Pizza Puffle

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Pizza Puffle
"You want a pizza? I'll fix it up for you!"
Title Pizza Puffle.
Gender Male
Race Green Puffle
Faction Pizza Penguin
Health Good
Level High
Status Helping make Pizzas.
Location Pizza Parlor, Pizza penguin's igloo.

Pizza Puffle, real name Raiku, is a Japalandese Puffle who is one of Pizza Penguin's pets, and works in the Pizza Parlour. He works there as a waiter (alongside Waiting Walter), mopper (alongside Robert Winston and WWAOLTTNE), and cook (alongside the Chef), and also provides a source of much amusement in the aforementioned penguins' breaks.


Early Life[edit]

The Pizza Puffle was born in Japaland as Raiku, at an unknown date. He was the runt of the litter of six puffles, due to his being under-sized and partial speech impediment, which meant being shunned constantly, and being metaphorically boxed around the ears all the time. Although he faced these hardships, he feels that he has had a relatively happy childhood.

That is, until he and his family were hoarded to the local pet shop.

Fortunately, in those days, Japalandese pet shops were not filled with these despicable madpenguins and madpuffles, so whilst he didn't like confinement, he didn't have a particularly traumatizing or annoying life in the pet shop. Whilst all his other siblings and his parents were quickly adopted, he was constantly rejected due to his being under-sized and the partial speech impediment.

He realised that he was going to stay at the pet shop for a long time, so he started socialising with the other puffles by spinning fantastic yarns about lost penguins and puffles, and other crazy stuff. Just when he was beginning to get an epic reputation, an extremely eccentric Otaku Penguin adopted him.

This Otaku Penguin turned out to be an absent-minded part-time super-eccentric mad-professor; Raiku was used by this penguin for his ethical experiments, the last of which was a machine to stop speech impediments. While it worked and stopped Raiku's speech impediment, it exploded, and destroyed the penguin's igloo. He was then arrested for being extremely loud and thus incredibly impolite and annoying to the neighbours, but Raiku miraculously escaped because he was flown out the chimney when it happened.

Around & About in Japaland[edit]

He waited around the ruins of the igloo for a time, when he realised how lucky he was to have escaped imprisonment. He suddenly jumped to conclusions that this was because he was "super EPIC", so he just slunk off to find his fortune.

Big ideas; big mistake.

Being particularly egoistic, he was quite conceited to other puffles in his area, leading them to gang up on him, which obviously hindered his path to fortune and success. He had, however, one companion - a fellow puffle who was also seeking fortune, but was shyer than him, whose name was Peach. Peach was knowledgeable of the area, and Raiku did think that she was his best friend, but unfortunately for him, she too despised his horrible attitude. Eventually, she double-crossed him, and led an ambush upon him with his enemies.

He was exiled from the area, whilst Peach became the puffes' new leader. Fearing that he may wreak revenge upon them, they sent spies to hound him and find where he went, and inform any bands of puffles to drive him out the best they could. Although he had a potentially miserable life being a stray in Japaland, he enjoyed the sightseeing too, and after all, he did deserve it, given his behavior.

Eventually, however, it was all too much. Every single puffle he met wanted to attack him. If it was every two days or something, then he could bear with it, but it just seemed like everybody was trying to drive him out. He had even regretted his nasty attitude, and was willing to forgive Peach and her gang, but nobody would listen. In fact, the enemy forces were so strong the collective groupthink made all of them think that he was lying to get their way, so they didn't want to listen to him. Even adopted puffles shunned him.

He was cornered to a port - his last chance. Jumping aboard a random ship, he narrowly escaped the sharp claws of his nemesis Peach, and every other Japalandese puffle.

Club Penguin & Chefdom[edit]

One week later, the boat docked in a mysterious port, which turned out to be Club Penguin. He scurried off with the last of his strength, and collapsed at the Beach. There, a handler for the Pet Shop found and captured him. In the Pet Shop, he was nursed back to proper health, and got to properly know about the island. He decided that what he had heard of it was good, so he decided to live there. As a result, he became very jolly, and was a great source of entertainment for the others. This was helped the more, as penguins shunned him for looking undersized.

Around when Emily von Injoface was in the advertisement business, the Pizza Puffle was finally adopted by the Pizza Penguin. He was grateful that the Pizza Penguin was actually interested in him, so he wanted to help him. So, he began work at the Pizza Parlour, as a chef, mopper and waiter, alongside the Chef, Robert Winston, WWAOLTTNE, and Waiting Walter. He became great publicity to the restaurant, as he is cute and clever.

One day, he proved to be so popular, his owner took him to a film studio to make a commercial for this restaurant. There, Pizza Penguin met Emily. In a matter of minutes, they became close friends, and, after some discussion amongst them, he agreed to adopt her. However, Emily's mother didn't approve, so she destroyed the adoption contract when nobody was looking. She also destroyed the Pizza Puffle's adoption contract as well, by mistake, thinking that it was a copy.

As a result, at leaving time, when the Pizza Penguin tried to show the guards the proof that he was not kidnapping his own puffle, he couldn't find the contact, and, as the Pizza Penguin was (literally) kicked out and screamed at to never return, the poor Pizza Puffle was forced to separate from his owner. Since the Pizza Puffle liked his owner and Emily, he became depressed, and he had a hard time working in the restaurant. Most times, his only companion was Waiting Walter, who offered him shelter in his own igloo.

Years passed, and his condition worsened. However, one such day, he found the Pizza Penguin waddling in the street, and he was finally reunited with him. This time, his new adoption contract was made with paper coated with plastic, to make it difficult to shred it. Some days later, the Pizza Penguin thought that Pizza Puffle was feeling lonely, so he went to the Pet Shop to give Raiku a companion. Out of luck, he found and adopted Emily, who was there for no reason at all.

Current Life[edit]

When Emily was brought into the igloo, Raiku was shocked. Fortunately for them, her mother wasn't there to see what happened at the Pet Shop, so she couldn't disapprove and destroy the contract. Not only that, even if it had been destroyed, the workers could have whipped out a new one.

However, some friends of Emily's mother had seen the duo come happily out, and they feared the worst for Emily. As a result, they came out of hiding and pestered them with embarrassing questions involving legitimacy of the contract, but his owner fended them off. One of them came to such extremes as to steal the paper and run off with it, but it came to no avail. In the end, Emily told them to "shove off, you unfashionable weirdos!!!", so nothing bad happened.

They were happy to see each other again, but Emily had changed from being vaguely nice to being more horrible, so she was more Injoface-y (e.g. cruel) to Raiku at first, despite having been a good friend in the past. The Pizza Puffle would have been sad, but he retaliated with his own nasty insults, so they reconciled. Despite her meanness, Emily and the Pizza Puffle are still friends, and she likes to prank him, out of jealousy or not.


The Pizza Puffle's involvement is self-explanatory. He goes around in the Pizza Parlour, taking orders from various customers - sometimes passing them on to Waiting Walter if he has no time - and going to make the pizzas with the Chef and Robert Winston. If he's left to his own devices, he's most likely to go and mop the floor with WWAOLTTNE, chatting peacefully with each other, and helping Raven and Motorbike Fred deliver their pizzas. In short, his job is very peaceful, as, being a puffle, he can do just what he wants.

Powers and Weaknesses[edit]




  • "Ok, ok, squid pizza with extra cheese...want anything else?"



  • He doesn't always wear his small pizza chef hat - sometimes he wears a hat he bought from the Gift Shop, or no hat at all.
  • Despite not being popular, he is Emily's third best friend.
  • With assistance from the Chef, he can make 150 pizzas in 16.32 minutes.
  • He rarely eats puffle food. He prefers organic foods, like O-Berries.
  • Being a green puffle, he constantly juggles balls. He uses his unicycle to go to table to table to take orders.
    • He also plays with bowling pins, bubbles, and other toys.
  • He can talk.

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