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Agent Piri Perez
Born Piri Tania D. Perez
June 12, 1992 (1992-06-12) (age 27)
Maybila, Finipines
Residence Maybila, Finipines
Gender Female
Nationality Finipino
Other names Talon
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Citizenship FelipenasFlag.png Finipino
Education Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Heracles Program graduate
Magical studies
Alma mater Finipino Institute of Science and Technology
The Academy on the Art of Espionage
Quizon Science High School
Northern Finipino Dojo
Years active 2009 -
Notable works Assisting in the war efforts against terrorism across Antarctica
Home town Quizon City, Finipines
Height 1.64 m
Title Officer-in-Charge of Anti-Terrorism RRS - Asiapelago
Parents Miguel Perez
Paula Domingo-Perez
Relatives Mahlor Perez (older brother)
Military service
Allegiance USA flag.PNG USA
Service/branch FlagEPF.png EPF (2010 - present)
PSAFlag.png PSA (2008 - 2010)
Years of service 2008 - present
Rank Master Officer
Unit Anti-Terrorism Division
Commands Anti-Terrorism Division Rapid Response Teams in the Asiapelago
Battles/wars Project Infinite: This is War
Project Infinite: The Legacy
Antarctic War on Terror
The Tightrope Act
Several classified missions
Awards Force Star

Piri Tania D. Perez, codenamed Agent Talon, is an Anti-Terrorism agent based in Maybila, Finipines. She currently manages all of the division's Rapid Response Squadrons based along the Asiapelago region, as well as lead her own squadron named RRS Nova on missions that require her team's specialties. She is a Ninja with a mastery of the fire element, as well as a user of Magic who often uses her skills while on the field. Piri is additionally the ATD's leading expert on explosives, making her the foremost consultant for any bombing incidents around the continent.


Piri is beyond the coat and dagger that comes with leading RRS agents in her part of the continent and is more than just a friendly face to see around the multiple bases. Besides being kind and hospitable to those around her, she is also reasonably dangerous in multiple ways.

Early Years[edit]

Piri was said to be born while her parents were in a meeting with the Council of Magic, who was in charge of managing the Office of Magical Affairs. Her egg was in one of the snack rooms and next to a heater when it began to crack. Her brother was there to witness her hatching and was the one who rushed to her parents the moment she was finally out of her shell.

She was born into a family that had a strong inclination towards Magic, with High Penguins roots that are more concentrated towards the phenomenon rather than other factors. She had a strong relationship with her older brother, Mahlor, despite the clear decade and a half age gap between them. Her mother and father, Paula and Miguel Perez, were government officials who worked in the OMA as part of the Council. Piri lived a life filled with magic as she came to learn a different world outside of her little neighborhood.

At the tender age of 6, she entered the Northern Finipino Dojo to learn how to hone her magic early. When she wasn't reading over a lamp regarding basic arithmetic, she was standing in a pit of lava while dodging attacks from older, more senior ninjas in training. She studied the history of her country since prehistorical times while reading up on the different magical methods utilized by the 5 main ethnic groups. Piri became a formidable opponent during matches that quickly caught the attention of her teachers.


At around the age of 13, Piri was sent to Club Penguin to be with fellow ninjas in their Dojo, which was an annual thing done to have friendly matches and converse about multiple techniques while fighting. During one of the matches, she caught the attention of a PSA agent who was within the premises, who saw that her fighting style and advanced skills would be useful for the agency. She was approached by the agent with an invitation to join the agency, though with the condition that she may have to leave her country to study in The Academy, a classified training center for PSA hopefuls.

She eventually agreed after much consideration and halted her studies in the Finipines to join the agency.

Academy Cadet[edit]

Prior to entering the Academy, she had to undergo numerous evaluations and orientations from OMA, which would be her first introduction to the rules outside of her little world of magic. Her skills in magic were mostly supposed to be concealed unless absolutely necessary, but she may be permitted to join the Ninja classes that the school also gave in its curriculum. She may not use her magic in any form to gain an advantage against non-magic users, something she struggled to do as she was very much excited to show her skills to others.

Piri is part of Batch 207, best known for a large percentile of its student body being under the Heracles program. Her schedule mostly consisted of the things she studied back home, though now in a faster and more advanced pacing. She managed to find a balance of scientific and magical classes to take in her academics while studying in The Academy, which drastically opened her mind to the two spheres of magic. While studying she also took Ninja classes in the small dojo found along the mountainous parts of the island, where she was among the best in her class. She would often write and call her family to check in on them.

A year later, Piri graduated the Heracles program in the honor roll.

PSA Special Agent of the Alpha Corps[edit]

Due to sheer homesickness, Piri requested to be sent back home and activated only when the agency absolutely needed her. Upon granted, she was reunited with her family who celebrated her graduation and acceptance into the PSA. From there, she accomplished her studies with the Northern Finipino Dojo and qualified to enter the prestigious Quizon Science High School, famous for its sciences-inclined curriculum.

When she wasn't studying, she was taking assignments for the PSA that was usually timed during either her Card-Jitsu competitions around the continent or extended breaks given by the school. In the day, she is usually fighting other ninjas in training and winning matches with her fire moves. During her breaks and nighttime, however, she collects information on nearby criminals that would later be reported to the agency through her handlers. Sometimes, she would be pulled out from her classes to engage in some missions in Club Penguin, where her knowledge in explosives would come to play to break into particularly heavily guarded facilities.

EPF Officer of the Beta Division[edit]

When the Popcorn Explosion in PSA Headquarters occurred, Piri was luckily at the start of her summer break. She was soon contacted to be told that she will be reporting to the Island for the sake of being transferred to the Elite Penguin Force, where she would be facing physical and psychiatric evaluations for her new position in the agency. She had to reluctantly delay further studies with the Northern Finipino Dojo in favor of reinforcement classes with The Academy.

After much debate with her superiors, Piri retained her deactivated agent position until she formally graduated from college. She would take several days out of school to take up particular cases in the Ninja Archipelago that needed her expertise in explosives and was often partnered with Rogue Tvarkov.

Master Officer of the Anti-Terrorism Division[edit]

At around the time that Operation: Blackout occurred, Piri had entered the Finipino Institute of Science and Technology to take up chemistry. She was among the first who were approached by Rogue for a position among its ranks as an explosives expert. Piri was more than happy to accept this position but voiced out her concerns that she would rather not be physically present for anything important while she accomplished her degree.

She is known to be one of the architects that designed the ATD course in the Academy, spearheading the scientific units necessary for an ATD agent to take while studying to become an agent. Upon her graduation, she was among the first professors assigned to teach in the course while the ATD offices were being constructed, often regaled as one of the toughest classes to pass due to her high regard of the sciences.

When Rogue offered her a position as the leading woman of the covert Rapid Response Squadrons based around the region, she readily accepted the responsibility. She currently leads at least 20 RRS units spread out around the region, often having to visit satellite stations in Shops Island, Margate, Finipines, and Zhou.


Piri is an Adelie Penguin with sky blue feathers, and notably has a tribal pattern that's inked around her left arm. Her build can be described to be slim and narrow. She has black-brown eyes as well as black-brown hair that is typically tied back into a bun. She is often seen wearing her RRS uniform around the bases, which consists of a black jacket, tactical pants, and a pair of boots. When off duty, she can frequently be seen wearing floral shirts and shorts.


  • Deck of Card-Jitsu - Piri keeps her card deck with her at all times, most of the time putting them in her inner jacket pocket.
  • EPF Phone - She always has her phone with her at all times but keeps it on silent mode, which sometimes becomes a problem when someone's trying to contact her.
  • Medical patches - Piri keeps at least three medical patches in her pocket for when someone needs to be taken care of.
  • Ninja mask - Piri is a traditionalist when it comes to Ninja customs and only wears it whenever she utilizes her cards in battle.
  • Standard-issue baton - This weapon is a recent addition to her daily equipment. It is a lightweight, retractable baton that may electrocute if necessary and is used mainly for hand-to-hand combat situations. It is part of the everyday equipment of all ATD personnel.
  • Standard-issue pistol - Originally, Piri had a typical ice bullet pistol tucked in the back of her pants, but due to complications with the Finipino government with possessing it, she's switched out the bullets to stim darts.
  • Wand - Though hardly used, Piri keeps a wand in the belt loop of her pants, usually concealed by whatever jacket she's wearing. While not many have seen it, it's described to be a thin, midnight blue wand with a silver handle.


Piri can often be described as an optimist, who tries to take into consideration the positives of anything thrown at her rather than the negatives. She has a rather progressive outlook in life and is open to criticism, light with those around her and with her own peers. She is constantly curious about her surroundings and tries to study what is going on as she traverses through it, and is unhesitant with asking questions to anyone who is within her vicinity. She finds traveling whenever she's visiting RRS units to be interesting as she immerses herself in the culture and citizens of the country she's working in.

As a user of Magic, she tries to keep her mind open to both spherical arguments. While she enjoys reading scientific journals regarding the quantitive properties of Wutt Energy or its application in spells, she also respects the culture and traditions that came with utilizing the powerful force. She is unafraid to experiment with her magic to see how far the limits can be tested, despite the clear disapproval of her clan. Since then, Piri has experimented on combining magic with her explosives and is proud to be rather successful with how her progress is going.


Piri has seen action in multiple covert operations, her first known missions involving a runaway test subject. Beyond this, there is a large gap in known missions that she took up before being activated by Commander Tvarkov for the UAN Taskforce in 2018. The only given reason for this gap is the fact that she is mostly a covert operative, with most of her work going unrecognized.

She also does minor work on behalf of the Office of Magical Affairs, looking into cases in her country whenever necessary. As an independent party, she uses this chance to explore the magical culture of her country as well as investigate why it is mostly secluded and defensive. Recently, she's investigated a strange weather phenomenon that is occurring around the Finipines that is potentially linked to magic.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


  • Card-Jitsu Fire - She has mastered the element during her final years of studying under Dojo Masters and Ninjas. Many of her strongest cards are inclined towards this element.
  • Explosives - Piri prides herself in her knowledge regarding the types and design of multiple explosives, and keeps a teaching job at The Academy due to this.
  • First aid - As a Finipino, she prides herself in her capacity to heal others.


  • Fatigue - While she is great at using Magic, she can easily be fatigued especially while running complex, lengthy spells.
  • Wands - She cannot for the life of her figure out how to use a wand to hone her magic, much to the chagrin of her parents. She owns one and keeps it in a little strap on her pants, but has never preferred to use it since she prefers using Card-Jitsu.


Piri is recognized by the Office of Magical Affairs as a Level III magic user, classified as a Fire Ninja upon her finishing of training with the Northern Finipino Dojo. Like most ninjas of her field, she possesses strong fire skills and can go through Card-Jitsu cards with ease. She can also soundly detect magical presence and pulses in a certain area.

Among her most notable skills would be her manipulation of magic and infusing it with objects. This is mainly attributed to her lineage as part of the Magdalo tribe, best known for its capabilities in infusing magic into any given objects. She is unhesitant with converting or repurposing the magic stored in the said cards for other purposes, often finding herself experimenting with the skill. She is capable of further enhancing explosive reactions in bombs using complicated spells that entwine fire magic with her explosives. This skill can extend to the point that she may sometimes attempt summoning trace magic from objects to power her own magic.


  • Back when she was still studying at the Academy, the school had to repeatedly repair their science laboratories after she repeatedly exploded them.
  • Her interest in explosives are from when she was still studying in the Academy.
  • Besides English and Filipino, Piri can also speak in Japanese and Mandarin.
  • She is often seen drinking milk tea in a cafe whenever she's on or off duty.
  • She likes making explosives-related puns while on duty, much to the chagrin of everyone around her.
    • She once placed 24 different explosives puns in a mission report that was allegedly read by the ATD Commander Rogue Tvarkov. It's rumored that Tvarkov sent her a strongly worded email after that.
  • Piri's family has strong Magdalo tribe roots, which is known to be one of the five ethical tribes in the country that possess magic.
  • Controversy surrounds her allegiance to an Antarctican agency despite her Finipino roots, but this has mostly been cleared out by thorough intergovernmental discussions between the two countries.


  • "I mean... have you tried milk tea?"
  • "That's a rather... explosive theory."
  • "I'm sure you'll bomb the test."
  • "Was it improvised?"
  • "Well, I don't really use my wand because I'm used to putting magic into things, not driving it through them."

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