Pizza Penguin

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Pizza Penguin
Title PIZZA MASTER!!!!!!!!!!
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Emily von Injoface's owner
Health Good
Level Pizza Master!
Status Makin' pizza
Location His house

Pizza Penguin is Emily Von Injoface's owner. He practically loves her to death, unlike her mother.


Pizza Penguin was born to spaghetti makers. He didn't like spaghetti, but he liked pizza. He wanted to be a chef, like his Mom and Dad. But they wanted him to cook spaghetti, but he wanted to cook pizza. They were a little disappointed, but they got over. When he was older, they sent him to the best collages and he learned how to cook many other things. Once he graduated, he set off to create a restaurant.

He created the Pizza Parlor. Many penguins flocked in to get jobs and to even eat there! He hired about all of them, and all the others ate. Most liked it, but a few didn't. They advertised, and he advertised, and it became a very large place after a few years. One day, he was feeling blue, and he decided he wanted a puffle. But which puffle?

When he walked into the Pet Shop, there were too many Mwa Mwa Penguins!! He screamed and ran out, but a little penguin started to cling to him, and he started screaming! He kicked it off, and it started going WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! He jumped at it and went over to the puffles. First, he looked at the Purple Puffles. Well, he didn't like those. Then he looked at the Yellow Puffle, but he hated those. So, he looked at the Blue Puffles. He saw Emily and realized that she was that puffle in the TV commercials. He also noticed how beautiful she was. He bought her right away. Well, then he started spoiling her and spoiling her, and that's HALFWAY why she is so, so, like she is.


  • He hates Mwa Mwas!
  • He spoils Emily like crazy.
  • About everyday, Manny Peng comes and steals his chocolate sauce! *Sigh*
  • It is true that he believes Emily ALL the time, even when she lies (Which she does most of the time). To make things worse, he found about her fraud multiple times, but STILLS believes her in everything.
  • His girlfriend is Lavy.
  • He dislikes spaghetti.
  • He has been bitten by Ethan, for not giving him pizza on time.
  • He funds Absolute Thespian Islet despite the fact that Director Benny and Abel are willing to do so too.
  • He will be in Von Injoface Lifestyles Exposed.
  • His second puffle is Raiku, and Emily, although being on good terms with him, is jealous of this, and thus pranks him most of the time, though it can sometimes backfire on her.

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