's jet with a freezing ray during an EPF mission.


Phil loves being a pilot and travels to many places. He's been to South Pole City, Polaris, Shiverpool and Snowville as well as much, much more locations around Antarctica. He's quite active except during the Christmas season when he usually stays at home and flies less. Phil also served as a pilot during Operation: Improbable.







  • To Phil, WHAT?!? is torture.
  • He thinks that scarecrows are creepy.
  • Mathematics is something that drives him nuts.
  • He's terrible at Hydro Hopper.
  • His name is a parody of Billy Nye the Science Guy.

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