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Type Decoration
Effects Collection
Source Factories
Location Club Penguin
Cost to buy Free!
Cost to sell Illegal!

A Pin is a special little decorative item that penguins use to decorate their Player Cards. Pins can only be found on Club Penguin Island, and they are very difficult to find. Pins can be hidden in any room where every penguin can get to. The first Pin was hidden on March 17, 2006, in the Coffee Shop. Since then every two weeks a new Pin is hidden, and every Pin is one of a kind.


Pins are made of quarter inch thick metal, which is carved into a certain shape. The Pins then have little spears on the back, so that way they can be placed on Player Cards, or directly on someone's clothing. Pins are usually themed depending on what's going on at CP. Like during the Medieval Party the Pin could be a dragon, sword, or a helmet. Each Pin is only available once, and it's illegal to trade, sell, or buy Pins.

The artwork on Pins is created by cartoonist from the AU, and Yow sometimes. But the majority of the time local artist are the ones who design the Pins.


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  • There's a black market in CP for rare pins.
    • The EPF has tried multiple times to shut it down.
  • Some people have created "Pin Trackers", devices that automatically track down Pins.
    • A bill is going through the USA government to ban Pin Trackers, but chances of it becoming law are low.

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