Pizzatron 3000

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Pizzatron 3000
Dancing Penguin image.jpg
Dancing Penguin playing Pizzatron 3000.
Effects If you click the lever you can make desert pizzas.
Location The Pizza Parlor Kitchen in Club Penguin
Cost to buy The Pizzatron 3000 is not for sale, but you can earn coins by playing it.
Cost to sell This item doesn't have a price.

The Pizzatron 3000 is a very high-tech device designed and created by island inventor Gary the Gadget Guy. It makes pizzas for hungry customers at the Pizza Parlor.


The Pizzatron 3000 is a conveyor belt with toppings on the side with a big screen that displays the pizza the customers want. There is also a secret lever that switches out the ingredients to make candy pizzas. Anybody can make pizzas whenever they want, and you get payed for it!


  • Dancing Penguin loves pizzas and has played this game a massive amount of times
  • Seaweed pizzas are Herbert's favorite food.
  • The limit of mistakes you can make is 5 mistakes
  • The main Pizzatron is at The Pizza Parlor.

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