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Good choice with joining Flywish
Title Flywish's assistant and Pinkroom's enemy
Gender Female
Race Penguins
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Good
Level 900
Status Planning to destroy Pinkroom13
Location Flywish's Base

PinkroomX is the X-Antibody of Pinkroom13. She wants Pinkroom out of her life forever so she can focus on Darktan II.


One day Jenni X bit Pinkroom13. She was a lucky biter. Then when Pinkroom coughed her out, PinkroomX went on to join Flywish. Then Flywish decided to accept her. They then started planning stuff. Then Radal tried to interupt them but Xinston got her out of the Mansion really quickly. Then PinkroomX was sent to a Dojo in Flywish's Base to train and she quickly became a fire ninja.


She helps Flywish ad his army for anything.

She evaded the Nightmare Epic because, for some reason, she was taking a leisurely stroll in lava, meaning none of the X-Antibodies could get to her.


  • She can shoot fire from her flippers
  • She can teleport without you even blinking
  • She has speed faster than Kyle X
  • She is apparently very strong.
  • Can shoot lasers from her eyes
  • Can turn into a Dragon. Looks nothing like Fierycold
  • Can turn invisible by closing her eyes.



  • She can clone herself easily
  • She is immune to lava. and that mean Xorai can't burn her.
  • She has a crush on Sensei
  • She started a group/trio.

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