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Not to be confused with Aqua Jet.
Pirate Jet
Pirate Jet.png
Title Penguin who is Odd yet Smart
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction he is with the
Health He is healthy and normal
Status Alive, Living in Penguifornia
Location Penguinfornia, duh
Birth date April 14th, 1979
Hobbies his things and what not
Family =
Allergies Apparently RocketSnails although he likes them
Friends Topkek von Kek, but most of his fans and the good guys
Enemies Swiss Ninja IcE Walrus7 XTUX Hun
Signature Pirate Jet sign.PNG

Aaron "Smokey" Lopez, better known as his celebrity and stage name, Pirate Jet, is a musician, writer, movie director, artist/drawer and past PASCAR driver.


Aaron was born on March 19th, 1979, and was credited as the only boy in his family from six sisters. He was quite sensitive but also smart, when he was younger. During his school years, he was known as "Smokey", due to the fact, when school days were off, his dad and he liked to burn wood they would not use for their house, and many said that he smelled like burned wood, but many were friends him. Around middle school years, he was chubby, same as he was younger, but got skinny when he was in middle school, and used many exercise items at a local swimming pool center, where they had a gym room and exercised. He did the classic PACER test as a way to be faster and be good at running. During 8th grade, he met the girl of his life, Yuri Watashiwa, a Japalandese High Penguin who also gazed in his appearance. During high school, he and Watashiwa were dating. During college, he was roommates with a childhood friend, Jonathan, a king penguin who was his best friend, through all the classes he was in Elementary, but only had two-period classes with him in Middle.

After he graduated, he went to go live in Penguifornia, as a way to calm about his past, and relax. He took his belongings, said goodbye to his parents and bought a puffle, now safe and healthy, who he named Gary, and went to Penguifornia. At some time, he was normal, but many say he was quite weird but odd to be exact. During this, he even was odd and weird when he was 11, such as acting like actors and fictional penguin characters, Billy Mays, making weird sounds and pretending to make crashing sounds with his classic car toys.

In 1998, he married Watashiwa, and was a good start, for his own life.


He started in 1995, as a minor celebrity, and then started his PASCAR career. In 1999, he started his music career. And to top it all off, his movie director career started in 2011.

PASCAR Career[edit]

During his time as a PASCAR driver, he was the youngest guy on the track, and first drove for the McDoodle's sponsor, but then to Werewolf Motorsports.

Music Career[edit]

His first music album was one named Pirate Jet, named after himself, and is usually the singer of the band. Occasionally, Watashiwa, would help him with backup vocals and the instrument. He also collaborated with other song writers and artists.

Movie Career[edit]

As an 11-year old, he would always pretend to make his own movies, with his toys, and in 2011, he finally was able to be one, a director, and directed many movies, that many like.