Pizza Heroes

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Pizza Heroes
Genre Action/Adventure, Mystery/Crime
Format Reality Comedy Show
Created by Chloe2122, 123VideoGamerNinja
Developed by Icey XD
Written by Chloe2122 the Pizza Chef, 123VideoGamerNinja
Directed by Chloe2122
Starring Chloe2122, Tom, Chris, Rob, Sammy, Agent Blue
Opening theme Pizza Heroes
Ending theme Pizza Heroes (instumental)
Composer(s) Penguin Band
Dancing Penguin
Country of origin United States of Antarctica
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 10 (released) 100 (planned)
Editor(s) 123VideoGamerNinja
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Snowball TV
Original channel Icey XD
Original run November 14, 2013 – March 26, 2017 (Projected)
Status Weekly Episodes
Preceded by None
Related shows None

Pizza Heroes is a TV show on Icey XD made by Chloe2122 and VGN. It stars Chloe2122, Tom, Chris, Rob, Sammy, and Agent Blue as they battle thieves and evil robots.


Season 1: The Rise of the Pizza Heroes[edit]

Life is never easy for the Pizza Heroes. They battle an army of thieves and evil robots.


Brother and sister 123VideoGamerNinja and Chloe2122 have always talked about a show. Tenetively titled The Pizza Chronicles, the first episode was called Pink Pizza?. This changed the day they announced auditions.

The show was very impressive. On Apirl 25, 2014, the show was picked up for a second season.

On April 26, it was announced that season 2 will introduce a new Pizza Hero. According to Chloe, the new one "is not a penguin".

Pizza Heroes got a bad review about Agent Blue's death in "A Fatal Battle" but Chloe2122 said that he "faked his death".



  • Chloe2122 the Pizza Chef: The main protagonist and leader of the Pizza Heroes. She is Purple Penguins top chef. In "The Meet-Up" Rob almost tried to marry her, but Purple denied. She makes pizza for the gang, and they love it. In "Orange is Good for You" it is revealed that she still struggles at math.
  • Thomas/"Tom": An 8th grader and one of the protagonists. His hobbies are playing videogames and bullying Chris. In "Klepto Strikes Again" it is revealed he hates Klepto, as he stole his puffles. In "Operation: Iceberg" it is revealed he has a soft side for Chris, because at a young age, he was almost mutated until Chris saved him.
  • Christopher/"Chris": A 5th grader and protagonist. He is a nerd who likes science.
  • Robert/"Rob": A prep police officer who has a crush on Chloe2122, as revealed in "The Meet-Up". In "Preps vs. Pookies" he was driven against Sammy.
  • Samantha/"Sammy": A pookie who wants to have friends. In "Preps vs. Pookies" she was driven against Rob.
  • Special Agent Blue: An EPF Agent who is top class. He was assigned to join the team by the Director. In "A Fatal Battle" he dissappears and is presumed dead but returns in "Pizza Parlor Down".
  • Pizza Defenders: A group that first appeared in "Pizza Heroes meet Pizza Defenders" under ownership of Gereral Hot Sauce.
    • General Hot Sauce: The leader of the Pizza Defenders. As a chick, he was in an accident involving a detonator. Increadibly, he survived, but cost him most of his body.
    • Commander Cookietron: Second in Command of the Pizza Defenders.
    • Captain Candypizza: Third in Command of the Pizza Defenders.


  • Boss Thieve: A criminal and liar, who serves as the main antagonist. He will stop at nothing to destroy the Pizza Heroes. No matter what, he always fails. In the episode "Klepto and the Blue Crab" he hired Klepto and the Blue Crab to destroy them. Despite this, he lost again but they returned in the next episode. The trio tried to give a disease to the penguins and say it's from the Pizza Parlor. This time, it works, and the Pizza Heroes are gone. In "Pizza Heroes vs. Klepto" he is seen outside of his lair for the first time.


Season Episodes Premiere Season finale
1: The Rise of the Pizza Heroes 20 November 14, 2013 TBA
2: Intense Battles of Doooooom 20 TBA N/A
3: New Heroes, New Villains 20 TBA N/A
4: Pizza Heroes' Threat of Existance 20 TBA N/A
5: The End of the Pizza Heroes 20 TBA N/A


The series was given positive reviews, except for Mabel and her mom. They say it's for pookies.


There are some controversial moments. The first is Agent Blue's fake death.