Polar Bear

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Polar Bear
Herbert P. Bear, an infamous Polar Bear
Herbert P. Bear, an infamous Polar Bear
Conservation Status
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Ursidae
Genus: Ursus
Species: U. maritimus
Binomial Nomenclature
Ursus maritimus

Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) are giant carnivorous beasts that are native to the Arctic Circle. It is unknown how many live in the Arctic Circle, but much less live in Antarctica.


Polar bears are structurally different to all animals native to Antarctica in a number of ways. The have legs and paws unlike penguins and puffles. They are also a lot larger than any animals in Antarctica. On average, these creatures can be anywhere from 8-10 feet tall when standing up, and usually weigh anywhere between 300 and 1200 lbs. Luckily, all of the bears in Antarctica are substantially smaller due to their non-meat diets (most of them are part of the Percival Bear family, which is mostly against eating meat).


Being carnivores, these animals usually eat a lot of meat. However, the bears in Antarctica mostly eat vegetables and starches, due to them being part of the Percival Bear family. However, a few of them eat fish more so than vegetables, and are more towards the traditional polar bears' size.

Civilized Regions[edit]

Most of the bears in the North Pole (capital of the Arctic Circle) are civilized, while bears outside of the city are usually less civilized. All of the bears in Antarctica grew up in the North Pole so they are civilized and quite intelligent.

Notable Polar Bears[edit]

These are notable members of the Polar Bear species.


  • Polar Bears in the North Pole usually live 40-50 years because they don't have to hunt for food, while bears outside of the city usually only live 25-30 years old due to their lack of hunting ability.

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