Pink Persons

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Pink Persons
Title Crazy Pink Penguins
Gender Female
Race Weird pink penguins
Faction crazy
Health Super powerful
Level 9
Status Traveling
Location somewhere...

Not to be confused with the Pink Penguins

The Pink Persons (for reasons unknown have generic bad grammar) are a group of skeevy hot pink penguins (yes, hot pink penguins) who run around the USA pranking everybody (they have formed an alliance with the Ghost Gang).


No one knows for sure where they got their start (they have been here forever, or as long as anyone else could remember), and are mad antagonists running around like a maniac pranking everybody with cruel pranks and embarrassing everybody. Their former "lair" is being under investigated by the Penguin Secret Agency, and no one knows where they will strike next. They are overall one of the Penguin Secret Agency's most wanted, and the PSA is asking everybody to pitch in and try to catch them. No one ever succeeds. But a very strange and peculiar penguin who is the color hot pink is currently under arrest and being investigated at this point.


The Penguin Secret Agency has made a search permit to find them. The results are shown below.

  • April 1, 2009 A hot pink penguin has been spotted in a cave and has IMing someone. The penguin appears to be a garbage man, because of his distinctive unhygieness. Update: Penguin has been confirmed to be a Pink Persons.


They have an alliance with the Ghost Gang.

The Jerks are with them.

They are part of the Str00del Force.

Billy Mays is their adveritiser.

One has been captured.



  • They are known to have bad grammar (thus, having the name Pink Persons), a very stubborn behavior, and somewhat very peculiar.
  • They also don't wear any clothes.
  • They are the color hot pink.
  • Their last names are "Neth". HA!

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