Pingko Disaster

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An explosion from the disaster. Note that the explosion is blue, the color that Ditto burns in, and that the nearby mountains have been discolored orange due to the sheer force of the blast.

The Pingko Disaster was a disaster occurring on November 12, 2007, in which the only Ditto Research Plant in the USA exploded. There were no fatalities in the disaster and no injuries, but several employees were taken to the hospital for a Ditto A cure.

It is currently being cleaned up by the Ditto Clean Up Crew, but the surrounding area is not predicted to be habitable until the mid 2040s.

The Cause[edit]

On November 12, 2007, at 11:43 AM Pingko time, a vat holding Ditto A at the Research Plant 4 division suffered a large conflagration, which led to the rapid combustion of the Ditto A and B isomers being tested at that time. Due to the oxygen in the area, the Research Plant exploded, and Ditto A and B began spreading, paralysing all that contacted it.

Animals Involved[edit]

Many animals, such as puffles and even penguins were used as experiments and tests. Penguins suffered, but animals mutated... Animals such as puffles, baby cows and deers, had major mutations. This also included fish. Oe nightmarish photo showed the remains of a puffle who escaped plant reactor 4, from slaughter. Some animals mutated, such as grey fish, fluffies and even mullets who escaped to rivers, and grown twice their size, baby calfs, lambs and fawns grown another pair of two legs, a screenhog piglet with a big red eye and so fourth.


The event released massive amounts of Ditto A and B all over the area. The nearby town of Pingko had to evacuate. The town still has not been reinhabited yet as of now. In late 2008, Pingko joined the South Pole Council with Icmer In Nyc as its delegate and mayor, though he does not live or was born from the area. He is now discussing the rebuilding of the town.


  • This is a (clean) parody of the Chernobyl Disaster.
  • The worst injury here was a paper cut.

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