Plush Penguin

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"Plush Penguin"

Written by User:Mr Cow2


Directed by User:Mr Cow2

We open to see Mr Cow2 trying to train a tropical plush bird on the roof of his igloo.

Mr Cow2: Okay, follow my flipper.

The bird does nothing.

Mr Cow2: Perfect! Good bird, A.J!

Mr Cow2 puts some bird seed in front of it.

Mr Cow2: Hey, what's the matter, A.J? You're not eating your dinner. Maybe you want to go flying a bit.

Mr Cow2 pushes the stuffed bird off of the roof. It gets caught on his chimney and a hole is ripped open in the bird.

Mr Cow2: ...That's not good...

Mr Cow2 rushed over to the Flipplings' igloo.

Mr Cow2: I need some help!

Folly: What's the matter?

Fooey: Looks like his bird has a hole in it. Can we cook it?

Foomy: Don't be silly...

Folly: Mr Cow2, I think this is serious. Your stuffed bird may not survive.

Foddy: Oh, what are you dimwits saying? IT'S JUST A TOY.

Mr Cow2: I gotta fix him, but I don't know any good tailors.

Fuzzle: Why don't you just take him to the Plush Penguin?

All of them gasp except for Folly.

Foomy: The Plush Penguin? Fuzzle, have you gone mad?!?

Fobby: That looney's insane...and ugly.

Folly: But..I've never heard of the Plush Penguin before..

Foddy: Well well well, Ms. Knowitall hasn't learned about something for once in her life!

Fuzzle: Oh, it's freaky! The legend of the Plush Penguin has been handed down from generation to generation for as long as I can remember, which is about 10 minutes ago. In the Frostbite Server, there stands and old apartment igloo that has been abandoned since the great melting of '66(6). After the melting, people noticed plushes being gathered on the roof by the thousands and nobody knew why, until one day somebody saw a dark figure moving among the stuffed mass. That meant that on the roof of that huge, half-melted apartment igloo lived something, or somebody! He was a supposed creature. Half-penguin, half-flight capable bird or something known only as Plush Penguin. Some say he was hatched from an egg and left by super sp00py aliens and he had a beak and a tail. Some say he survived by eating leaves, twigs, and worms! Some say he's a guy in a cheap bird suit. A lonely, deranged penguin only wanting stuffed birds for company. WHO KNOWS? But to this day, flocks of stuffed birds are gathered on that very roof, and that can only mean that the Plush Penguin is still there. The end.

Everybody clapped

Foddy: So, what's your point?

Fuzzle: My point is that he's a crazy, psychopathic freak!

Foomy: You really don't have a heart, do you?

Mr Cow2: Wait, this crazy psychopathic freak could actually fix my bird! I'm going to talk to the Plush Penguin.

Everybody just stares at him in awe as he leaves.

Fuzzle: ...He's dead.

Mr Cow2 arrived at the apartment igloo. It looked horrible and in shambles with bits and pieces melted away here and there and plush birds were scattered everywhere. He felt more and more uneasy as he made his way to the forsaken roof. Once he got to the top, he was greeted with many large metal contraptions and even more stuffed birds.

Mr Cow2: Hello? Hello? Helloooo? Mister Plush Penguin?

He saw a penguin, but he was no alien, monster, or freak of nature. He was just an ordinary penguin wearing an orange bird head which looked like it had been torn off of a mascot costume in a fit of blind rage on his head and a fishy-looking trench coat on the rest of his body. On his shoulder was the fanciest stuffed bird he had ever seen. However, he looked at Mr Cow2 with melancholy eyes.

Mr Cow2: Hello, this is my bird. He's pretty broken. Can you help us?

Plush Penguin takes the bird from Mr Cow2's flippers.

Plush Penguin: ...Come back tomorrow...

Mr Cow2, not knowing what to say next, left quietly.

The next day, Mr Cow2 goes back to the Flipplings' igloo.

Fuzzle: Whoa! How many birds were there? 500 of them?

Fobby: Does he smell?

Foopy: D-Does he bite?

Mr Cow2: Thousands of birds! He did smell, but it wasn't too bad, and no, he didn't bite.

Foomy: And you actually left your bird with him?

Mr Cow2: Yeah, and he's gonna take good care of him, too! This guy knows birds, he even spoke to me!

Foddy: What did he say? Koo-koo-katchoo?

Mr Cow2: I'm going back there tomorrow and my bird will be okay.

The next morning, Mr Cow2 arrives at the roof again.

Mr Cow2: Hi there! How's my bird?

Plush Penguin just smiles at him and hands over the bird.

Mr Cow2: Wow! He looks great! Not even any stitches!

Mr Cow2 could've even sworn he saw the bird wink at him.

Mr Cow2: How'd you do it?

Plush Penguin: Time, patience, and the right fish. Also, these pills are for your bird. He needs to take 3 every 24 hours. I want to see him in a week to make sure he's recovered. He's a good bird.

Mr Cow2: How do you know these birds so well?

Plush Penguin: Easy, I spend a lot of time with them. I trust them and they trust me.

Mr Cow2: Don't you ever get lonely up here?

Plush Penguin: Lonely for what? Lonely for penguins? Nah. I've seen the hatchlings around this neighborhood lately. They remind me of me when I was growing up. After I did a project in high school, I became fascinated by birds! Everybody thought I was weird, even my own parents, so they stopped talking to me. It's hard for me to trust penguin now.

Mr Cow2: But there are good penguins too, Plush Penguin.

Plush Penguin: Maybe there could be. And call me Lookynook.

Mr Cow2: But don't you ever miss the outside world? Like movies and TV and pizza?

Lookynook: Pizza? OH, pizza!

Mr Cow2 and Lookynook go to the pizza parlor.

Mr Cow2: Thanks for coming here with me.

Lookynook: No problem. I think I'll even save some of this anchovy pizza for later! I love fish.

Foddy: Man, I can't believe Mr Cow2 thinks Plush Penguin is so great now!

Fobby: Yeah, who does he think he is, walking around in those tacky flip-flops!

Fuzzle: Wait a minute, if double P is down here, then who's on the rooftop watching all those birds?

Fobby: Nobody, I guess.

Foddy: Hey, know what would be funny? What if we went over to Plush Penguin's roof while he's away and mess with his stuff!

Fobby and Fuzzle: Yeah!

Foddy, Fobby, and Fuzzle go to Lookynook's roof and start breaking everything.

Foddy: Look at me! I'm the Plush Penguin! I WUV MAH LEEDLE PLUSHIES!

After they break more stuff, the plush birds start to vibrate. They continue to destroy the place and the wings on the plush birds start to move their wings. After a few more minutes, the entire roof is destroyed the the birds' eyes glow red. Now does the trio see what's happening.

Foddy: Hey, what's up with the birds?

The plush birds were now moving their stuffed bodies freely. They were scowling and growling at the three and the fancy bird that was on Lookynook's shoulder the night before was the angriest. Soon, the stuffed birds in all shapes, sizes, and species started pecking, scratching, and outright harassing the three. They left screaming from the building, looking very injured. Later, Mr Cow2 and Lookynook returned to the apartment igloo, unaware of what just happened.

Lookynook: Thanks for everything, Mr Cow2. It was great.

Mr Cow2: You're welcome. It was the least I could do after you fixed my bird.

Lookynook: Oh, right! You need to pick up your bird! Why don't you come on up?p

Once they arrive at the roof, they see everything in shambles. Mr Cow2 just looks surprised but Lookynook looks devastated.

Mr Cow2: Why did- This is awful! Who could have done this?

Lookynook walks around the premises, looking more sad than anybody Mr Cow2 had ever seen.

Lookynook: Penguins.

Mr Cow2: B-but, wait! We can rebuild the cages! A-a-and sweep up! The birds will come back!

Lookynook: Of course they'll come back. They're birds...

The birds now start returning to the roof. I know them, I understand them, penguins are what I don't understand... This is it, Mr Cow2. It's time for me to leave here. Some penguins are meant to be with penguins and others, like me, are just... different.

Mr Cow2: Lookynook, wait! This wouldn't have happened if I-

Lookynook: Mr Cow2, don't be sad. You've taught me that some penguins can be trusted... and I'll never forget that...

Mr Cow2: Where will you go?

Lookynook: Somewhere I can be with my friends in peace. You see, I have a dream to help stuffed birds everywhere. Wherever there's a tear that needs a stitch, I'll be there or helpless flocks stuck in oil spills (starts tearing up), I'll be there. Wherever there's a stuffed bird with a weak wing or a broken beak, I'll be there

Mr Cow2: ...Lookynook?

Lookynook: I just hope there's another Mr Cow2 where I go next.

Just like that, all the birds returned en masse and latched on to the harnesses on the back of Lookynook's coat. There are so many birds taking flight that they lift Lookynook up and to his new destination.

Lookynook: Remember, Mr Cow2, always wash your berries before you eat them, and fly towards the sun.

Lookynook disappeared over the horizon and with that, he was gone.

Mr Cow2: Goodbye... Plush Penguin...

Executive Producer: User:Mr Cow2