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A red Piffle about to be stepped on.
A red Piffle about to be stepped on.
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Subclass: Theria
Infraclass: UNKNOWN
Order: Figmentixyli
Family: Moschomicrotheridae
Genus: Moschomicrotherium
Species: rabidus
Binomial Nomenclature
Moschomicrotherium rabidus
Piffles are abundant throughout Antarctica, especially where pie is located.
Piffles are abundant throughout Antarctica, especially where pie is located.

Pie-Eaters, Tripping Hazards

Piffle (species name Moschomicrotherium rabidus, i.e. "crazy funny little beast") are furry creatures who resemble Puffles. They have a vast craving for pie, and will do anything for it. They were originally a bunch of puffles on Rockhopper Island. However, there was a shortage of food, and they became smaller after a while. Coming exclusively in red, groups of piffles began to swarm, looking for food.

History (open to debate)[edit]

There is a lot of controversy about where Piffles came from, but there is one legend that may be true:

Long long ago, when the first puffle was born, a prehistoric penguin gave the puffle a meatball pie. Thinking that the puffle would like the meatball, it actually went after the pie. It was then turned into a tiny puffle for eating too much Short Pie, and its fur was spiked at the top of its head. There was also many names before "piffle". "Pieboy", "puffpie", and "pitbull" were common ones, until one day, "piffle" became a unanimous choice. Soon, the piffle gave birth, but sadly a puffle was born. Every 3rd or 6th puffle will give birth to a piffle.


Somewhat smaller than the puffle, the piffle is about the size of a basketball. Their fur naturally bunches on top of them and their eyes are quite large. They also possess telekinesis, but mostly use it for eating pie.

The Piffle comes exclusively in red, except for when a piffle, in a pie-frenzy, eats paint and by some weird process they turn the color of the paint.


Piffles are crazy about pie, specifically apple pie. They often go into "Pie Frenzy" mode, taking bites out of everything in sight until they taste pie. Due to this the EPF keeps several bakers in its forces in the case of a piffle stampede. After a piffle was investigated by students of Penguin University. For some reason, their brains are 50% smaller than a Puffle's brain, and the taste center dominates the scarce brain space that is there, leading to their excessive eating habits. The liking of pie is due to copying their peers who also like pie.

The Great Pizza Parlor Caper[edit]

One day, the Pizza Parlor disappeared from the Plaza. The EPF went to investigate, and found it in the wild. When looked inside, a bunch of piffles were eating and making lots of pizza. Nobody in the EPF could explain this until the news reached one agent, McLacker. "Pizza is really a pie. Didn't you know this? Come on, you're secret agents..." After being taught a thing or two about Italian cuisine, the Pizza Parlor was returned to the Plaza.


  • Piffles, after eating pie, can pass for puffles due to expansion of their stomachs. This has led to accidental adoptions by penguins such as Slendar.
    • Oddly, the piffle, when adopted by a caring owner, can lose its habit of eating pie.

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