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Title The Incharge Person of Konsunchrayshin Kamp
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Darktan's Army
Health Great
Level 614
Status Alive
Location KK, torturing Mwa Mwa Penguins.
Occupation Business entrepaneur
Interests Magic
Friends Darktan II, Stompfighter
Enemies Mwa Mwa Penguins, Jerks, Zoramask
Archetype Evil

Pigma55 is a member of the army of Darktan II. He apparently has the power to give other penguins WRPV Vampenguism, even though he is not a Vampenguin himself. He maintains the KK.


The PSA accidentally erased his personal record. However, enough data can be provided to supplicate the following:

  • Pigma hatched somewhere in Dorkugal.
  • Pigma was always taunted as a child and disrespected.
  • His father died in a horrible skiing accident when he was ten.
  • Suffering depression, the penguin turned to evil and COC-abiding magic.
  • Darktan II took interest in him and persuaded him to join the side of Evil.
  • Pigma developed a special spell that can infect other penguins with WPRV Vampenguinism. He can only do it when he has a tank full of the proper ingredients to shoot it with.
  • He was quickly promoted and respected in the army of Darktan II.
  • Some time later, he was entrusted with a deserted island, where he built the KK.
  • He left in in the care of some other cruel being and founded a company called Numci.
  • Losing money fast, he rejoined Darktan's Army and began developing hacking devices.


Pigma55 works for Darktan's Army under the title "The Incharge Person of Konsunchrayshin Kamp". His job is to make sure Mwa Mwas aren't picked and taken off the island.


  • Jerks like to pick on him, but when they do he just gives them Vampenguism.
  • He has a twin brother, Zoramask, but they both deny each other's existence.
  • He almost always wears night vision goggles.
  • He wants to assassinate Lobelia Sackville for bringing Twiguins into existence.
  • He has phase V of breaking the Fourth Wall.

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