Pi Day

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Pi Day
Pi Day being celebrated in Club Penguin, 3.14.15
Type Mathematical
Official name Day of the Mathematical Constant 3.14159~
Observed by Dorkugal, Dorks everywhere, Pie lovers
Dates 3.14
Begins 12:00:01 AM
Ends 11:59:59 PM
Celebrations Pie eating, math olympics

Pi Day (also known as Pie Day, and officially known as Day of the Mathematical Constant 3.141592653589~) is a math-based holiday that is semi-recognized Antarctica-wide, with a handful of places recognizing it, or even celebrating it. The most notorious place to celebrate it is Dorkugal (its place of origin), where it is a national holiday and is celebrated every year. It is also celebrated by Dorks everywhere, and Pie lovers everywhere, notably the USA. The exception to Pie-lovers is citizens that live in the Castillan Empire, who already celebrate Festival de Tartas ("Pie Festival").

To non-Dorks living in the USA and places outside of Dorkugal, the day is also well known as the day of the annual Über Bowl, also held in Dorkugal.





Dorkugese Territories[edit]

In the Lichenblossom Isles, the Lichenblossomese Nerds celebrate the holiday by watching the Über Bowl, eating pie, hosting rock music concerts and fireworks shows, including at the mostly hidden Redlink Abbey.

In Macradonia, most of the math-based events are replaced with Pie eating competitions and military parades in honor of the number.

In Sparka, similar customs are in place, but with the math-based activities as well.

Public views[edit]


  • Dorkugal: The holiday was created here, and is celebrated as a national holiday. Almost all citizens take part in the festivities.
  • In Dorkugal's colonies, it isn't a federal holiday, but a majority of citizens celebrate it anyways.
  • Fred 676: An avid fan of Pi Day.
  • Rookie: One of Club Penguin's biggest Pi Day fans, although his love is for the Pies.
  • United States of Antarctica: It's not yet a national holiday in the USA, but Pi Day is celebrated in various cities throughout the nation and the Free Republics. Dorks have been lobbying the government for years to make it a national holiday. The South Pole Council, among thousands of citizens, use the day as an excuse to eat a lot of Pie.


  • Anti-Pie Society: They enjoy the math-based holiday, but criticize all Pie related activities during Pi Day festivities, in Dorkugal and abroad.
  • Geek Empire: The Geek citizens like the holiday, but Zeus refuses to officially celebrate a holiday created by the Dorkugese. Despite that, Geek citizens often hold similar festivities on that day.

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