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Great Puffles!
— Ping-Ping

In other languages/langues: Drapeau de France.png Français

Ping-Ping, the reporter who hardly does any reporting (he may be weedy but fear him!).
Title The Reporter who hardly reports to his newspaper
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Good
Level 700+
Status Preparing for another adventure
Location Anywhere in the world
Parody of Tintin (character)
Fourth Wall Talks about "readers" and is aware of the "script" of some adventures he takes place in. (after all, he is a parody of a comic book character!)
Birth date October 7, 1982
(age 17) (see here for why he stays 17)
Occupation Reporter (who never reports), adventurer, crime-solver, explorer
Employer Daily Reporter (past), himself
Strengths His faithful puffle Miellouise.
Weaknesses Giant spiders.
Friends Captain Mullet, Cuthbert Tournesol, Dupond and Thompson.
Enemies Various
Archetype Good

George Pinguin (more famously known as Ping-Ping) is a naïve Goody Two-Shoes "reporter" who is always hungry for adventure, and therefore often has many of them with his puffle Miellouise and his ex-sailor friend, Captain Mullet. He is supposedly a reporter, but he is never seen reporting in his adventures. He got his name (Ping-Ping), after managing to get a lump of meteorite for Prof. Fossil. He is currently living in Martinsmooth Mansion with his close friends Captain Mullet, Cuthbert Tounesol and their butler. For some reason, he is obsessed with adventures, like Wikipenguino45. This is probably because he is a nosey old git.

Early Life[edit]

George was born in 1982 in October to Ludwig Pinguin and Lelia Pinguin. Right from a young age, he always wanted to be an adventurer. Sadly, he lost his parents at the age of 3 on the stormy sea, in a boat to Francterre. Somehow, he survived and floated on a small raft near the coast where he was rescued by coastguards. He was finally sent away to an orphanage, which he stayed for thirteen years before getting a part-time job. During his younger years, he learned French, learned how to swim, began reading adventure and detective stories and was revealed that he had a liking for adventure. He also loved doing scouts, especially when they camped and he also had a great liking for puzzles. When he was 16, he moved to The Happyface Kingdom (now The Happyface State), Antarctica and entered journalism school, so he could become a reporter for The Daily Reporter, a daily newspaper that still runs today. After he had finished journalism school, he moved to 26 Puffledor Road.

Later Life[edit]

See here for more details

After only completing only one article, he soon met a white dog puffle on the street who immediately ran up to him, demanding for attention. After several unsuccessful attempts to get rid of the puffle, he decided to adopt the puffle, calling it Miellouise. A few days later, he (and other inhabitants of 26 Puffledor Road) noticed a very large star. He decided to call the (randomly appearing but) local observatory for an explanation as to why there was a large star. It was revealed that it was a meteorite, and soon a quest to recover parts of the meteorite (which fell into the nearby oceans) were held. There were two teams - the observatory's team called T.I.C.U.P (Team of Inconspicuous Crazy U-wouldn't-know-this Professors) and a rival team named T.I.S.S.U.E (Team of Indiscreet Super Sloppy U-know-what-it-is Eagle-like-Penguins). The observatory managed to win, and Ping-Ping stayed on the meteorite to guard it (which paid off very well). Due to radioactive particles in the meteorite which reacted when it touched water, it was soon discovered that Ping-Ping would never age (like Baby N).

Current life[edit]

Lodged on the meteorite, there were some precious gems and rubies, which were sold for millions of coins. The observatory decided to use half of the coins for reconstructing the observatory to make it larger, and half the coins were sent to the captain of the observatory's team (who happened to be Captain Mullet) to buy his family house, Martinsmooth Mansion. He invited Ping-Ping and professor Cuthbert Tournesol (who was a professor on board) to live with him, and the professor accepted. Ping-Ping, due to his Goody Two-Shoes type of behaviour, didn't accept until after Operation Improbable. However, in 2015, he caught the Y-Virus while visiting a café, and has an Y-antibody named Ying-Ying. He is currently living in Martinsmooth Mansion, with his two friends Cuthbert Tournesol, Miellouise and Captain Mullet.


Ping-Ping is a slightly thin orange penguin and has actual yellow hair in the shape of what he calls a "quiff" (which is a tuft of hair sticking out and curving backwards. If you still aren't sure what it looks like, see this) and often wears a darkish brown trench coat. Underneath the trench coat, he wears a yellow shirt over a white shirt. He sticks out the collar of the white shirt outside the yellow shirt, so it looks like that the yellow shirt has a white collar. He wears largish brown shoes and has a few French accents. He is overly optimistic and has a very casual approach on things (for example, a dangerous crook to Ping-Ping and Miellouise has escaped. Ping-Ping just says "Oh well, leave him!")

Shocked Faces[edit]

Unlike many other characters, Ping-Ping has his own "shocked face", and has variations of it.

  • Shocked Face - This is the usual face and posture he does. It is done by putting the left foot over the right, then becoming open-eyed and open-mouthed, finally finishing by using both flippers to cover the bottom half of his mouth.
  • Shocked Face V.1 - A variation, where he stands (quiff to feet) straight and puts his right flipper in his mouth.
  • Surprised Face - Uncommon. It consists of standing straight and having his flippers an inch from his body, while being open-eyed and open-mouthed.
  • Amazed Face - Rare. It consists of mostly standing straight, flippers touching body and looking sheepish.


  1. Queen Celeairy's Crown (puplished 2015)
  2. The Adventures of Ping-Ping: The Meteorite (published* 2015)
  3. Mission to the Moon (published 2015)
  4. The Crab with the Golden Puffle (published 2015)


Theme Songs
Normal Adventure Battle Very Casual


  • A penguin under the pen name Maxrocks draws these in comic strip format.
  • This is a parody of Tintin.
  • Rumour has it that he has one uncle, by the name of "Uncle Tom Clobberly".
  • However, when asked, he usually runs out of time to answer.
  • As he is always thinking of adventure, his normal and adventure theme songs are very similar.
  • He is with the Good Guys, as a soldier.