Polar District

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Polar District
National name Polar District
Country USA
Capital city South Pole City
Largest city South Pole City
Formation 2005
Other info
Population 24,000,000
Neighbours Eastshield, Happyface State, Trans-Antarctica

The Polar District is an Antarctican federal district containing land ceded from Trans-Antarctica and Eastshield. Formed in 2005 to provide political representation for SPC and it's surrounding metropolitan area, the district consists of two counties - the Polar County and the Whiteout-Snowen County, carved out in 2014 from a small part of the Polar District and Eastshield.


After the Colonial Antarctica War was over, when the USA was founded, South Pole City was made the capital. However, other states were angry over the fact that the capital wasn't in their state. To solve this, in 2005, the South Pole Council created the Polar Act, to create a special federal district for the capital. Later that year, the governments of Trans-Antarctica and Eastshield ceded land to the federal government, creating the Polar District. This also included the cities of Blizzardville and Whiteout, and a few smaller towns.


Most of the Polar District is flat land. There are two main rivers, the Hutt River, and the West River. As it snows most of the year, there isn't ,uch vegetation, besides a few pine trees in Whiteout near Mount Whiteout.


  • Blizzardville - The second largest city after South Pole City, home to 100,000. The city is growing because of it's close proximity to South Pole City, as people move there to escape the expensive housing and the big crowds of the city.
  • Whiteout - A popular city among tourists for its beautiful scenery at Mt. Whiteout. Like Blizzardville, it is popular with people who want to escape the expensive housing and big crowds in the city.