Plutonium Bay

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Plutonium Bay
The flag.
National name Plutonium Bay
Country The Democratic Industrial Island of Shops
Capital city None.
Largest city None.
Formation 2013
Inhabitants None.
Other info
Population 0
Leader Shops Island government
Location Far Eastern Shops Sea
Alliances All other states of Shops Island.
Neighbours Uranium Island

Plutonium Bay is a far west-reaching island in the Shops Sea. It's the westernmost island in all of Antarctica. It used to produce plutonium that came from uranium mined on Uranium Island. The uranium went on to make SIA drones. The island is now responsible for creating the dangerous element of Squarium.


Just like Seashells and Uranium Island, Plutonium Bay was built artificially. It was built ominously in the shape of a nuclear hazard symbol. Lots of plutonium construction plants were set up and produced 50,000 plutonium rods daily. It produced literally tons of pollution, but the designers already had a plan for that. They strategically positioned Plutonium Bay so that the pollution would be blown to Yow by wind currents. This has extremely annoyed the Yowiens ever since.

After The Great Yowien War, however, many plants on the island have been shut down to reduce pollution being sent to the now partitioned Yow.

When Shops Island officially retired their nuclear weapons stockpile in favor of Squarium weapons, plutonium production took a sharp decline, and new facilities opened up allowing the island to become a hotspot for manufacturing the dangerous element.




Plutonium Bay, and Shops Island in turn, have been battered by criticism about the horrendous amount of pollution produced. Shops keeps defending their claim saying that it harms barely anyone, and that the island is very isolated. These claims have simmered down ever since uranium production slowed in mid-May 2013.

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