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Pizza Seven
Type Public
Industry Food service (Pizzeria)
Founded October 31 2005
Headquarters Sub-Antarctica, USA
Area served Contienentally
Key people Stelios7 (Chairman, CEO)
Revenue USP; 500 thousand (2009)
Operating income USP; 50,000 (2009)
Net income USP; 500 (2009)
Employees 380
Website None.

File:Coool and puppyboy at Burger Khan.png
Coool and Puppyboy at a Pizza 7 outlet.

Pizza 7 is a major pizzeria in Antarctica, owned by Stelios7. Its main rival is the Pizza Parlor in Club Penguin. Pizza 7 has a total of 380 employees and has at least one branch in every city in Antarctica. I really mean EVERY.

Its main competitors include McDoodle's and Burger Khan. EFF and Taco Ball do not compete with Pizza 7 as they are shareholded by the same company, YumYum.


There were no major pizzerias back in the day, only very small ones that didn't make the top list. Stelios7, who loves pizzas, decided to take the opportunity and open a pizzeria in Club Penguin known as Pizza 7. However, as there was little land then, he only had one shot, and that was to purchase Club Penguin's small Pizza Parlor in the Plaza.

However, the Owner refused to sell, and no matter how much Stelios asked, he couldn't get it, so he left.

Not giving up, he opened Pizza 7 joints in other places on the continent and had great success. With a steady flow of income, new branches were created. The small pizzerias merged with Pizza 7, and Pizza 7 monopolized the pizza industry from March 28, 2006 onwards.

Only the Pizza Parlor remained independent from their grasp.

It started its first international branch in 2007.


A total of more than '1000' branches. I'm not joking.

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