Polaris-Rogerston International Airport

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Polaris-Rogerston International Airport
Key details
Name Polaris-Rogerston International Airport
Native name Polaris-Rogerston International Airport
Type of airport Regional airport
Hub for No airlines
Owned/Operated by AeroNational
Location Randham, Eastshield
Runway Runway 2/20 (8,600 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 1/19 (9,772 ft.) (Concrete)

Polaris-Rogerston International Airport is a regional airport located 54 miles southwest of Polaris Island. Polaris -Rogerston International Airport is located in Randham, Eastshield, a suburb of the city of Polaris. Rogerston International Airport is namesake of Major General Daniel Rogerston, a powerful, formidable Antarctic Army who hails from Randham, Eastshield.The airport possesses one terminal, wih eight gates. Rogerston International Airport is linked to Polaris via the Polaris Shuttle train and the Polaris Helicopter Airways fleet, which serves the airport daily. The airport is currently being expanded with the opening of a new 17-gate terminal to the right of the runway, being opened in 2013.


Polaris-Rogerston International Airport was first opened in 1917, as Kingfish Air Terminal, which served as the main gateway to Polaris until 1944. Kingfish Air Terminal had one runway, and had a seven-aircraft apron and a small passengr terminal. Penguin Chat Airways, Aero Solace Airlines and SnowExpress Airways served the airport from 1925 to 1942. Kingfish Air Terminal was also the site of Kingfish Air Services, comprising of piston-driven, jet-black aircraft which took up two of the seven aircraft parking spots.In 1956, the airport was rebuilt in an Art-Deco style, with a new terminal and expanded apron. The airport was also renamed Polaris-Rogerston International Airport after the former village of Rogerston,HPC where it stood. The airport was remodeled again in 2003, in a new glass terminal with 9 jetways and a new, repaved runway and a second concrete runway as well.


  • CityExpress Airways: Snowville, Snellville, Ternville, Penguville, South Pole City-Orion Freddy, New Happyface City, Iceland, Ternville, Glassyglow
  • SkyJet Flyer operated by SkyUnion:South Pole City-Metro
  • StarJet: Enderby City, Millsburg, Cannickey, Kernaghan, Halbourg, Driscoll, Dodson, Vanceton, Snowville, Penguville, Solace, Puerto Elanor, San Alvarez, Glanell, Thischerville, Igarene, Darlene River, Crewell Lake, Conaskana, New Bercraft, Larsen City, Glassyglow, Hashville, Frostborough, Kingston, South Pole City-Dellas,


Polaris-Greenfield Airport has one main terminal, with six gates. The airport has airstairs, instead of jetways, as the airport operates only regional flights.The airport also has eighteen other hangars, which are used for charters, and the general aviation community. The airport has one air traffic control tower, which is 65 ft. tall. The terminal also houses two snack stalls,and a gift shop as well. The airport is serviced by security officers as well. he airport also has a taxi and bus station located outside the airport terminal.