Poʇɐ lıʌıuƃsʇou

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poʇɐ lıʌıuƃsʇou
poʇɐ is a scary one, isnt she?
Title poʇɐ lıʌıuƃsʇou
Gender Female
Race X-Antibody
Faction Evil
Health Healthy
Status Alive
Location Darktonian Realm
Occupation Minion
Interests Gore, evil, Darktan
Friends Maddieworld X, Darktan
Enemies Dota Livingston, Kai Hills
Archetype Villian

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Poʇɐ lıʌıuƃsʇou's theme!

poʇɐ lıʌıuƃsʇou, also called Dota X and Pofa, is the X-Antibody of Dota Livingston. Her natural feather color is usually determined red and black, but the real color is unknown. She has scraggly hair which is the same color as her body, and the red flame around her left eye supports her power. The tiny flame is literally impossible to put out. She is arrogant, outgoing, cocky, and cold-hearted. She has a HUGE crush on Darktan and it honestly creeps him out.


Dota was in the hospital with a fever, with Kai Hills at her bed. Dota began coughing one day, and Kai frantically called the doctors and nurses. Dota coughed up what seemed to be an egg with the same texture as poʇɐ's feathers. The opacity was less, so you could see through the egg. The egg expanded until it looked like it could hold Dota herself. The egg began to hatch, and out came poʇɐ.

"Hello. I am poʇɐ, this pigface's X-Antibody. You guys are too lame for me."

After saying that, she jumped out the window and dashed off.


poʇɐ is Dota's X-Antibody. She is also in Darktan's army. Pofa is not capable of rapid-eye-movement sleep (dreaming), and, as such, was never put under the command of Nightmare.


  • Salt. It burns her skin.
  • Extreme heat. It will cause her to melt, but she will regain form after a while.






  • Her favorite colors are red and black.
  • She has a puffle, who is ironically the X-Antibody of T.D.
  • She wishes to be in the Treacherous Trio.
  • She is literally OBBSESSED with Darktan