Polarian Freedom Fighters

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Polarian Freedom Fighters
Name Polarian Freedom Fighters
Type Political Army
Location Federal Republic of Polaris, allegedly Freezeland and Archet
Head Unknown
Job Stem Liberal activity in Polaris and bring back Conservatism into the government and society
Members Unknown
Headquarters No permanent Headquarters

Not to be confused with the "Free Polarian Forces" that fought during the Frosian War.

The Polarian Freedom Fighters, also known as the Polarian Conservative Army are a militia/political faction in the Federal Republic of Polaris whose goal is to overthrow the current Polarian Government and establish an all conservative government in the country. They believe that their country is corrupt and immoral, and they believe that armed revolution is the only answer to overthrow the 90% liberally dominated government. Contrary to the government's belief, the group is against re-annexing Polaris into the USA. Instead, they state that they are true Polarian patriots.


After Polaris gained independence in 2011, the nation was hugely dominated by left-wing politicians that did all they could to keep the nation under a partisan government. Many right wing politicians of the area were ousted out of power during the revolution, creating large discontent among conservative voters in the region. Polaris's conservatives were very upset that their new government no longer wanted to listen to them, and a small group of those discontent conservatives formed a protest group in order to voice their concerns about Polaris's misrepresentation in Government and their extremely liberal legislative acts. The protest group spread largely among Polaris's conservatives and their demonstrations began to occur across the nation in several major cities. Eventually, the protesters and the government came to a tinderbox situation when a large peaceful protest in a public square in Polaris was crushed by Polarian riot police, leading to actual riots and conflict that ended with 50 penguins dead or deleted and over 200 injured from tear gas, ditto, and snowballs. The Polarian government claims that the protesters were blocking traffic and disturbing the peace through violence, though the protesters deny it, citing that they were peacefully protesting with signs and simply chanting for reform. The incident became known among the protesters as the "Polarian Massacre", and it prompted the leaders of the protests group to have a secret conference in the city of Snowville. There, the leaders signed the "Snowville Agreement", hereby forming the Polarian Freedom Fighters association that would dedicate itself to overthrow Polaris's corrupt and liberal regime and to re-establish conservatism and morality over the land. The Freedom Fighters began to secretly train in the Polarian countryside, often in farmers' barns, with illegally smuggled weapons from a diverse group of countries like the USA, Castilla, Snowzerland, Frankterre, and Shops Island and include weapons such as icebullet machine guns, snowball machine guns, deletion rifles, snowball pistols, and ditto grenades. Though their first operations as the Freedom Fighters were fruitless and disorganized, the militant group of Archet Rangers from nearby Archet offered to help arm and train the Freedom Fighters into a formidable fighting force. Today, the Freedom Fighters, though struggling, continue to be a challenge to Polaris's Liberal Government in the face of their own political corruption.


The Freedom Fighters believe that Polaris should be an all conservative government and should serve as an example of successful conservatism across the Antarctic. They believe that morality, both in politics and in society, is key to a nation's success. The PFF is fed up with Polaris's liberal regime, believing that its liberalness allowed the nation to suffer from major corruption and rampant immorality. The PFF wants to crush Polaris's liberal spirit completely through any means necessary. Hence the name, the group strongly believes that the nation will truly be free once conservatism and morality are restored. Despite what the Polarian Government says, the Polarian Freedom Fighters are anti-USA and instead want Polaris to be a strong, independent country. They want the nation to be militarized so that it can hold a "respectable place in Antarctica" but believe that the current liberal regime is preventing this from happening.

Government Response[edit]

The Polarian Government has officially branded them as a terrorist organization. They have commissioned all police across the country to arrest anyone suspected of being part of the PFF, though Polaris's corruption has prevented it from being able to successfully destroy the group. The Polarian National Police and other paramilitary organizations have already been involved in many conflicts with the group, sometimes successful, sometimes not.


The Polarian Freedom Fighters began their operations intimidating specific liberal politicians, both federal and local, often attempting to assassinate them. Although they were sporadically successful, the Freedom Fighters lacked good organization to be more effective and many were often caught. After the Archet Rangers agreed to train them, the Freedom Fighters began to commence larger scale operations, including ransacking and burning local Polarian Democratic Party headquarters buildings across the nation. On occasion hostages were also taken in order to force local governments to resign or to push for more conservative legislation. Nevertheless, PFF hostages are known to have been treated very well, often being kept in comfortable rooms under house arrest and being fed decent three course meals every day of their captivity. So far, the PFF has attempted to assassinate the President of Polaris 11 times, though only a handful of them actually were close calls. The PFF spreads and grows through word of mouth, usually through friends. There are no confirmed forced members of the group, as genuine volunteering is the only acceptable way to join. The group has also become a vigilante police force in some areas, taking the law upon themselves to crush corruption and crime in some areas in Polaris where police presence is weak.


All members of the PFF are conservative. It is believed that 70% are penguins while 30% are puffles. The leader of the group is unknown, but it is believed that the group's main governing body is a group of elite High Penguins native to the area. Most regular members are often farmers, rural craftsmen, and regular city folk. Many regular PFF members at meetings like to wear jeans, plaid shirts, and cowboy hats as a symbol of their unity, while the higher members of the group tend to wear bowler hats, tweed jackets or tuxedoes, and walking canes. Every member of the group owns a weapon of some sort, mainly a deletion machine gun. Secret communication between members is often done in Irish Gaelic, sometimes Penguinian.


  • The army helps to fund Polaris's weak conservative political parties.
  • The group is supportive of immigrants to Polaris and often makes great attempts to make them join the group in exchange for jobs and education.
    • Likewise the group also helps the poor and gives them food and housing in exchange for group membership.

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