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Pizza is a band that features only penguins, girls and boys. Unlike its Name suggests, Pizza has nothing to do with real pizza.


  • Spongebobrocks09: He's the lead guitarist. Spongebobrocks09 occasionally sings, but he isn't the main singer.
  • Triskelle3: Another guitarist. Girls like him as well.
  • Ford Car: Former guitarist, now dead. Boys look up to him more than the others, according to a 2006 vote:
  • Ford Car: 50.5%
  • Jason "Chick Magnet" Steed: 49.5%
  • Professor Shroomsky and Turtleheimer: Professor Shroomsky and Turtleheimer are usually denied entry at band gigs (they're "not cool enough"), and Jason Steed himself has to tell the manager that "they're with the band", every time, in order for the nerds to gain entry. The manager would then plead Jason's forgiveness, because Jason Steed is considered "super cool".
    • Professor Shroomsky plays the Pipe Organ, while Turtleheimer plays the harpsichord.
    • Both refer to "rock" as "rock and roll" to this day, and both actually play at the band's gigs.
    • Neither of them ever sing.
  • Barkjon: Drummer. Girls aren't attracted to this mischievous, surprisingly lonely member.

Former Members[edit]

  • Casey: She hates the band and she's never eating pizza again.
  • Newman: Hates the band because they wouldn't let him be one of the singers.
  • Mabel: Mabel hates pizza more than anything. Wait, Mabel hates EVERYTHING, so this is no surprise.

Sign If You Wanna Join![edit]

- Belldranit a.k.a. Bcool (as guitarist)

-Tails6000 (as guitarist)

-Bubby00000 (as backup singer)

-ashleytilly (as backup guitarist)

-Dave19782 (As Drums And Piano)

-Sam Rudi (as saxophone)

-Akbaboy (as backup drummer)


Some songs are from the real world, and some are made up.

Sweet Victory, by Spongebob Squarepants- Jason Steed was sick during the recording, so Spongebobrocks09 subbed for him. Turtleheimer gets a harpsichord solo at the beginning of the song. Triskelle plays guitar, as usual.

"Jump", by Van Halen- Girls go wild when Jason trips Casey in the music video. (During concerts, he trips a pink puffle who looks like Casey.) Shroomsky plays the pipe organ as backup, in place of the usual bass and drums, with Jason playing lead guitar.

The Joker, by The Steve Miller Band- Spongebobrocks09 sings. This song is the most popular song out of all theirs. Neither Shroomsky nor Turtleheimer appear in this one.

Waltz of the Danube, by the Public Domain- You haven't lived until you've heard Jason Steed play this classical piece with his special double necked guitar. Ironically, this song gets girls screaming despite its rather slow pace, and the fact that it's... well, a nerd song.

Bad, By Michael Jackson-- This hit Michael Jackson song impresses both Fords and Jerks. Jason and Ford Car play backup guitar.

'Can't Buy Me Love , by the Beatles.

Move Along, By The All American Rejects-- Jason Steed goes wild in the music video. Ford Car is lead guitarist for once, winning a bet to Jason. Professor Shroomsky plays the pipe organ.

Our Time Now, By The Plain White T's--Jason unleashes his voice in this riff. Spognebobrocks09 plays guitar.

La Grange, By ZZ Top--Jason has a huge guitar solo.

First Time-- The bounce back song of the band.


The Reddened Penguin[edit]

Their 1st album. It was their #1 on the Billboard.

Let It Freeze[edit]

The 2nd album, it was #7 on the Billboard.

Chicago Transit Authority[edit]

The third album, set to release in September of 2018. It’s hit single, Deep Dish, is ranked #8.

Pizza (Song)[edit]

Jason Steed wrote this song for fun. It will be played in an upcoming 2011 tour.

  • Me and my guys went to the Coffee Shop
  • But we then see a dude with a mop
  • And a closed sign o'er the door
  • That just means we'll grab some pizza, pizza

  • Pizza, pizza
  • We went to the Parlor for pizza
  • Put on some pepperoni
  • And sprinkle on the cheese
  • I really don't care how long it takes to cook
  • I just want it cheap
  • Delicious pizza

  • We've found a penguin with a mustache
  • He asks us, "You got cash?"
  • We tell him, "we do!"
  • We have some pizza, me and you
  • Pizza
  • Pizza
  • HEY!!!!