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An opened player card of a user.

Player Cards are a type of device that each penguin who lives in Club Penguin "owns". These can be bought free at the Gift Shop. If a player is a member, they will have a membership badge in the upper left hand corner of their player card. For this badge, it looks different depending on how long you've been a member. The levels are just a badge, a badge with one stripe, with two and three and then a badge with three stripes and a star as the highest level. When an item is put on, it fades onto the card and goes onto a penguin magically


A proposed update that was supposed to stay available to everyone, but it was full of bugs.
An example of the old player card.

Each player card has an enlarged image of the penguin. Player cards can also have backgrounds, clothes and pins/flags. From here, you can ask them to be your buddy, or remove them from your buddy list; if they are your buddy, find them or visit their Igloo; send them a post card; add/remove them to/from your Ignore list or report them to a Moderator. You can also look at his/her stamp book from there.

Player card Categories[edit]

The CPIP project changed the Player Card into a new design so that you can find things easily and was sorted into Head Items, Face Items, Neck Items, Body Items, Hand Items, Feet Items, Colors and Other Items. In Other Items, three more categories that come up are Pins/Flags, Awards, and Backgrounds.


In August 2011, a preview of a possible Player Card was posted on the Beta Team website. The new Player Card penguin has a smile on it, unlike the ones now.


Penguins Player cards[edit]



  • It is a crime to steal a Player Card.
  • Watch out for the Card Bandit; he will steal your Card if you're not careful!
  • Secret Agent items will not show up on Player Cards to non-agents.

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